onsdag den 24. august 2011

Hot and COLD

Summer really returned to Denmark this weekend! The degrees were nice and warm again while the sun shone down on us. Of course I did everything I could to take in as much sun as possible!

Some weeks backs we went to the countryside to visit my grandparents and some friends of ours. They have a summer house near the sea and after eating a nice lunch we went down to it.

The "private" bridge and me screaming in the water. Boy, it was cold! I had only gone in the sea down in Malaga, and the temperature is a lot colder up here. But it was really nice to have done it - such a refreshing feeling!

It was a little cold even though I tried to fight my nerves with thoughts like "Why, it sure is warm"! So after a little while I put on my extra clothing.
But we hunted crabs too! It's probably THE most summery thing to do in my opinion. Every memory of a good summer vacation I have includes hunting crabs. I reckon you need quite a lot of time on your hands to do it, but it's just so relaxing and fun.

Trying to tan a little bit. I have turned pale again, since it's been a month since Malaga already! It is really annoying...
My father is relentlessly looking for crabs down under the bridge haha. By that time I had lost interest in it - after an hour it gets a little boring.

And homemade soda ice cream in Mickey Mouse container! I love those kind of ice creams, since they have a sort of healthy feeling to them. Haha, I know it sounds silly.

Gorgeous-looking butterflies and a single bumblebee from my grandparents garden.


søndag den 21. august 2011

A Proud, Marvelling Figther

This week the Pride festival has taken place in Copenhagen and I stopped by the big party on City Hall Square yesterday. It's always SO crowded, so we decided to just move on.

I did get to take this guy's photo though. He was rather cool.
Even if it's just for a little while, I feel a need to attend the Pride every year. To show my support for their cause - free love.

Friday I went to Zulu Summer Cinema once again. This time to watch The Fighter with Rasmus!
This week the event took place on Tiøren, but since none of us had been there before we got lost and took a major deroute. We walked through some pretty deep mud too, as you can see by my sneaker!

And then, during the mid-movie intermission, the screen fell down. And we were all evacuated, since the crew wouldn't be able to control the screen's movements if the other half of the screen fell down as well. So we didn't get to watch the end. We were not pleased! And I really liked the movie...

But yesterday I bought some sale items in Disney Store that helped cheer me up, haha! Marvel cap and shoes! They rule so hard.

The cap cost me 20 DKK and the shoes 15! (I know it says 22 on the tag, but I have my Cast Member discount y'know.) I think they are my cheapest shoes ever. No wait, I think I bought some for 10 DKK once. But gosh, THAT. IS. CHEAP.

I love them already. So childish with the Velcro haha! But it is a size 36... I usually wear 39.


fredag den 19. august 2011

Green office

While in Malaga, I tried on a pencil skirt for the first time in Mango. And since I've been thinking lately that every woman/girl ought to have at least one as part of their wardrobe, I bought it. And yesterday I wore it out. My class mates were so surprised haha! It is a very different look...
Also, I did my nails for the first time in about 2 months. I can't wear colorful nails in Disney and I'm too much of a one-week-nails-girl to remove the polish two times a week. Boy, it feels good to have them polished again! I feel happy whenever I look down on them.

And on to a wholly different matter. I went to watch The Green Lantern yesterday, as it premiered in Denmark on the 18th. We were 7 girls together but other than us the theater was dominated by men. So entertaining to hear manly laughs/grunts all the time.

It was all right. Not really good but not complete shit either.
Things I liked: The soundtrack, the old-school-comic feel of the movie, Blake Lively's pretty face (she is GOR-GE-OUS) and the sometimes smart dialogue.
Things I did not like: Slow start on the plot, too quick end/win, the fugly mask on Ryan's face and Blake's character's non-existing degree of independence.


mandag den 15. august 2011

Cinematic Zulu

Last Wednesday I went to TV2 Zulu (a telly channel)'s summer event with a bunch of friends. It's an outdoor theater which tours the big Danish cities. By now it's reached Copenhagen - obviously. They are showing some big Oscar movies this year and to be honest with you all, there's quite a few I have yet to watch. Which is why I went last week - they were screening The Social Network, you see!

Of course I'd heard about a million good things about this picture. But I'd heard it was boring as well. So I was surprised at how swell and ever so entertaining I found it to be! I laughed a lot at the dialogue, since they were biting each others' heads off with their words.
Also, it was so odd to be taken back a few years. I already cannot remember a time without Facebook. It was weird to see its growth portrayed like this.

But it was bloody cold. We'd brought some blankets, but it was just NOT enough when the movie ended at midnight and it had been dripping rain from the sky ever so often. By the end of the movie, my body was shaking and my teeth were chattering. Which explains my red nose in the upper photo.

It really has been raining an awful lot lately. It's AUGUST! It's supposed to be sunny and hot right now! It feels like I've been back in school for months already - that darn weather messing up my season rhythm.


fredag den 12. august 2011

Transforming a Captain

Yesterday I went to watch "Captain America: The First Avenger" with a small group of friends. Because Dennis had his Captain galla costume we all decided to dress up just a bit.

(I so love Jill's 3D glasses!)

Some wore red/white/blue things, others just fancy dress. It was great fun! The other people in the crowd loved the Captain, haha.

Before going to the cinema we ate hamburgers to get in touch with our American side ahhaha.

The movie was good! I laughed much more than I'd thought I would and we all loved how the old Captain uniform/tights and shield were incorporated into the new movie.

And I must admit I am a huge sucker for 40ies clothing and cars, so there was several points during the movie were I would just stare at Peggy's hair.

Stanley Tucci was in the movie as well! I just love him. He plays such a broad variation of characters, which is really admirably.
I was surprised at how the Skinny Steve did not look fake! It really does in the trailer, so I was dreading the fakeness - but then it just did not show itself. That was very cool!

The 3D worked wonders for this movie btw. The depth made it more interesting to watch bullets, shields and knives flying through the air.

Before leaving home, my hair looked like this. Then the wind attacked and as you can see in the picture above, my hair was flat upon arrival at the theater. But oh well. Rasmus kept calling me Emma Frost because I was so "white", haha. (I'd call it off-white or ivory, but whatever.)

Last week I went to watch Transformers 3 with my mother! We watched the first movie on Wednesday, the second on Thursday and then went to the cinema on Friday. It's really odd for my mother to like this type of action/sci-fi movies, but I was thrilled to go with her.

And oh my. Bloody HELL it was an amazing movie. Half the time I was staring at the screen, mouth wide open, and the other half I was wispering "nononononono,no,no,nonono" constantly. It really pumped my adrenaline around.

The scene in the office in the skyscraper. The time when Bee barely catches Sam and what's-his-name. When Sentinel goes evil. I loved it all. It took 3 hours for me to calm down. I am definately going to watch it again in the theater!