lørdag den 31. december 2011

11th ending

Kristine did this, so I'm jumping on the wagon. My year month by month:

New Years with Sascha, Kenny and Astrid.
Arken Museum with parents.
Spa trip with Louise.
Girls-only party with classmates

Star Wars marathon with classmates - yes, all six movies in one day!
Arken Museum with girlies.
Hanging super much out with Louise.
Oscars all-nighter!

Okashii-con in Sweden.
Earthquake in Japan
Online Harry Potter-date with Kristine
Disney job interview!
Barcelona with class!
JOB IN DISNEY APPROVED (holy carp, holy moley, gosh!!)

Barcelona trip continued!
Louisiana Museum with Louise and parents.
Galla at school
Easter Holiday - spent with Kristine (Harry Potter marathon no. 1!), Sascha and Louise!

SVScon in Jutland
Copenhagen Sakura Festival
Louise's birthday party
Cousin's confirmation
58 year old combined birthday party with my mother
Trip to restaurant with old Japanese classmates
Watching Misfits

Copenhagen Carnival
Exams (2 x 12 like a boss)
Disney opening!
18th birthday party with best friends in the world!

Harry Potter Mega Marathon in the theatre Empire with Astrid and Stine, DH part 2 with Kristine and Emil!
Malaga trip with parents and semi-aunt and -uncle!
Paris and Japan Expo!
Buying my baby Louis Vuitton

Finding a Magical Quill at Pottermore the 2nd day!!!!!!
J-fashion meet-up
Zulu Summer Bio
Copenhagen Pride Festival

Opening of Torvehallerne
Pottermore admission!
Election for Parliament (1st time voter!)
Buster Film Festival

Villain & hero party
Shooting Star rain *__*
Batman Live
Halloween Party

Tivoli trip with Sørine, Abena and Benjamin
Breaking Dawn get-together

Disney Christmas lunch
Class Christmas lunch
Tivoli trip with class + Crazy Christmas Cabaret
Christmas <3
New years!!

Thanks for an amazing 2011! I do hope 2012 will be even more filled with brilliant moments. I am sure it will.

Wishing you all the bes tin the new year!


fredag den 30. december 2011

Beautiful traditions

gif make

My Christmas Eve started with Disney's Christmas Show at 4. Whenever I watch it, I'm 6 years once again. I never avert my eyes - I am always drawing the magic off the screen with my dreamy stare.
I have really grown to love Chip and Dale. When I was a littlie I found them scary and not at all sympathetic. Now I adore this short cartoon, mostly because I love the art design for the inside of the Christmas Tree! The colours are magnificent.

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I still cannot understand a word that Donald speaks though. I never was able to hear a sensible word of his. But that's just part of his charm for me, haha.
La bella noche! Kissy kissy.

I never quite understood why Peter Pan was in the xmas show. But I guess it's the lights of London??

I had been so sure that this year's surprise would be Brave! But then it was Lion King! We won't be getting it in 3D in theatres until January 19th, so that's why it appeared.

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Sob sob. 1 year until next time!

Delicious traditional Danish Christmas food! Or... I don't find it all that delicious. I'm not that crazy about it actually - but I do like it better than I did some years back!

The small tree and the tower of presents, haha!
We had to exit the room and wait for the "man of the house" to light the candles on the tree - then we could enter once more. It's a very old tradition and I think it's very sweet and always make me appreciate the tree more.

Delicious confectionery. And this time I mean it! I never in my life tasted a caramel any better. It was the perfect combination of sweet and soft!

Singing songs and dancing 'round the tree. Then presents!
"Hohoho... Liv... Take me to infinity and beyond..." it says. I got it from my parents and the gift card was directed to Jessie, haha. So you can imagine that I received something Toy Story-related.

Exciting timessssssss.

And these were my presents. Lovely jewellery, games, movies, gift cards and sowing equipment! I really like all of them.
Exceppppppt the iPhone my parents gave me. I'm not too taken by smart phones and I pretty much detest the touch feature... so I persuaded them to return it. I also told them they'd given me too much already.