søndag den 26. maj 2013

Love is madness, Nature is greatness

Friends around me are soon graduating. It's such an odd feeling - a year has already passed since I got my graduation hat! I've spent the days with lovely folks. Just a little while ago I went to Tivoli for a night of amusement - along with my parents and some friends of ours. 
Also - look at my dad and lil' A shooting, haha!

I'm not the biggest fan of so-called "wild" attractions, so A and I just jumped inside the children's rides, such as the veteran cars targeted at 3-year olds.

My all-time favourite attraction is The Flying Trunk based on H. C. Andersen's fairy tales. It's a bit like It's A Small World, although I'm not too sure which one was first. It is a known fact that Walt visited Tivoli prior to Disneyland's creation.

I've walked around in Dyrehaven (the animal garden/park/forest) with Anne, looking at deers and green everywhere around us.

It was windy that day!
I also had the year's first "real" ice-cream. A round applause for old-fashioned ice cones with scoops of ice-cream inside! Jossa and I went down to a lake that isn't too far from where I live.

Birds! Swans! Boats! Sun! That is a recipe for a nice time.

And yes, I did make it to the theatre to watch The Great Gatsby. As always Imperial did something marvellous to their cinema!
I rather loved it, even though the reviews have been terrible. I thought it close to the material with the astounding pecentage of 80 of the lines originating from the book. The changes made seemed in the film's and story's favour. I liked the modern soundtrack and the costume department did a hell of a fantastic job! Leonardo performed admirably, Tobey's Nick had more depth than I could have hoped for and though I cared little for Carey's Daisy - and her romance - she was utterly beautiful throughout.

And the trailer may me one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen. I get goosebumps each time haha.

I naturally dressed up for the occasion. It was great fun doing my hair - even though it proved harder than imagined, haha.

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

F. Scotty Comic

Let me tell you about my current state of mind: Inexplicable excitement. I am finally going to watch The Great Gatsby tonight. I am already in worship of Baz Luhrmann and I really can't wait to see this latest (I hope) masterpiece. The glamour! The glitz! The Bling! The magnificence! The art deco! The fashion!

Spoiler, I guess? But the book is old, so I don't care + this is super cutely drawn! I re-read it last week on audio book - it really is a wonderful piece of literature.

The bees are a-buzzing in my blooming tree. 

I got some goodies last week on Free Comic Book Day! The Tinkerbell comic was surprisingly sweet and the drawing style was almost a copy of how W.I.T.C.H: was drawn hahah. And I finally learned a bit about who Archie is.

Also, I finally entered the modern age with a smart phone. Booyah for cutesy covers!

torsdag den 9. maj 2013

Spring's entertainment

This week I've been lying outside in my bikini, sucking in the sun and heat AND violently staying inside while rain and thunder reigned outside. You've gotta love that Danish spring time!

 Yesterday I went to a café with a few of my former classmates. It's always great to see them - even if it feels a bit odd since it's somehow like stepping inside a time machine. We played a game of gambling cards.
I brought everyone's best mates Chip and Dale ;)

Hello, my dearest freckles. I welcome thee! They didn't appear last year due to my skin's change during my acne pill treatment and I'm as happy as punch to see them reappear.

 Of course I've been to the cinema a few times in the past weeks. Highlights were 1) Iron Man 3 which was soooo much better than the second instalment of the franchise and 2) Anna Karenina (finallyyyyy, I've waited a year hahaha), a must for anyone interested in costuming after it won its' Oscar for just that. It was a very unique experience since practically the whole film in set inside a theatre - I made for some fantastic transitions between scenes and great solutions to cinematic problems.