onsdag den 27. april 2011

You have all the weapons you need. Now fight!

So I went to watch Sucker Punch with Louise this Monday to end the Easter holiday with a proper farewell. We both really wanted to watch it and thought it was a brilliant idea to go watch it together - real girl power!
I hadn't even watched the trailer and didn't know anything about the movie. I only saw in Empire some months back that they blew the movie up in the same manner as they did with Scoot Pilgrim - which was incredible - so I knew I'd like it. Also because Zack Snyder rocks.

And then the movie opens with a "sweet dreams are made of this" intro. And I was hooked on the movie. That's all it took - 3 seconds in order for me to recognize the song.

I loved the character/costume designs! So different from each other but still working really well together.
The best thing was how the girls used both old school and modern weapons - that way we had no way to figure our what time period we were watching. Which was also the case for the whole movie - I still have no idea about the era, but I guess that is sort of the point.

We sat with tense bodies and completely open eyes throughout the movie. And sometimes talked about the make-up or hair styling. It was really amazing! Kind of reminded me of Burlesque at some points.

It was a dizzy-making experience. Kick-ass meets Inception. And the fact that only guys sat in the cinema with us only improved this sentiment.

I also watched Red Riding Hood during the holiday - this time with Line. It wasn't all that bad. I had feared worse. But I won't say it was good either, haha.
The wolf was nicely animated and I actually got caught up in the plot (who's the wolf? That dude! No, her! Or is it him???!) so I guess that gives the movie some points.

But then there was the two-guys DILEMMA thing which reminded me too much of the Twilight "Jacob-Edward"-thing. And I could really tell it was the same director as the first Twilight, haha.
Yes, go burn each other lads.


mandag den 25. april 2011

It started with a blast and ended with a punch

The Easter holiday is finished. When I wake up tomorrow I'll have to go to school. Where did all the days disappear to?
The holiday started with a 9th graders reunion party - which was superb and I had a blast! - and now I've just returned home from watching Sucker Punch (review will be up tomorrow).

I guess some of the days disappeared while the lovely Sascha was here. She came over Friday afternoon and we went to bed ridiculously early after falling asleep to Sleeping Beauty (yes, I know, great joke).
Saturday we went to Tivoli with Louise and her parents.

The park was dolled up for Easter and that was our reason for going. We had a really nice time - probably because the weather was amazing. Sascha and I wore nothing on our legs and/or arms!! IT WAS LIKE SUMMER.

The Easter bunny in a small parade. I find it to be pretty damn cute. But on the other hand the wolf was brilliant. Look at it! Just chilling on top of a hen house.

The parade was so silly - dancing and awful rimes! We all felt bad for the children in those lamb costumes and the adults in those chickens - it must have been bogus in that heat!

When Sascha had moved on to her last stop on her friends list Sunday I got fancy dressed for a classmates' 18th b-day party. It was fun as always!


fredag den 22. april 2011

We're dead Sirius

Wednesday "morning", the doll Kristine came by my place and she just went to another friend's place today! We had looooooads of plans for her stay here, and we actually got around to doing almost all of it!
We chilled in the sun (the weather is amazinnnnnggg atm!) while playing Disney Trivial and found our knowledge in Monsters inc. to be filled with big ass holes. So we watched Monters Inc. which was surprisingly good (it's been about 8 years since I watched it the last time). Oh, and the sign has got the word "bøh" on it - which gets translated into Boo, the darling little human girl in the movie. We just saw it randomly, walking home from the...

... "Kræmmermarked" we went to - it's kind of like a flea market, just bigger (and better? nah, not really.) It's got a mini tivoli with a ferris wheel and all that. We didn't go up in any of the rides though, since they're mainly there for the children.

See? Kids Train. So not really a tivoli for adults/teenagers.
God, I was laughing because of that drawing. I didn't think I'd ever see Woody, Jessie and Buzz portrayed like that!

Kristine being awesome with her bff beard-guy.

We found a stall with all kinds of weird things. And when we saw a pair of Care Bears we just had to get them! BUDDY BEARS, haha.

We had planned to watch all the Harry Potter movies - since we're both hp nerds - but didn't really think we'd make it. But we actually did!
Between film 1 and 2 the actors had already grown soooo much, haha!

I got the part 1 combo pack during Kristine's stay here as well. I knew I would have watched it before she came if I'd gone and bought it. So when we were finished with film 6 we were pretty much feeling the excitement you can see on our lovely faces above.

I had so much fun with her!


tirsdag den 19. april 2011

Moony accesory

Ever since I flipped through the "Show the readers your room" pages in the February issue of Egg, I've been working on a project for my room. I saw Aina's room:

You see that cool thing she keeps her earrings in on her wall? I was really taken by the idea, so I went to Ikea and bought something I could use for it. And yesterday I finally got my own up and running.

I love it already! I even got room for my glasses and necklaces. I can see ALL of my jewelery now - and it's so manageable.

The moon was orange yesterday. That's a first for me!


søndag den 17. april 2011

Left, right, left, right!

Woaaah, this week has been crazy. Unusually long school days and SRO, one of danish high school's big assignments, after school - because apparently my school doesn't think it's all that important and won't give the pupils time off to write it as about 80 % of all the other high schools do.

But that is over and done with!
And so is this year's prom/gala. The tradition on my school is that some of the graduating classes make entertaining 10-minute shows then followed by an opening procession. Then they dance two different oldies (les lanciers and some other I can't remember).

I hosted the warm-up/dress-up for the girls. It was really fun even though we had some crisis - I didn't have ANY nail polish remover in my house, which is a bit odd for a person who own about 100 nail polishes... At least some of the girls thought so, haha.

So we entered the partayyyy. And suddenly felt an anxiety for next year due to the extremely gorgeous dresses the graduating girls/women wore.

The whole school was now able to participate in the lanciers dances. Every 30 minutes they started a new round and they last about 15 minutes. And I tell you it gets hot in that room when hundreds dance les lanciers. So once a round had finished you went upstairs to cool down - only to go down once again for the next round.

Most female students wore high heels. And since lanciers can be a very fast dance sometimes it is very hard to dance in heels - at least it takes some focus away from making the correct steps. Especially in the "Male mill" (herremøllen) heels make the dance harder. A lot of girls just took off their heels to make dancing easier - hence the shoes laying around.

AND! One of the male graduates wore a kilt! Jesus, we were laughing every time he passed us. He was very awesome indeed.

Some lovely girls from my class and myself (with horribly visible tan lines).
The boys from our class wasn't really keen to dance around, so we just danced with random guys or each other. I'm glad I've got such brilliant girls in my class.

It was quite an experience (reminding you I didn't go to this school last year). And a good one at that!