onsdag den 28. april 2010

Ironing all night long

Tonight I'll go watch Iron man 1 + 2 marathon! I'm going with some superhero-loving friends and it's going to be great! I am so excited!
But it starts 21:30 so I guess it won't be over until 2 .. Yikes. And I have a geography test tomorrow...

Oh well, I love Robert so...

I hope it's worth it!

tirsdag den 27. april 2010

These shoes have made me rockin'

Today was supposed to be a day with 18 degrees. But it wasn't - actually it was really windy and cold. But I wore my new shoes and that msde me happy enough to forget temperatur, haha! They are actually really easy to walk in! And I get so tall...

It sucks that my extension are dried out. I should give them a a reconstructing conditioner...

We got off early today from school so some of my classmates went to Seline's place - she lives like 5 minutes from the school. We had fun with her turtle and saw "Seven" with Brad Pitt, Gweneth Patrow and Morgan Freeman. I really liked it, even though it was a bit oldschool.

Speaking of movies... Imperial is showing Iron-man 1+2 tomorrow because number 2 is premiering Thursday... I so want to go to that event! Its not that expensive, but I don't have tickets and it's probably only the sucky seats that are left...

My lenses! I am so happy they still work superb. There was almost no water left in their contact lens case, so I was afraid they wouldn't work any longer.

My first class tomorrow is at 12:15. What.

mandag den 26. april 2010

I swear I can smell the spring

This week is going to be great with the weather! We're having up till 18 degrees !

But this weekend wasn't bad either. Sunday I went to my good friend Katinka's place and we went on our bikes to get to a park so that we could walk around it! Everything is finally blooming, and the air is filled with the sweet aromas of trees and flowers. I am so psyked about nature when it's spring!

The sakura trees are blooming in my home town.
My friend and I walked down this path. I couldn't help thinking about fairy tales while walking towards that house. It looks as if it's taken out of a book. Really adorable house.

I love that I'm able to wear sunglasses. I know I could before as well, ut now the UV-chart is high enough for it to be necessary!
Also, I really love that a jacket isn't needed when you're in the direct sun as it is now...

Spring, you're my lover atm <3


søndag den 25. april 2010

I could eat you up, I love you so...

I went to see Where The Wilds Things Are yesterday. It only runs in one cinema ind all of Denmark.
I've heard that it is amazingly hyped in the US, so the fact that it is unknown here is kind of wierd. But it is probably because it is based on a book that europeans doesn't know.

Max is a boy with no friends. His sister doesn't even look at him and his mother isn't as aware of him as she probably should be. Some day he throws a tantrum and runs off. He finds a bout a sails to an island where he meets the wild things. He become their king and one of them. The life on the island is a direct parallel to how he feels in the "real" world. The wild things are all a object of his imagination - but he learns a lot from them and return home.

I must say that it was a sweet, kind and fine movie, but in my opinion it could just as well have lasted half an hour. I don't think there was enough plot for 1,5 hours. There was ups and downs a lot of times, but they all followed the same pattern - he is sad, then angry, then he is friendly. And then the same one more time. Also the ending was very wierd, because it didn't end properly - it didn't even have a proper open ending. It was just like "stop, we used all of our money" or something....
The wild things were also very confusing. I couldn't really get their personalities at all - they kind of changed a lot...

On the positive side Max was great. Max is played by a boy named Max, and his acting skills was surprisingly good. Plus he is adorable.


onsdag den 21. april 2010

A (shoe) dream come true

Today was not a good day. I found out that I lost my monthly train/metro pass and I freaked because I thought I had to pay for it one more time. And then the people in class got on my nerves.
But my mother came to my rescue and we went to get a new (free) train/metro pass. I could get away with paying nothing because I'm a member of a service the DSB (those who own the trains) offer. Phew, lucky!
Then I went with my mother to get her a nail polish she's been wanting for some weeks and we stopped by H&M.

I found my babies.

The color is actually more pink.

I have been in love with these shoes from the day they got to H&M some months back. But they were too expensive for me (Sonia Rykiel pour H&M) - I don't really buy shoes that costs more than 200 DKK at most.

But they were on sale. Going from 400 DKK --> 50 DKK <3

My outfit for today. Very relaxing to wear.

On a side note I found my Blue Sunflower circle lenses. They disappeared 4 months ago and I have been perplexed about their where-about ever since - actually I thought I had lost them. And today they were found.

My happiness is at 100 %. Now I'll have to write a biology assignment - happiness at 80 %.


Typing Spring

I'm crazy ecxited about spring time. It's been in Denmark for some weeks now (althought it's raining/snowing right now) and when I saw the SALE sign in H&M I had to go see if they had some sweet items.

Haha, these sucked so bad. They could only look funny.

I bought these three items. The top, the jeans and the floral top in the back. All items for 120 DKK - cheap! And the jeans discounted from 200 -> 50.

Last week we did blood tests in Biology.
I have been wanting to know my type for years now, and I was really looking forward to finally find out.
I'm kind of scared of needles, so my teacher had to prick my finger for me, haha.

I'm an 0 positive!


mandag den 19. april 2010

Hanami isn't all about the trees

This weekend the Copenhagen Sakura Festival was held. It is an event hosted by - among others - the Japanese Embassy in Denmark. It is held at Langelinie Park where a lot of Sakuras have been planted some years ago.
It is held once every year - I went two years ago, but couldn't come last year.

This year the weather was kind of bad - there was a lot of wind and it was freezing. Also, the trees wasn't even in bloom yet, thanks to our very long winter this year.
It is a two-day event from 11-17 o'clock. Saturday I came in my yukata. I bought it in Japan two years ago and the mood of the fesival + my yukata + a lot of the friends from my japanese class, with which I travelled to Japan with, being there, made me nostalgic and crazy happy.

I've been wanting to do that kind of side up-do for like forever. I thought it was awesome - like a second head on one side of my face, haha. Surprisingly it only took about 15 min. to set.

Going from Saturday to Sunday! I wore my Penguin Kigurumi, made by myself. I wore a lot of layers underneath, to keep warm.

I knew so many people, but it was nice to sit down and take my time to talk with all of them. I have learned from previous events not to rush around and greet everyone. Taking it easy is much better.

I took abouth 250 pitures this weekend and I really liked how a lot of them turned out. I love my camera.

Both days we danced Bonodori, the spring dance. I danced it two years ago too and I really love to do it. It's fun, yet relaxing.

I had to make some nails. I have been dying to make multi-colored nails for a long time, and decided that now was the time. The quality of the nails sucked though, and I took them off this morning.


lørdag den 17. april 2010

There's a party in the U.S.A.!

Just two of this week's outfits. I really liked that up-do! A shame it only lasted for 4 hour and the had to become a simple bun, haha ;p
I wore the "blue" outft just like that. No coat. Spring has come to Denmark! You will not believe how happy I am ! <3

My high school is changing location and name next year. And yesterday we had the very last party :( my school is fricking 800 year old and how did we end it all? With a dress-up-as-a-celebrity party.
I went as Miley Cyrus and Sørine was my Hannah Montana ! So fun. The DJ played "There's a party in the U.S.A." and the two of us went on the school's scene and did a little one-number "concert". It was epic! The students went crazy.
Note the Myspace-angle on the photo. How is that NOT Miley?


torsdag den 15. april 2010

Shut up. Kick Ass. Again. And again.

I went to see Kick Ass this Saturday wtih my friend, Line. I wanted to make a post of it, but then I saw some posters for the movie around city and wanted to wait until I had pictures of those. But then my friend told me about UPS! det er live (Woops, it's live streaming, a show)'s superhero Kick-Ass event, where everyone got free tickets if they came in super. And I had to wait for my ass-kicking post.
So I have seen it twice, counting yesterday's cinema event. And it's just premiered today here in Denmark. Sweet.

I went as Raven, from Teen Titans. A lot of the guys working in the cinema took my picture, haha.

On to the movie!
IT'S FUCKING AWESOME! I love it. I want to see it again. NOW.

All right, it's about this dude called Dave. He's not cool, not popular, not even a geek - he's just... plain and regular. He uses most of his time on wanking - I had totally not seen that one coming, hah! And then he thinks of becoming a superhero, just without the powers. He buys a cotume and starts his new image as Kick-Ass. The world loves him and Red Mist, Hit Girl and Big Daddy goes into the super as well. But of course bad guys come along and there's trouble for the supers!

I was disturbed the first little while. You see this little 12-year old girl KILLING adults without a care in the world. And she is actually a bit frightening. But then you get used to all the kiddie violence and ends up being like: "SHE IS SO HARDCOREEE!!"
And let me say, I can't get enough of Aaron Johnson's eyes! They are so f***ing pretty! Like gems that can see right through your soul. He is cute too, very cute.
The first time I watched the movie everything was like wow,wow,wowww! and the second time it was just funny, hardcore and eyecandy (Aaron).

Very cool bus stop, yes.

I am so becoming a Kick-Ass fan.
I want the comic too.


mandag den 12. april 2010

Living on the stripes of stars and at the heart of Union Jack

I finished my secret project! It's a helmet!

I have a pair of white side-by-side roller blades with pink and red wheels, so I wanted a helmet that could match with that!

Isn't it great? I'm already loving it to pieces. I know the lines aren't 100 % straight and it's not perfect, but it's the best I can do at the moment.
The helmet started out gray. Gray and compleately boring.

I bought it off qxl.dk (a danish site somewhat like Ebay) for 11 DKK + shipping. It ended up on 86 DKK and I got some adult safety gear for inliners too! Both hand, arm and knee safety parts! It was unbelievable cheap, because just the helmet usually costs 200 DKK or above !

I was so lucky and now I'm really happy i bought that set!

I have a weak point (more of an obsession, really) for red x blue x white, and I've been wanting this Rose Fan Fan shirt for such a long time.
I was shocked when I saw it for 15 euros on a gyarus' sales post and didn't think twice about getting it.


Healthy hair!

Once every week I give my hair a nourishing and strengthening treatment. I've used some different product but I like Garnier's best. It has a really nice smell and it's not too strong or too weak.
I usually put it in my almost not wet hair, then wrap the hair up in a plastic bag to hold the good chemicals in and when it's time for bed I take the plastic bad off and sleeps with the damp hair. When I wake up the hair is dried off, feels fantastic and has a nicer texture.

Also, my current nails. I like the looks of them even though they're so simple, so I'm thinking of doing them again in a longer version. Fake nails is so great :DD