søndag den 26. december 2010

Happy Holidays?

Merry christmas everybody! I know I'm a little late with all this, but I've been writing this huuuge assignment both before and after Christmas Eve and it's really stressing me out. I only stopped today after 10 hours of hard work because my brain couldn't form genius sentences anymore. Which means I'm not done yet, yes.

I celebrated Christmas at my Aunt and Uncle's place and we were 9 people. It was really nice. I'm not christian so while some of the people from my family went to church I sat down to watch Disney's Christmas Show. That has become a Christmas tradition of mine and I wouldn't miss it for anything.

I always laugh at the places you're meant to laugh even though I've watched all the small films so many times. My fave is absolutely the one with Donald Duck and his cousins, the one were they're having a fight. Which one is your favourite?

Before watching the show I told my family that it most definately was going to be Tangled that was this year's surprise. And it was. So much for surprises, hahah.
And yeah, I'm a total crime rider, taking pictures of the television while it's showing something copirighted. Those pictures belong to Disney, okay?

In the morning on the 24th I came downstairs and my parents had laid a little present out for me. Those earrings. I really like them because they are sparkly, christmassy and yet kind of subtle about it. <3

We ate a lot of food as usual, talked a lot as usual, sang some christmas carols as usual and danced around the christmas tree as usual. And the we ran around the tree and the house as usual. Ahhh, Christmas. My favourite time of the year.

Mass of presents. Man, there were a LOT! But we were all exchanging presents. It took 2 and a half hours to open them all up! Crazyyy. That's a family record - the last one was 2 hours.

On our way back from my Uncle every thing was so white in the countryside. And the sky was kind of amazing. I loved the fact that the sun sent a light beam down on that tree in this shot.

These are my lovely gifts from this year. ElfQuest, Scott Pilgrim, Harry Potter, Woody and Buzz, Toothless, Kick-Ass. They're all there. I really love all of my gifts and I was surprised at the quantity of them. I didn't expect so many!

Every year my parents give me something lame - just for kicks. This year it was those Disney Princess mugs. They're so lame that they're awesome, hahaha.
Astrid and Sascha gave me the small Jessie and Pizza Planet Alien key chains. They are so damn cute. I love them to pieces.

Another thing that took me by surprise was the fact that I got a new objective for my camera. It's the 50mm mr. Plastic Fantastic. I'm so eager to try it out, but that will have to wait until I'm done with writing this assignment!

Long post is long.

lørdag den 18. december 2010

Knocking on the sky and listening to the sound

I went with Morten to watch Tron Legacy yesterday. I hadn't watched the 1982 movie though and neither had he in like 10 years. So firstly we watched that at his place and then went to the cinema with all it's details etc. fresh in mind.
I've been so hyped about this movie. When I found out that Daft Punk was doing the soundtrack I was freaking out. I've loved Daft Punk since I was 9 or something like that and the movie just seemed to be so... them! Also, I love sci-fi - it's the best - and the two things combined was just epicness waiting to happen.

I totally tried to dress up. Turns out it's kind of hard when you have nothing sci-fi-ish in your closet. But I just went a little crazy with my make-up to make up for that, ahha. My dad asked me if I had been on a date when I came home - all that "war paint" in my face taken into account.
My eyeshadow actually matched the colour of my earrings perfectly irl.

The 1982 movie was so bad, hahah. I was laughing real hard because of the poor graphics and I didn't think much of the plot.
But when I saw Legacy I was really happy that I'd watched the first movie!! There's a whole lot of references that you'd think no big of if you hadn't seen Tron 1 but was soooo cool if you had! They reuse a lot of the designs and technical ideas from the former movie too - just in new, updated versions.
Of course you're meant to think Sam is sort of hot, but I was actually fangirling way more about Gem, that totally awesome sci-fi gal on 1:31 in the trailer. She. is. gor. ge. ous. And kind of a futuristic gyaru.

I was sitting in the cinema with my hands clenched by my neck and eyes wide open from the point where Sam comes to the Grid and throughout the rest of the movie. My heart was pounding so hard sometimes that I could have sworn andrenaline was rushing through my veins. I got goosebumps all over quite a lot and I was so happy because of all the Daft Punk music.
So yeah. I am loving Tron Legacy.

I never really wear my circle lenses. And yesterday I found out that there's a crack in one of them. Makes me sad and annoyed - it was only my 2nd time wearing them!!
And because the display was there - and I wanted to have some fun by forcing Morten into that head-hole - who's ready for Tangled??

I haven't had time to go into town before this week. They always put up that big Christmas tree on the Town hall square and decorate the streets with lights.
I went with Louise today to buy the last christmas presents. Now I'm so relieved that it's not one of my stress factors anymore. I had a really nice time with her even though it was snowing and so damn freezing.


torsdag den 16. december 2010

Relaxed funkyness

Look what came in the mail - my Konad nail art things! If you haven't heard about this series, don't feel bad - I didn't either before two weeks ago. One of my followers and frequent commenters Ruth made a review about the product series on her blog a while back. That's how I found out about it!

It's really a clever idea. You have the image plate with the desired pattern. You fill it out with nail polish, scrape off the undesired nail polish and tranfer what's left of the polish over to the rubber stamper. Then you roll the pattern across your own nail. Simple and easy!

... sort of any way. It took me a littel while to figure out excatly how much polish I should use, how to tranfer etc. So the result isn't all that. But practice makes perfect!

When I left this container in the morning it was empty. And then I came home to all that candy. Awww thanks dear parents! That totally saved my day, haha.

I finally decorated my room for christmas. Usually I do it the 1st of December, bur because of all that's been going on I only just did it this Sunday. Which is really sad because it creates such a cozy atmosphere.
God Jul means "Merry Christmas" in danish.

God, I love those.. snow globes? Is that the correct name? The ones I have date some years back, so they remind me of the past - in a good way.

I'm going to dine with my classmates and teachers in a bit. This will be fun - we're planning on getting our teachers drunk.


onsdag den 15. december 2010

Monday with classics

I'm so sorry for not updating much. School is crazy these days. We've had some major assignments these past weeks. And because I started 2nd year at a this school I have to write a big history report in the upcoming holiday - one that my classmates wrote last year. Therefore I have to discuss a whole lot of things with my hisotry teacher and work on that report alongside all my other homework. I am so stressed out :(

But anyway - I went to the cinema this Monday with Line and Morten. We saw Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. It was only on for a week and we all agreed we just had to catch the last showing.
It was really cool to watch it on the big screen! I noticed a whole lot of things that I've never seen before - like the vampires having white eyes, details in the scnery and such. The 3D was a really great bonus most of the time, but at some points it just made everything blurry - I don't know if it's because the original film is damaged from aging or if it's bad 3D though.

The cinema we saw it in is located in a mall and they had of course glammed the place up for christmas. The funny thing is that I didn't notice it before 10 minutes after my arrival. It lights the place up so much!

And that wasn't the end of the classic movies. In english class we watched the original A Christmas Carol movie from1939 or something like that. Our teacher told us that he had to show us because it was a part of our general education.
It was very nice to watch it. I think I've seen a ton of clips from the movie because there were a lot of times where I found myself thinking "Haven't I seen this before? And not just in another version?"

I really haven't felt the christmas spirit because of all the current stress. But those lights and those movies got me to take time to feel it. Christmas is no time for stress.


mandag den 13. december 2010

Totally awesome oranges

This weekend was pretty well spent. Friday I went to sleep at Louise's place and we talked for 6 hours straight. My voice was done for at that point so we decided to watch A very Potter Musical and Sequal. Like that helped - with all the laughing! It's so damn funny. But upon watching AVPM we were tired so we turned in early.
BEWARE! After watching AVPM you might 1) feel the urge to make hand signs no one else will understand and 2) laugh a lot while reading the books because of something said in the musical.

Saturday I went to my good friend Tink's 18th birthday "open house". Or so I thought. I came at the right time and no one was there except the dear hostess - because it was Sunday. So I just spent some hours there, helping her bake 100 cupcakes for the real party, haha. It was nice but kind of lame that I had mistaken the dates.

In the evening my class' x-mas party was held. We all had to bring a dish for the buffet and after we were finished eating 3/4 of the food remained. And we had really eaten all that we could!

The night passed while we talked, danced and all that. As you can see in the photo above we also did that chair dancing game. Two rounds and I came 2nd in both!! So close to winning, haha.

Almost everyone from the class were there. Only 4 people weren't and then the 3 people who have dropped out also participated.
A lot were dressed in christmas colours, but I was the only one to bring a christmas hat. I quickly took it off because it was too warm though - and then it became everyone's hat.

Aaaah, so much fun we had. Mind that there are two people in that coat!

We also did the good old orange dance. You know, where you have to keep the orange between you while dancing and the couple who can keep it there the longest wins. We didn't really play by those rules though - we just kept replacing the oranges and laughed a lot.
Btw, ewww ghost-arms behiiind me.

I really had a good time!
Sunday I went to a family get-together but actually ended up sleeping on their sofa for 3 hours. Pathetic.