lørdag den 28. maj 2011

Melting misfits

So what have I been up to these days? Well, I've been watching a little bit (read: all of) the British tv series Misfits! More than half a year ago one of my girls told me a lot about it and I just knew I had to watch it. It took a while for me to actually start seeing it, but then I'd seen it all in two days!
I really am such a marathoner. I can't stop watching if I know there's more.

Misfits is about 5 convicted youngsters in community service. None of them have known each other beforehand but when they're at the community center a violent storm travels part London. Little by little the youngsters discover that they have been granted powers - one can read minds, another can turn invisible. But the powers bring the lot of them in some rub and suddenly they've got more than puny little crimes on their criminal records - and only strangers to rely on.

I think it's spectacular. Drama, violence, romance, humor, increasingly great acting - what more can I ask? The plot twists, turns and rewinds all the time and I never knew where the story would go next! Mighty fine series indeed. How am I supposed to wait until bloody September for season 3?!

Other than watching this excellent show I've been having a little project in the rain. I bought some shrink plastic and experimented a little bit with it...

I've been wanting one of those melting "chanel" necklaces for a long while. And I decided it was time to try and make one myself. So I found an image of the logo, printed it out in my desired size and cut it out in the shrink plastic! It shrinks to 1/3 of the original size and you're not supposed to make anything bigger than 12 cm in the original size... And my pendant was twice as big haha.

I think I did all right!

I've been off make-up for the past week or so. My allergies for grass etc. have returned after one blissful year without them. And my eyes have been so heavy and swollen all week long. Please go away soon, stupid grass!

But then it really cheers you up when your parents leave you bread + muffins from the bakery - and even accompanied by one of my father's cheesy drawings I've grown up with.

Until next time...


onsdag den 25. maj 2011

Rain drooling

I've got this really great tradition with some of my friends. We used to take Japanese classes together but all had to stop due to too much homework in high school. But we all get together on this specific restaurant 1-3 times a year to chat and enjoy a nice meal in each others' company.

I did this some days ago and because I was craving a good udon I was boring and just ordered that hahah. We had some good hours there!
On my way home the setting sun was really pretty. To me it seemed very soothing.

And then the next moment all hell broke loose. It's been raining and storming on/off for the last 4 days and frankly - I'm getting very tired of it. You never know if you'll get soaked if you walk out without an umbrella.

I'm studying for my yearly tests and examinations these days. Soooort of...

I'm having such a hard time focusing on my studying. I have actually had to put post-its all around my house with scriptures like: "No, Liv! Not one step further!" to stop me from sitting down by the computer/TV or continuously getting out of my chair to grab snacks.
And it actually worked wonders today. I spent 6 hours studying without stopping once!

And the rain is actually also a little bit nice. When you're sitting inside, just listening to it that is. This melody keeps coming into my head:


søndag den 22. maj 2011

Documenting fun

The 58-year birthday celebration (my mom's 40 years plus my 18) with my family was really nice. I got to talk to some of my family members, whom I do not see that often. My grandmother was there and I hadn't seen her for two years! So it was good to see her.

People liked the baking I'd been doing for three hours - so that was good haha!
I mostly ate fruit and small cakes though, haha. Snacking all the way.

My parents gave me this really brilliant book. They spent 12 hours collecting and choosing which pictures from my childhood were to make the book! I was actually sort of crying reading through it... I used to be so small - where did all the years go? Every year goes by even faster than the previous one.

All the places we've traveled to, all the friends I've made. Even pictures of my kindergarten sweetheart, haha!

And then I've been up to a little private fun. Look at 2:25 in the video above. And now see what I did to one of my Buzzs (Buzzs... can you say that in plural??):

I so love him like this, haha! Impossible not to laugh every time I look at him.


fredag den 20. maj 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

School has ended. The last party was held this Monday and we all tried to have the most amazing time of the year. That wasn't obtained, but I did have a blast. The DJs played Daft Punk - this made me very happy. And then they had some remixes with Grease music and sequences from The Lion King... kind of odd to dance to, but very entertaining.

A week ago - still during school - we had almost the whole day off because one of our teachers had the flu or something. Some of the girls and I went to a sunny spot and treated ourselves to homemade Oreo ice cream. Yummy!

After about 4 hours we realized that we didn't have any sun screen on and started to cover up. Of course it was a little too late - but I didn't get all that red.
It was so bloody relaxing haha! Just what we all needed.

These past days I've just pumped out all the stress from my body (hanging out with friends)and I'm happy to say that it's almost gone. I'm also very collected about my examination plan. Good stuff!

Yesterday I went to Louise's ** year b-day! It was nice talking to dear ones and new faces. It was a small party, but a very good one.
The others went on clubbing. The club had a themed night, something about a Hollywood theme - Stella had totally dressed up! Her hair was amazing.

Boy, that bottle of sangria was humongous!

I had fun! A shame I had to turn in early and go home - but I had to get up this morning and bake, bake, bake. You see, I'm celebrating my birthday with my mother and we're having a family gathering. She's turning 40 and I'm soon-to-be 18...


mandag den 16. maj 2011

Weekend happenings

This weekend went by quickly, but for the first time in ages I could not care less - because today was my last day of school! Now the study vacation begins - the period in which we will study for our exams. Me and my freckles have been looking forward to this...

I started the weekend off by going to the movies with two good friends Friday. We watched Limitless - a movie that I had thought looked like the worst kind of cliched action before watching the trailer. It was really cool! The plot moved forward too slow at some points - but the excellent soundtrack and the colour editing made up for that! Go see itttt.

I went to a cousin's confirmation Sunday. Most of my family lives away from my home, so we had to drive up there. The sky looked bogus - I could actually see that it was raining 1 km further ahead. Which explains the rainbow.

It was very well-planned and there were so many songs in her honour! This is a tradition here - the family write lyrics to the melody of well-known songs and they are most often about the past childhood and the coming greatness of the "child".

The last thing to report from the weekend was the leek party I attended at Jeongie's and Mads' place. Everyone had to bring a leek and they - emphasizes on THEY - ended up making juice and all kinds of things out of them...

I had a great time! It was fun talking with old friends and some to-bees (?).

I'd really wanted to make my hair full of volume and grand curls but I didn't have the time for that. So I had to find another solution... And boy, do I look like my mother like this. It's really odd to see such a big resemblance.

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I'll finally turn in now - my examinations and year-end grades were announced just now around midnight and I wanted to see them before going to sleep. I'm pretty content.