torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona part 1

I went to Kastrup Airport this Monday. At 4 AM. Yes, you heard correctly. Damn, I was tired!! We all looked liked crap, haha.
But by the time we landed in Barcelona we were all very energic because of the excitement.

We went on a little walk-around-town in the afternoon, led by our history teacher. He tried to get some serious knowledge into our heads, but I don't really know how much will stay there...

Did you know? That rose window is the biggest in the worrrrrld! Yes, that kind of stuff is what we learn.

My oh-so-very-cute classmates! Some Napoleon and a really large sum of scissors .

Is there some Spanish tradition of hanging shoes by the lanters?? Inform me if you know! ;D

It's really fun being here with the whole class! We're getting to know each other so much better!
I hope you're all having a great time too, no matter what you're doing.


søndag den 27. marts 2011

I believe I can fly (to Spain)

I've been packing for hours today! It's so hard with that weather forecast - is bare legs okay or should I bring warmer layers? I probably brought too much - but oh well!

That weather is amazing btw. It's much warmer than usual in March and April - what more could one ask for?

I'm so excited! So is my fellow classmates! Barcelona here we come!

This really gets me into Spanish mode!


fredag den 25. marts 2011

Christmas Eve all over again

... Except from the fact that I wasn't given these things. It's just that I received 3 packages yesterday and then bought a little something-something today.

The tall sneakers are SO comfortable! I wore them all day today and it was like floating, haha! I'll use them for a cosplay - that was actuallt the whole reason for buying them. That I'll wear them on a normal basis is just a bonus :D
The heels are for this year's "prom" (it's not really prom, just the black tie party). I have a dress already, but I needed some heels in that colour - that is pink/magenta. And then I found these for a nice bargain.
You gotta love eBay!

I've wanted an orange blush for such a long time and finally pulled myself together and bought one. Sadly It's not as vibrant as I'd liked...

I bought another Buzz. Yes, I know. WHAT? But when I dropped him some weeks back I just put the pieces in my bag and walked around with it for the entire weekend. This lead to the helmet getting totally scratched. So I wanted an unscratched one.

Tonight is this year's x-factor finale. I'm rooting for Sarah! She's brilliant - born to be on a stage. The performance from above is my fave - she looks so damn good!


onsdag den 23. marts 2011

Magical world of Disney

Major news to share with you all! I've been dying to tell you all about it, but didn't think it wise before now....
As you may be able to see, I'm wearing a name-tag. With the word "Disney" on top... and it's because
I went to a job interview for the in-the-making Disney Store Copenhagen today!!!

It was a really fun experience! We were a group of 11 people all having the interview at the same time - we had to improvise some disney songs and show off our selling abilities etc. And then we had 10 minute individual interviews. All in all the interview lasted 2,5 hours! It's so great that Disney puts so much effort into recruiting their cast members.

They told me it went really well for me! I'll receive a yes or no sometime next week.. Seriously, never in my life have I been using so much energy on hoping, hoping, hoping. And I was so nervous before the interview - shaking all the time.
I SO WANT THIS JOB!! Dream come true, man.

Speaking of Disney... This is amazing! I love the mash-up between Go the distance and Reflection!

Blockbuster once again brought me good movies for a small fee! It's been so long since I've seen V and Hoodwinked!


mandag den 21. marts 2011

Lengthy soul

While watching Big Fish this Saturday I made some new nails. I was in need of some lenght and some spring colours!
Today spring was really noticeable - sun and about 7 degrees. Unfortunately snow will fall once again in just two days...

... so better make the best of it while it's here! I finally got around to wearing my lovely trench. Status: Still loves it to pieces.

I also did one of the most bizarre things I've ever done this weekend. I watched the live broadcast of the ABC family Harry Potter weekend with my friend Kristine, whom is located all over in Jutland. So we watched online live american television online together. Seriusly, that is bogus.

Give me your soul by ~Liv-is-alive on deviantART

I'm really slow when it comes to my deviantart. So I uploaded one of my fave shots from the InuYasha shoot in Octobre TODAY. And I think some more will be added in the next months... I just think it's nicer when there's more than a week between submissions.


søndag den 20. marts 2011

A speech on buying houses

I hung out with Rikke this Friday and Saturday. We watched tv, movies and played some games! It's been so long since I played Matador - that's the danish Monopoly. It usually takes hours to play, especially if you are 3 or more players, but we got it done in about an hour. Record much?

Rikke and I are both Disney crazy. We got around to playing Trivial Pursuit Disney as well and I usually win (seriously not bragging here) but we were pretty much tied! That's when it gets fun, right?

I took a few shots with my fixed 50mm lens. Can't wait to use it even more!

I watched The King's Speech this week. It was really easy-going and fun to watch. I loved every minute of it and it is absolutely one of the best films I've watched this year!


torsdag den 17. marts 2011

World in trouble

Free ice cream! Apparently 7-11 has started a tradition because they did it last year too. At 14:00 they handed free ice creams out. The line was crazy!!!

We were a whole bunch of people from my class and school. So much fun!
I overhead some students from another year talking about the fact that they skipped a class to be able to come down at the corner and stand in line. That's just plain... pathetic, haha!

But everything isn't nice and peachy...

Off here.

I finally received word from everyone I know in Japan today - Danes and Japanese - and they are all okay. My god, what a relief!
It's so horrible, the whole situation. It seems so unfair that Japan may be facing radiation once again... My heart was aching when I watched the 9 o'clock news yesterday about the volunteers at the Fukushima power plant... Such a tragedy. Every time I remember my stomach is one huge knot.

Let's keep on praying for Japan,

mandag den 14. marts 2011

Emerald striped

Have I mentioned how extremely unfair prices in H&M are? Seriously, 70 % of the male clothing are below 100 DKK. I am loving this 80 DKK male jumper. Mmmmhm, stripes!

I only just recently watched The Wizard of Oz. I know, it's basically a crime that I had not watched it before. The funny thing is that I used to watch a bunch of old-school musicals when I was around 8 or something. But not Oz!
I'm really glad that I've seen it now! So many references makes sense now! Before I would be mystified when someone mentioned the name Toto, Emerald city or "a horse of a different color". Not anymore..!


torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Not a day that'll go down in history

I probably live at the place in Copenhagen where most airplanes fly low. Sometimes I can even hear their roarrrr from inside my home.
Most of the time I love it because I think of the travels I've been on and the amazing experiences others are either traveling to or home from.
But once in a while I really can't stand it. One of those whiles are right now. Spring is supposed to start March 1st and yet it fricking snowed today. And I just want to feel some warm sun all over my body.
Thank god for study trips to Barcelona (18 days to go)!

To brighten up this post just a bit, here's a nice shining sun for you all. And a nice story from today:

I overheard two old ladies talking. One of them points in the direction of a large amount of apartment buildings and says:
"Can you see that building with the blue roof over there? One of the rather tall buildings? Yes? Good. Many moons ago that was where Peter and I lived. We moved in when we were just newlyweds. At that time it was the only building in the area and we could see all the way to the city centre because it was the tallest building in this part of town."
And then she just stood with a nostalgic smile on her face and remembered the times that passed.
I tend to remember how quickly the world has transformed into the one we all live in.


mandag den 7. marts 2011

Yodeling in swedish

This weekend OkashiiCon 2011 was held in Malmö, Sweden. It takes about an hour to get there from my home, so even though it's in another country it's easy to get there - verrrry nice.
It's the second time this convention was put together but my first time going.

It was great fun! A whole lot of my friends were there along with the almost 500 other people(!)
Can you tell that Line and I are having a great time? No, I guess you can't....

Saturday I wore my Jessie to celebrate her winning 2 Oscars - kind of, at least - and Sunday I went for curls and stripes.
These 4 upper pictures are by Ali.

I brought Woodie with me, just for kicks. Actually Buzz was with me as well, but he broke 5 minutes after I took him downstairs haha (he's meant to be able to break, I'll fix him in no time).
My friends loved pulling my string and hearing me shout the Jessie doll's lines, haha.

Sascha and I. Woodie's hat looks good on us, right?

The convention was situated in the city center wich was really great! They hadn't planned a whole lot of events but it didn't matter all that much because we could just walk two steps and then stand in McDonalds or H&M. Saturday morning we actually went shopping, haha!
We practically lived off McD. Astrid makes that clear, right?

Damn, I was carrying so much stuff! Why is it that I always choose to bring the cosplays that are hardest to transport? Jessie's hat was really a pain in the....

Glad I went!! Thanks for a great time guys.