onsdag den 20. marts 2013

J-popping up that con

This year's J-popcon has officially ended! I spent it with a lot of lovely folks. And we found a sign at the venue that sort of applied to conventions, haha. Friday I saw the opening ceremony, sat in on Yaya Han's panel and walked in the fashion show.

A lot of people from abroad visited and it was splendid to see them again ! And a few of us ElfQuest fans came - but I hadn't heard of Pernille's Auroree and completely flipped my shit. She just looked so utterly perfect.

We'd been worried if anyone would come see the fashion show since a concert were held at the same time slot. But so many people turned up that a few had to sit in the middle on the stage ö

We had our fun as always ! Those two photos with great lighting here are Silas'.

We almost forgot to eat and my god, I have never eaten a grande sandwich that quickly. We sat and talked the night away for some time and then I went home stringing along Kristine and Emma.

Emma was competing in the Danish qualifiers and had to be in the stage hall at 8 in the morning, so we had to get up at an unholy hour.

Saturday I debuted my Sleeping Beauty; blue version cosplay. Soooo many Disney characters showed up that day. So great to spread the magic ~

I spent most of day hanging out with the competitors backstage and inspected details and all that. And then the cosplay show arrived and it was a hot pot of brilliance.

And of course the judges found some winners! We were all cheering for each other and just screeching of happiness, haha.

Anne and Mona won the WCS after having aspired to it for sooo many years - and then to do it on Anne's birthday was huge. Lea and Sabine's Spirited Away act sort of made me weep.

I chatted up Anna in her comic stand to catch up after a few months. She's always such a delight.

I scored an ice cream from Dino dear and ended up crying with Aybike because she said something funny.

We went to the cosplay dinner and I stuffed my belly. It was great talking to the girls that I haven't seen since the last con and some of the foreign girls that I didn't know. Elina from Finland and Yaya were so sweet c:

And then the nightclub with Kimberly, Jody and Jeroen went down and I wiggled for some hours before Kristine and Emma dragged me out, haha.


 We ended up taking the same night train as a lot of the other girls!
Saturday we started off by walking around the con for a bit, since we'd been too busy with all the other stuff the first days. Yaya sat in her booth and the Dutch people came over and we had some relaxing fun.

I wore my Anastasia again!
J-pop collaborated with a  arcade hall and had some old machines open for free play. It was so great, haha! Donkey Kong is too hard for me though haha...

As always Sunday was slow and a bit quiet due to everyone being tired, haha. We sat around and talked and that was just fine by me.
Thanks for the memories once more!