lørdag den 27. marts 2010

Will the tooth fairy come, I wonder...?

Soo, I got them out yesterday. I was given about 4 different kinds of sedative and when I met up with Yin and Ariellah afterwards I couldn't even smile.
It didn't really hurt at all, but I was crying throughout the whole process. I was shaking like crazy as well - I don't really like blodd and needles, so that must be the reason.

Remember the teeth you used to drop when you were little? That was the size of them. The little one. I got the big ones out.. And the roots starts where there is that little bump - very large roots.

It feel so wierd now... I feel like a little kid (because last time I felt like this I was 8) and I can't eat anything because the bleeding will start again if I do. SO I can only drink stuff. Fluids, yum yum.


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  1. Auch. Det var nogle store krabater. Godt at få dem ud, hva? Men nok også lidt rystende. Håber du nyder din ferie søde pige.