mandag den 15. marts 2010

Plastic girly.

You gotta love having an amazing camera.

Today I was supposed to go to water aerobics but my friend is sick :( I was kinda looking forward to excercise my body. I am thinking of dancing some Dancing Stage (ps2 game) to get some sweat on my forehead.
Today in PE class some girls told me that I was really thin, but not sicly eating-disorder-thin like one of the other girls in my class whom only eat a granola bar a day. They also told me I have a great body and that it is crazy to see how much I eat and how healthy it all is. That made me kinda happy. Okay, VERY happy.
And that made me wanna work my body to get toned and slim in the good way even more ! I have already begun to think about what to do to get a flatter stomach for summer...

I wore A LOT of pink lipstick and blush today. I felt plastic fantastic <3


4 kommentarer:

  1. these very cute in the pictures

  2. Super søde billeder! Nice at du kan bære så meget blush og stadig så godt ud ;)

  3. that's because you do have THE perfect ideal body, everything just sits right on you. i've told you that a million times girl. :)

  4. Jamen du ER også dejlig at se på!