torsdag den 7. juni 2012

Black as snow

The sun setting yesterday, where I was sweating over my books. I'm in examination month, dear June, and I had a French 5-hour examination yesterday followed by my frantic reading for today's oral AT exam. Usually there at at least 2 days between exams, so I was really stressed out. But thankfully the exam went fantastic and to celebrate my family and I ate some delicious cake.

I'm beginning to have a thing for macrons. And when I attended the most luxurious pre-premier I've ever been to (MiB 3) my my dad 2 weeks ago, where they had dinner, dessert, snacks and candy, I tasted my all-time favourite: Liquorice macrons! Since liquorice is black and that was sort of the theme. Naturally I dressed up fancy. I really love the other MiBs, and this wasn't shabby at all either - I just wish it had been funnier!

Monday I went with Rikke to watch Snow White and The Huntsman. I had not expected much from the story, since everyone know it, but I had thought that they would have made Snow more badass. All those years locked in a tower - she could have spent them working out or something. But Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman was pretty hardcore and I absolutely adored the scenery such as the dark forest and the Evil Queen's design.

Summer suddenly jumped on top of Denmark a while back. One day it was 11 degrees, the next it was 27! But we've had a lot of rain this past week, so here's to hoping the sun will return!