torsdag den 30. september 2010

Settings, sett yous, thank you

A friend of me pointed out how to me that she couldn't comment unless she was on blogspot/LJ/etc. and I was like: "Huh?" because I've not even looked at my commenting settings before today, haha. But now I've changed it so that you don't have to write an annoying spam filter message and you can comment even though you're anominous!

Wow, obsessed much?? (not mine)

I'd like to thank you all again. It's really a joy knowing that so many people look at my blog every day and I always love receiving your kind words in comments. It really keeps me going !
Much love to you all, dear followers.


tirsdag den 28. september 2010

Stressy Jessie

I'm going to this hero/villain party on Friday and I was planning to wear Jessie. Just one problem: I'm not done with her just yet. I don't think I'll make the hat because it's just going to get ruined at the party after all, so... But I'm kind of in a pinch. Also becuase I have a lot of assignments in school. But! I must finish. I got a new reason to cosplay her:

SHE IS SOOOO SEXY. Damn, I hadn't thought it possible. But she really is. And now I'm going to feel a whole lot better wearing the cosplay - less dorky, so to say.
Also.... I really like Buzz and Jessie as a couple. And them being head over heels for each other, ready to go all the way, like in the fan video... It's really an appealing thought! I wouldn't have thought I'd think that about these toys, them being from my childhood and all. But I really do. Smexy couple !



søndag den 26. september 2010

Don't just stand there!

I went to a flea marked with Hopy today! It was really nice seeing her and I had a great time. It's been o long since I went to a flea market - last time was in Japan!!! And when I usually go all the time, that's a huge gap between market visits. Hopy couldn't really remember when she'd last gone so it was about time for her, haha.
I thought this sign was cool and really fitting for flea markets. Buy something!! haha.

And so I did. My parents have been complaining about my lack of a proper autumn jacket and then I found this blue/black one I really liked ! And for the price of 40 DKK it was all mine.
I bought the sweater off a girlfriend's mom. They had a booth at the market so I ran into my friend, which was really nice. I hadn't seen her in months! I thought the sweater was nice. Can you believe it's from the 80ies?! Gosh, so old...

You find the most odd thing at flea markets. Like reindeer hairbands. Hopy is the wonderful model.

Later Yin came by to hang out. It was fantastic to just chill with her and talk. I've missed her a lot. She goes to my former high school and it's really wierd not seeing her almost every day.

Outfit of the day. My heels were compleately white from all the dusty stones at the flea market, haha! I'm going to clean them soon, I really can't wear them in their current shape.


lørdag den 25. september 2010

Designs for the masses

Today I went to the Designer's Forum here in cph. I've been there once before, last time 1 year ago - I think? It's held every fall and every spring and I think I'll go this spring as well. Because it's really great if you just remember to keep your eyes open!
You had to get a stamp on your hand (like in the picture) to be able to go in and out of the grand hall.

There was a lot of people, but less than last time I was there. Probably because of the rain outside that people had to go through to get to Forum.
I had a date with my friend Zarah, but she had forgotten that she had a shift at work, so I went with my mom instead!

A lot of the products being sold at the Designer's Forum is samples for next seasons. So actually you can buy things before everyone else and pay at least half of what they'll pay.

The whole reason I went was because I wanted to get a new bag for school. My old one is totally wrecked and at the Friis & Company booth always have bags for 100 DKK. It's really bag-heaven because there are bags for every type. One bad thing is that you need to sort through a whole lot of boxes to find all the different bags - and in the attempt of doing this almost all of my nails fell of, haha.
I kind of bought 3 bags - if you bought 3 you got them for 250 DKK. So very cheap bags! And then I bought a Björn Borg bag for 150 DKK. It was bigger than the white one, so I'll use that for heavier school days.

I also bought a little purse and two belts ! The Friis & Company stuff is never really pricy, but some of the other booths prices are really high. To compare: F&C shoes cost 200 DKK while shoes all other places cost at least 400 DKK. So I had to keep my head cool and just go past all the expensive, yet fabulous things.

I think I'm going to use these bags so much!


fredag den 24. september 2010

Naivety 'n' memories

I did my nails!! I actually made them for Kita last weekend, but since it was all spent in cosplay I didn't get to wear them. But oh well, then I'll wear them now! I love how I can always correct the nail art mistakes I make - if there's suddenly too many things on the nail you just smack a huuuge rhinestone on and then it looks good again!

I love wearing nails. Gives me such happiness, haha, how dumb it may sound. I think my fingers are sort of short and chubby, but when I wear my nails long the fingers seems longer and slender - more feminine.

School is hard atm. Like, really bad. I spend 7 hours on my math assignment the other day and didn't even finish it. They've learned so much last year that I haven't and it's just impossible to follow what the teachers say sometimes - because I need background knowledge that I've never been taught. And it's hard trying to learn it all self-studying.
Not that I thought it was going to be easy. I just didn't think it would be this tough.

At times like that it's always good to remember good stuff from the past. Like me going to the Muse concert here in Copenhagen with the darling Simone. It was such a FANTASTIC concert - it worked much better on the stage we had than the one in the youtube video because they had a bigger stage here. My heart is beating furiously just remembering.


torsdag den 23. september 2010

Fish from the water

Okay, kind of Ponyo spamming here. I KNOW. But I thought you might like the shots. THANKS SO MUCH to Sascha for taking these photos of our cosplays. It's really incredible she could cope with all the things she had to do that weekend - lots of photoshoots, being quizz master 2-3 times, being co-arranger and have friends staying over at her house. You are incredible, Sascha ! Haha.

It was kind of hard to get the shoot right. I had bare feet and legs so I could go in the water - which was freezing btw - but in the movie it's more Fujimoto that keeps coming from the water, and Astrid really couldn't step down into the lake with her cosplay on. So we had to do a lot of stuff that weren't really screen accurate.

Like this. Father and many children. All happy - Fujimoto really isn't happy at any point in the movie. God, that man! Smile a bit, cheer up. But it's nice to think that they have been/will be like this at some point (outside the movie).

.... Or not.

Once again, thanks for an awesome weekend girls and guys. I wore my cosplay for about 16 hours just on Saturday but it didn't even feel wierd thanks to you guys.


mandag den 20. september 2010

Domestic oddness

As mentioned in my last post I went to Jutland for the weekend. The main reason being that Astrid and I needed to get a photo shoot of our Ponyo cosplays. But Anime Kita, the japanese culture association in Aalborg, hosted a 3-day get-together so I also participated in that. It was kind of like a mini-con - really cool! We were only 90 people or so, which made it all very intimate.

I flew to Aalborg. It was my first time flying domestic, and I was really excited about it, haha! It's much cheaper than going by train and half the money - almost anyway. It only takes 45 minutes! I thought it would feel like forever once you sat in the plane, but it was over freakishly fast.

Since it was a first for me, I had never been to Terminal 1 in the Kastrup Airport over here. I had pictured it old and shabby - it was everything but. It was really architectural and that took me by surprise. I had to basically unpack to take some snapshots.

At the Anime Kita building they had made this old childrens' game Who's Who?! in an anime version! It was actually quite hard. This one time Astrid ended up with only one character left at it was the one she had herself - and when you only have one left it should be the character your opponent has... Fun stuff, yesss.

There were soooo many competitions! I was in probably half og them and I won two!! I won the Anime song and sound Quizz which was very funny since I sat next to Astrid and Morten and we all wrote the exact same thing. At least we thought so. We were almost disqualified because of this, but Morten came in 2nd and Astrid in 3rd. Everyone had been in groups, discussing answers, so they couldn't really say we'd done something wrong. Even thought it was totally cheating, haha.
The other quizz I won was the Team Quizz! It was really fun. It lasted about 2 hours and in the end the tension had been built up so high. No one was a safe winner, and we only won because our answer to the very last question was correct. We won with 1 point.
My prizes were the compleate Silver Fang anime and 100 DKK to a shop called Gashapon.

I've really wanted those shoes. They were on sale in Monki, but they were sold out instantly over here in Copenhagen. Then Astrid mentioned that they weren't in Aalborg and she was going to buy some for herself, so I got her to buy some for me as well! Turned out they only had them left in my size, but she still bought them for me. THANKS SO MUCH ASTRIIIID. I would beheartbroken if I had to buy some shoes I loved for someone else.

We were all so tired by the end of the weekend. We had to style Astrid's wig one of the nights, so we didn't get to bed before 4. And the other night we came home at 2.

THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME, girls and guys! I really enjoyed every minute. Even when I was bicykling through Aalborg in my cosplay.


søndag den 19. september 2010

Just Jutland

I've been away from home sweet home this weekend. I was going to do a blog just before leaving for the airport but things got a little busy and I didn't get to do it anyway, haha. I hate it when time catches up with me!!

But then there is always some thing that make you love life. Like this:

I've had a great time with nooo sleep so I'll just go crash down into sleep now. I NEED MY 10 HOURS! Really, sleep is something I cannot live without. Damn, I feel like the sickness I ALMOST recovered from is coming back...


torsdag den 16. september 2010

In sicness and hair - no, that sounds wrong

I've been feeling a little skeptical about this whole long-bangs project I'm going at. I've seen some gals really rocking the bang style I want with the length of bangs I'm currently at. But it's not really working out the way I wanted it to. So I've been thinking of getting short bangs again.

But I've decided not to. Because I used to hate how my short bangs looked after an hour. And I had to wash my hair every day - pretty unhealthy! I guess my bangs just needs some more centimeters to look great..

Aah, this is the kind of hair I dream of having, but will never dare to do. I'd have to bleach my hair and since I'm allergic to perfume and other cosmetic stuff I'm way to scared of getting burned to try.

Also... WHY. WHyyyy did I color my hair?! Really, I'm getting pre-tty frustrated. Not really because I don't like the color, just because my extensions don't match my hair anymore. AND I MISS MY LONG HAIR. "You already have long hair, honny" some people tell me. But guess what? I want it longer. Ragggeeee.

I'm sick. Again. Every time the seasons change I get sick. I hate that. Last year I spend a great deal of days away from school and all because of sickness. I'm so damn weak against cold. So I'm at it again with at least 10 cups of tea every day and all the Kleenex in the world.


mandag den 13. september 2010

Dressing in calories

It's really gross how much cake I've eaten the last 4 days. Friday an event called "out-of-the-house-day" was held at my high school and it always ends with a gigantic cake buffet - I hadn't eaten any lunch and I ate 'till I was full. Then Saturday I ate half of a really big cake with my friend Katinka (see pic below) and in the evening at a movie night I ate a lot of chocolate tarte. And yesterday and today I've eaten 2 pieces of the pictured creme/chocolate tarte.

I hung out with Tink this weekend. It's been a while and it was nice to just talk for a bunch of hours. I've given her one of my Polaroid cameras and it was really nice to see that she'd already shot a few (the old films are really expensive, so you don't really just shoot away).

Today's outfit. I went into town after school with the girl Nadia and we bought her a really cool necklace and materials for my Jessie-cosplay. Damn, my feet were aching by the end of the shopping trip.

I was asked to post a bigger image of these lovelies. So here it is, haha! I've been thinking of getting the laces changed, because the fact that they're grey kind of annoys me...

I once had a Jessie the Yodeling Cow Girl doll and I tried to find it in my basement in the boxes with my old toys. But I only found this cute Stitch figurine. So I put it next to my Tokyo DisneyLand souvenir, the Chesire Cup !
I really hate losing things.


søndag den 12. september 2010

New lightning scars

Guess what I started reading?

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone! Before starting again I thought it'd been a while since I'd read the series, but when I counted back I found out it's actually been 4 years! 4 YEARS! There were a time where I read all the books every summer, so that is really a long time.
The funny thing is that I am so much more entertained this time around. I think it's because of the fact that I can't really remember exactly what is going to happen next and that I now know a lot of things that'll be revealed in the latter books - like Mrs. Figg actually being a witch, who's been planted at Privet Drive too keep an eye on Harry. Oh god, I laughed the first time she was mentioned. It's just so odd to know how all the ends will come together! When the 7th book came out I just read that one, without reading all the rest beforehand.

Also, I love the fact that the logo font hadn't been made when the first book came out in DK. So my book has that horrible "Harry Potter" font written on the cover.

I thought I'd show you guys my awesome JSG heels. I so love them. I feel kind of hardcore when I wear them, haha. My mom almost wouldn't let me buy them. But I did and I'm so glad I did! I've only worn them a couple of times, but they've already got some small scratches, which is really sad.

This came for me in the mail. What would I do without new stuff? Though, one f my friends asked me this:
"Haven't you got A LOT of clothes?"
Me: "N-no...?"
Her: "Oh, really??"
Me: "Okay okay... I've got a whole lot..."


fredag den 10. september 2010

Pricy week

I walked out like this and 5 seconds later my hair was one big knot and my eyes were filled with tears. Damn, it was SO windy yesterday! ALL the things I'm wearing in this pic are new. The hat and ring is from Japan on SALE, the jeans on sale as well here in Denmark, tee from eBay and really cheap and then my compleately ridiculously cheap heels (15 DKK).
I love feeling like a million without wearing clothes worth as much.

I'm the kind of person who always loose track of things whereabouts. My favorite object to loose is probably my hair brush. I've been running about for a while this morning, looking for it, with tangles hair. And I hate when I find it in a drawer, among my clothes. I just shows how big of an airhead I am inthe morning.

Last week I spend A LOT of money. I wanted to get some stuff from H&M while I still had my 25 % off staff-card, and I kind of went crazy. But I love allt he new stuff, so I guess it's okay. The shirt combo is from H&M kids department. I was wishing all day long that nobody would notice, haha.

I made these nails. Wore them for one day. Then took them off. They were just WAY too purple, haha.


tirsdag den 7. september 2010


It's decided! I'll cosplay Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl.


I'm planning on getting this costume done asap. I'm really getting fired up about this! I think it'll be easy enough costumewise but I'll get challenged with the wig. I'm going to make my own wig from yarn because Jessie's hair is made of that. I need the correct look haha!

I haven't seen any good Jessies out there. Execp this one. And I must say I'm pretty intimidated sbout this. It's Gwen Stefani and she looks absolutely fabulous. It almost made me not want to do it. But her pants aren't made of jeans fabric and Jessie only has a ponytail not pigtails, soo... Gwen's errors make me able to do this costume haha. If she had been perfect I would've just stopped the planning right there.

I'm SO excited! I'll try to get it done in time for this big villain/hero party event the 1st of Octobre. Wish me luck!


søndag den 5. september 2010

Endings aren't always only sad

Today was my last day in H&M. I had to stop working there, or else I wouldn't be able to keep it all together. But instead of feeling sad I'm actually just filled with relief. It's so nice to be free and a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.
I really can't wait to do my nails again! It's been so long since I've worn them long - it was kind of impossible when I worked.

I love Sunday evenings. I always get nostalgic and start looking at old pictures. This Sunday I looked through old pictures from my prior cell phones. It's funny to think about the fact that I wore that many hair clips every day for 18 months.

I miss slumber parties. I meet up with people all the time but it's not like in the old days where I met up with all my friends in one place at one time once a week. And then had themed movie nights in the weekends. Staying up late, giggling and behaving like a 13-year old (probably because I was 13, ahha). I was a part of this community called Kameko, but the charm suddenly left the com and people started not to come. Such a shame.

I also finished Glee. And now I'm SO anxious for the second season. Get here NOW already! I remember when I didn't understand all the hype about this series. Now I do.


Classy me, myself and I

I just came back from one of the girls from my new class', Laura's, 18th birthday party. Almost everyone from the class was present and she got a lot of great gifts! I kind of thought my DVDs were a lame gift, but then again, I don't really know her. And when in doubt, give something you yourself like! Isn't that what they say? I got her "He's just not that into you" and "Pan's Labyrinth".
It was really nice to get to a party. It's been a while since I've been to one in general, and I really think it did wonders for my social relations in the class. Or at least I hope it did.

The dress I'm wearing is from H&M in Japan. It was on sale over there, which means they'd probably had it for half a year or so. It cost me 50 DKK. Now it's appeared in the danish shops for 200 DKK. Haha, I feel so lucky.

My outfit from the other day for school and shopping with the Frost, my girl Stine. We went into a shoe shop and after about 2 seconds (not even kidding) a woman frantically asked me where I'd bought my shoes. And when I told her "Japan, sorry", she was all like "Oh, I thought it'd be something like that, it looks japanese". She was so ordinary and yet she knows of japanese fashion... wow, haha.

Notice my tee? THE INCREDIBLESSS. Philip from my class kept asking me which incredible I like the most and I'll give you guys the answer too:

Dash <3>

Sorry for major cam whoring... :<