torsdag den 7. februar 2013

Hunting a new camera

The days go by and I hang with friends, having lovely times. Rie is back from her African goodwill experience, wee!

 I went to eat brunch with the lovely girl Stine some days ago. I can't believe I've reached an age where I have pregnant friends!

I saw The Hunt a week ago. Boy, that was something. There was this horrified silence in the theatre. I don't care if you're not Danish, this is a must-watch film.

In other, more happy, news!: I purchased a new camera! I have been wanting the filming feature of the newer models for some time now (for when I travel and for experimenting with a new format) and the time was now. So I got the 650D - it's got a flip-out screen that makes me so damn happy, since I can turn the screen towards the inside when I don't use it - that way I can protect it from scratches. Also, the touch feature is quiet cool.

The green is almost out of my hair now! "Washes out after 6-12 washings"... right. More like 6 months.

tirsdag den 5. februar 2013

Flashback Sicily (2)

Giardina Naxos, also known as the first city founded on Sicily, also known as where we lived, is apparently famous for that church.

Giardini Naxos is a city located at the bay. We had to walk for just 2 minutes to reach the ocean! Our hotel had a nice location, weee.

Sun, sun, sun. And fooood.

Grocery shoppingggg. And pizza (naturally).

We befriended this lovely couple of other Danes. They didn't really know how to feel about the too-tourist-y feel of things, haha. They were so nice and we had some great evenings playing cards with them.

Close to Taormina, which is close to Giardini Naxos, is a well-known island called Isola Bella. But you have to take the cable car. And I'm sort of afraid of heights. But I did it and made it to the place.

I found a jelly fish, iiiiiih.
And I hijacked some Brits boarding a boat to see the Grotta D'Azurra (Blue Cave). It's an optic phenomena where the light in the cave makes the water seem a mind-boggling shade of blue.

Back to Taor-"most romantic city in the world"-mina to see the old Colosseum and eat the last dinner meal of the trip - naturally with an ocean view.

The very last day went by without great drama. It was the coldest day of our stay and every weather forecast said that it would start raining and becoming colder. So it really was time to go home to even colder little Denmark. 
But we read by the beach, took a quick dip in the water one last time and went home to pack.

My two favourite Polaroids from the trip. Taormina and Etnaaaa.

I did shop. But only a tiny bit.
Our ice-vendor had this fantastic photograph hanging in his shop. It is so cute, haha ! It was so much fun to see him looking at us as normal, semi-annoying tourist the first time we said hello to him and then him wishing us a safe flight back home on the last day. He was a lovely man.

mandag den 4. februar 2013

Flashback Sicily (1)

So yes... The 9th of Octobre I had a one-week great escape to Sicily with Rikke. And I pretty much forgot I hadn't documented it.
We purchased a charter vacation and didn't know how we felt about that. And it was horribly tourist-y throughout the whole thing - but since we were at the Italian island outside the busy season it was actually quite all right.

The water was nice enough tempered to jump in and the first night of our visit, Denmark played against Italy (and lost miserably).

We booked a small trip with the firm (Tui) and got around to see some different towns - and we saw a Godfather location (the church).

Yes, we did see a lot of churches. It is Italy after all.

 Beautiful modern piece in a church in Taormina! And the bus plan changes quite a lot...

Buying food for lunch in the massive super market and eating Italian ice cream from our immediate favourite ice-vendor while watching chick flicks. 

Let's go to the beach, beach, let's play LUDOOOO. And how about going to Etna, the volcano, while we're nearby? (Basaltic stone is blackkkk weee)

Etna is so tall that you go above the clouds. It felt pretty surreal - seemed as you could step right across them. And yes we are considered children and bought Disney rings.

Going to Etna is probably ranked quiet high on my list of great achievements of my lifetime. It was such a fantastic experience ! I'm so glad we went.


 There were several different craters you could visit. Some were easy to get to. Others not so much. I decided to climb that MOUNTAIN (picture with bus) and it was both the worst and greatest idea ever. Rikke had to abandon ship since the air was so light and made the climb harder. I was bloody terrified since there were nothing to hold on to and the path wasn't cleared or made easy for you - it was millions of tiny stones that fell away from under your feet every time you took a step. I felt like I was going to fall down every second. But when I reached the summit it was just so breathtaking - and I'd surprised myself by actually accomplishing the climb.
And those souvenirs were ridiculous, haha.