tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

Working in a book store...

So, I went to work yesterday and took home some of these babies:
Haha, you know you work with books when they have candy with book titles on, haha. But they are actually really good, so I took about 10 or so. Mmm, liquorice! It's the 2nd best candy taste, chocolate is my fave ;)

Right now Bog&Ide are turning, I dunno 25 years old or something? So they have a sale of some kind. And they sell Trivial Pursuit for only 150 DKK, but because I work there I got it for 100! YES! That means I am not breaking my not-above-100-DKK/20-USD-rule.

My friends is coming over later and then we're going to play it! And bake pancakes, yum yum. <3>
I feel kinda lazy with my style these days. The last 5 days or so I just threw something on.. I didn't even care to wear lashes today.. Oh well, I think I'll be inspired when it gets warmer!


3 kommentarer:

  1. jeg syns faktisk helt ærligt at det er pænere til dig uden vipperne :)

    du har nogle pæne lange øjenvipper og behøver ikke kunstige medmindre du virkelig skal style or you know what I mean.

    og uhm, pandekager~

  2. Another fabulous coordinate! Love how you matched earrings with shirt <3

  3. Your style is so cute ;_; And you look great without lashes :D