tirsdag den 31. januar 2012

Interlocking a childish obsession

Yesterday I received my Disney Couture Tinkerbell ring/interlocking rings. Gold and swarowski! It's really lovely - way more pretty than I had thought from looking at pictures. I'm so glad I pulled myself together and purchased it, since I've been looking for gold rings - I only really had one and the gold has started to rub off (cheap-ass H&M), so I'd been in want of more.
Trust, faith, believe. <3

I've been hanging with friends after school these weeks, since I have been working on weekends. And I baked pancakes while Afnan was here. So nice to chat and eat sugary foods! My favourite pancake filling is lemon with sugar on top c:

I've been quite stressed/down these past weeks, so no time for falsies! I think I'm coming down with something - my whole body is sore... I hate waiting for a sickness, that you're certain will arrive.
And yes, those wedge boots are new.

During one of my shifts in Disney Store, I could not help but notice that the Woody and Jessie Hawaiian Vacation dolls were further reduced... And I took them home. Two dolls for 140 DKK (discount price, yessss) and you can take off the silly Hawaiian clothing if you just want them to be ordinary Woody and Jessie. So not point in resisting there. And I did really want a Jessie.
Oh Woody, you look FABULOUS, darling. Pink is you colour.

These things are still the worst. It is so time-consuming to rip the dolls from their boxes... I keep reliving my childhood frustration when undoing those metal hooks.
I hung out with Rasmus while freeing the new additions to my home Toy Story gang. He really likes TS too. As you can probably tell.

My entire Toy Story collection... Am I obsessed? How did this happen?

I did not blog about my Bullseye, did I? I was a wee bit unsure if I wanted to keep him or not upon buying him. But the new version is too light in the colour, in my opinion. SO I will keep him - especially now that I have a Jessie for him.

I live on tea these days... This bloody cold...


onsdag den 25. januar 2012

Come at once if convenient - If unconvinient, come all the same

We are in January. Yes, I know - I am quick to tell you that. Yours truly, telling you important facts. Well, my point is that with January comes the January SALE. And of course I went out to shop a bit.
I got a basic shirt which you saw in my outfit from my latest post, a dotted shirt and a cute tee. And... A H&M Versace dress. They were 50 % off and I tried it just for the kicks. But then it just sat there, on my body... looking kind of good... and it wasn't made of polyester or anything like that (which would have made me skip on it) but of 100 % silk. SO I took it home. And it's really quite gorgeous and unlike anything else in my closet c:

Oh and by the way, when I said I worked on my SRP for two weeks straight I was completely lying. I watched the British BBC series "Sherlock", since some girls of mine (including the ones I am going to London with in some months) are really into it.

But yes, as you've probably figures out, I was utterly captivated. The smart dialogue, the complicated plots, the fact that my brain was so stressed out from not being able to follow... It was a fomular for success with Liv! In one day I watched the first season, the first episode of the 2nd and the live airing of HoB.
It's been a while since I was this intrigued by a group of characters. But it just WORKS. It's the perfect combination of confusing the viewers (not revealing everything) and conclusions.

You really feel like you know the characters after just one or two episodes. So you laugh along to their seemingly "internalized" jokes and cry your heart out when they feel pain.
And I am utterly intrigued by Moriarty. He is bloody mad and fantastic.

The day before starting Sherlock I watched "Game of Shadows" with my parents. Not complete waste of time, but I was not as happy with it as with the first. The acting seemed a bit stiff at times and it got a little bit bored sometimes - but Guy Richie's fast-forward-slow-motion is as great and delightful as ever and made the movie rise from its downers every time!

The weather has been cold, but I spent part of the weekend with Rasmus, walking about his area. And forcing him to watch the 1st season of Sherlock. But after watching two episodes he drew this Merlock.. And he likes drawing mermaids, so I guess that means he like the BBC series?


søndag den 22. januar 2012

Rapporting a jubilee

You may have noticed a certain absence of entries in this blog for the past few weeks but I had my mind elsewhere. In Danish high school we have to write a big rapport on some self-chosen subject. My study was on Jane Austen's Mansfield Park and its interrelation to the trans-atlantic slave trade. Boy, I had to read a lot - I actually spent the first week reading and noting down usable phrases. A LOT of tea was consumed, I'll tell you that.

I had a study group with some of the other girls and it was really good to talk some matters over and hear other people's opinions. The funny bit was observing how entirely different methods of studying we all had. I had a puzzle-thing going on while Rie put post-its in the right places and worked out a disposition for the rapport in her head.

And yes, that is Maria using two computers. Laika boss <3

But studying non-stop for two weeks is tiresome and I really became another person - my taste of humour complete vanished. So I went to the Town Hall the last Saturday of the writing period to get some air. And then the Queen just happened to have a celebration for her 40th year of rule and was coming out to wave. (No, I had noooo intention of coming there just for that. None whatsoever.)

I brought my tiny binoculars and had not expected much of it, but it was actually really helpful. Without them the Queen was just a little dot but as you can see she grew bigger with the binoculars.

Not that we really had any use of that, since there were enormous tele screens everywhere.
People went balistic with the flags! It was quite delightful and nationalistic, haha. It's the strangest things that can gather a crowd.

After a refreshing trip to town in the brilliant yet cold weather it was time to go home and write the rest of the rapport. And so I did.
Tuesday was the deadline and everyone came to hand it in. The atmosphere was real frantic - all the 3rd graders were nervous as fuck since we're not really sure how we've done. What will the feedback be?

But oh well. With the SRP 336 hours of the exam is over - that sure is something! And I wanted to be a wee bit formal for the hand-in.

It's odd trying to adapt myself to the ordinary life and my normal lifestyle again..

onsdag den 18. januar 2012

Not with a sizzle, but with a bang

Happy New Year everybody!! And welcome to the beginning of 2012.

How I spent my New Years you ask? Well, I went to this super party at Sabine, Kami and Nadia's house where they had gathered quite a crowd! I think we were about 20 people.
I arrived only to find I'd missed the Queen's speech - which is something I had never done in life before. So I was a bit chocked haha - I thought it aired at 7 o'clock when it had actually begun at 6. But oh well, the lovely folks made me forget all about that.

Me with Sabina and Tine with the uhmm... graceful? ... Nadia.

We were a pack of girls and then Ali, haha!
Everyone brought a dish for the dinner and it all tasted soooo good!

Quiche, lasagne, hotdogs, sushi, pasta, chicken... yum yum! We did well for a bunch of youngsters, ahha!!

And then it was time for a round of charades! Apparently it's a tradition at New Years for the hostesses, so it was a natural thing for them to do. But for me it was very different - and a whole lot of fun!
Oh, and yes, that is Nadia being Godzilla.

Me doing "Hannah Montana swimming".
And of course there were drinking. Non-alcoholic drinking (as always) for me, but the others went wiiiild <3

Groovy times! We had a rockin' party wibe in the house and whenever we looked at the clock and saw that it was still "only 9", "only 10", "only 11" we were so surprised, since the party was as alive as one at 3 AM.

But (finally) the clock hit 12 and the New Year began! I was so hyped up that I even forgot to jump off a chair and into the new year, haha! But we quickly rushed outside to light some sparklers and then went inside to sing along to the New Years' songs.

But of course there were fireworks as well! The castle nearby even sent up a lot too - it looked real pretty with the spires and all.
I love the ones that leave glittering lights in the sky - they remind me of a starry sky <3

I had such a good time! And after midnight the time really passed by quickly and before we knew it it was 5 in the morning, ahha.
Thanks for a great commencement of the new year !!