onsdag den 10. marts 2010

My baby has arrived.

My Canon EOS 450D was bought yesterday. I took some photos and stuff like that. Tomorrow I'll only have 2 lectures so afer school I'll go home and read the manual and try out my honny in the light.
I love it to pieces already. I had a dream yesterday of the display screen getting crushed, that's how concerned I am. I think I'll have to buy a screen protector...
My funky Indian lamp. I got it when I was in India for 3 months as a 6-year old. It still lights up my room and I liked how homey this picture turned out - haha, probably just for me though.
Angry father, disapproving of picture-taking at a late hour, haha <3

I can't wait to learn my little darling better 8D ADVENTURE AHEAD :D


4 kommentarer:

  1. It cost me about 800 USD, 4500 DKK or so.

  2. YAY det er det samme kamera jeg selv lige har købt OwO det er sygt godt <3

  3. You won't regret having bought it. It's worth it all :D