lørdag den 27. februar 2010

Social life with the problems coming along

So I went to my school's combined dress-your-classroom-up and year party yesterday. My class had voted for the theme of the class to be Las Vegas, but since we hadn't really started making any stuff for decorating we changed it to Slumberparty/movie night since it would be so much easier. We said to come in pyjamas and bring blankets and pillows to decorate. It ended up being Seline, Benedicte and myself that did all the decorating because everyone else came when the PARTY started instead of when the DECORATING started. And they didn't bring anything OR wear pyjamas.
I thought I couldn't be angry after the assault, but seems like my class does that to me...

Better picture of my outfit. My smile is so stiff, it seems so fake, haha ;o

Today I had a take-care-of-myself day. Took a warm tub bath for 1.5 hours and relaxed a lot. I took off my nails, which almost lasted for 2 weeks o.o, and they look horrible now. Man, reminds me of the reason I only use tips - that way only the upper half of my nail is damaged.

I'm pretty down to earth now, the chok of the assault is pretty much gone. Now it just seems like a dream, that I don't want to believe in.
I talked to the police yesterday in school and this Monday or Wednesday I'll be coming over to the primary school next to my high school to look at class pictures and see if I regognize anyone.


torsdag den 25. februar 2010

Harmony and chaos

From my Bali trip in 2007. I was smaller back then - 13 years old-, but I would never have been able to do something cruel at that time.. And we could just play with the delfins. They didn't fear us, they lived with the people of Bali in harmony.

I was assaulted yesterday in front of my school by a bunch of 10-year olds. I was so afraid, because I know children at Nørrebro- where my school is situated - walks around with knives on them. They kicked my friend and I and threw ice-snow at our heads. And tore a lot of hair out of my head on the right side. It hurt so much and I am still in chok... everything is chaotic.

Update over.


mandag den 22. februar 2010

Child and present obsessions

I have fallen in love with this country-ish gal look. I am actually quite obsessed. Hence the boots I bought in the holiday, some posts back. I can't wait for better weather, so that I can walk withproud in bare legs <3>
I came THIS CLOSE to buying one of those straw hats yesterday.. gurg. But I think I'll be able to find some much cuter in Japan, so the question is: Will I be able to wait?

When I was smaller I was really obsessed with anime&manga (like now...) and I didn't really carry crushes. But this dude underneath made my little heart flutter when I watched the Christmas show Jesus and Josefine, series of 24 episodes shown on each December day up till Christmas. I saw him today on the train, and he made a god-my-head-hurts-face and looked up from his PC and indirectly at me, while I was yawning. He smiled at the ironi and I smiled back. : D

This photo is old, but I couldn't find any better. He's more handsome now, and prettier irl than in pictures.

WOw, it sounds like I'm bragging...


søndag den 21. februar 2010

Break's over!

School starts again tomorrow. Back to drama and noise, yay = . = But I'll make the best of it :D

Things I've done this holiday:
  • Seen a lot of friends (parties does that, duh)
  • Relaxed A LOT
  • Watched way to much anime (I keep telling myself that I can watch just 1 more and... I've watched 3 seasons of Teen Titans and 1.5 of Avatar the Last Airbender. THIS IS PATHETIC, get a life XD but what can I say, I love manga&anime. And you can read manga + be gal just fine >:D REFER TO PICTUTRE)
  • Eaten so much sugar and candy, thanks to my uncle being a baker and always making too much cake for his kids' b-days so basically throwing 50000 calories down our throats.
  • Done a minimum of homework, I cannot believe we only had 2 hours of work
  • Bought too many things, need to spend less
Okay, the very random post will now end. I'm slightly hyper thanks to Sokka being so funny all the time(currently watching Avatar).


lørdag den 20. februar 2010

Holiday funny

I have no idea of how I spent the days in this holiday. They just kind of passed by in a blur. I don't know if that means that I've been relaxed or not...

Yesterday I went to a party at a friend's appartment. It's like 200 m2 so he hosts a lot of parties. This one was just real casual, fun and I knew all the people. I wore my batman-jeans and was really happy, but now they reek of smoke and boys' feet so I regret it.

Two of the past days I watched Teen Titans with a friend. We're only missing 3 episodes! I've cosplayed as Raven, so it's really cool to get the feel of the whole series.

And these are my nails right now.

I've got Thumbelina on VCR and I saw it 4 days ago - I'm thinking of watching it again tonight, after going to my girl cousin's B-day. It brings back so many childhood memories and make me happy every time ! <3


tirsdag den 16. februar 2010

Turning super?

Sooo, I finished my PROJECT! I'd seen Yumachi wearing these wayyy to cool jeans in the February issue of Egg and I was inspired! I completely adore superheroes, so I was sold at once !
I know it's really hard to see, but it is also a very small picture in Egg, so this is the Egg jeans:

And here is my finished result ;P I think I'll really use these jeans now - before they were ugly and big, but I sew them up and in and now they fit me much better! Can't wait to wear them <3>

I bought these booties yesterday as well - as Yin mentioned in the comments last post.
When the weather is decent enough to wear high heels I'll totallt wear them :3

I went to my braces dentist today. I'm wearing this brace every day 4 hours and all night. Man, my teeth kinda hurt right now D: the braces were tightened today, that's why.
Wow, I just realized that I'm wearing this sweater on a lot of pictures in this blog. It's just so warm, and there's so cold outside <3


mandag den 15. februar 2010

Happy Valentines

Happy (late) Valentines! You all had a nice day? I went out with Yin, Stine and Anne and we saw Valentines Day ;p it was actually better than I'd thought it would be and we laughed a lot. So it was funny but had a suckish plot - a nonexisting plot, that forgot it only happened in 1 day XD

Today I worked on my SECRET PROJECT. Uhhh ~ will post the finished result tomorrow ;p

Then I went to work, wearing this :
It's crazy how easy it's become for me to wear nails. In the beginning I could do nothing with them on, and now I can do whatever I want to. Pratice has made me better 8D

I bought these boots today for 40 DKK <3

Until tomorrow :p

fredag den 12. februar 2010

Lovely(?) Holiday

So, today almost all schools in DK go on winter break - 9 days of no school. I don't think I realized how much I needed this break until now... There's some problems in my class about the lectures not being on the right educational level and the student not treating each other as respectful as they could. Plus we're more grouped than a regular class, in reality not really a class. So that is just really tiring and frustrating because I thought high school was for people who wanted to learn. Seems like half the class doesn't think so?!

After school I went to work. I work at a bookstore in the mall Frederiksberg Centret. It's not at all interesting - I clean the staff rooms, take the garbage down etc. I would really like a better job - more in pay (right now I get what they have to give me and no more, 52 DKK) and more hours of work (I only work 4 hours a week). I want more money in the bank for Japan. These days that's a thing I think about often - moneymoneymoneyforJAPAN. Haha, pathetic.

But today my boss told me that I could take some books from this staff shelf if I wanted to have some. So I brought these home:
It's these:
- Mr. Sebastian and the black magician (same author as Big FIsh, really looking forward to this one)
- The Last Weekend in the World (a youth book)
- Timebath (some mystery)
- Catch Me When I Fall (a thriller)
- The Shadow's Apprentice (fantasy)
and the 3rd(?) Artemis Fowl book.

FREE BOOKS. I'm slightly smug and very happy. These books all cost 150-300 DKK in the shop.

So... One of the guys at my working place is cool and we connect pretty well. We just joke around and that stuff. We have this friend wibe. Then today some of the others asked what he was doing for Valentines and I said he had a hottt date. He was like "Nooo?" and then asked me what I should do and I told him: "I'm going to hang out with 3 of my friends and go watch Valentines Day in the cinema" and then he asked if we shouldn't be each others' dates, since none of us had one. I thought that we were joking around so I told him no, because my friends would be sad and then he was like "Oh....okay....".... SUDDENLY SAD? So I don't really know if I was asked out today... @.@;;

I feel really tired now. And then also strangely hyper because of the free books, holiday and was-I-asked-out thing (in that order). Hence the really wierd pictures here:

You know, sometimes you just want to see a person llooking odd or stupid. Well, there you go!


torsdag den 11. februar 2010

To buy or not to buy - and which?

I have been wanting to buy a DSLR camera. I just don't know which and if I really want to buy it. I'm going to Japan this July, so I really want to have loads of money to spend there and a camera is pretty pricey. The ones I've looked at are about 3-4000 DKK, about 700 USD.

Soo my dad found this review from a danish magazine called TÆNK - they are know to have quality reviews of all things. They pointed out Canos EOS 1000D to be the best. THIS.

But then one of my friends told me that it wasn't that good and another told me that Canon gives their best cameras small numbers like 6 og 60, the good cameras 600 and the least good numbers with 3 digits - like Canon EOS 1000D? So I'm kinda frustrated... Sascha told me to buy Canon EOS 450D. THIS.

Oh I dunno... and plus my dad was like :( when I told him that I might not want the camera he found...

I went to my japanese class today and we read the story of Urashima Taro and the Turtle and the Dragon Castle. It was all really down-to-earth and just fun. It's been a while since I had a relaxed lelationship with japanese as a language. HAPPY.


tirsdag den 9. februar 2010

Starting working out again..

So, I went to aerobic today. For the first time in like 2 months. I was done for. We got off 15 minutes earlier because we were all - except Yin, that sucker - totally dead.
Guess how long it took me to get home. You've made a guess? Now, write it do- all right, taking that too far. Sorry. I've made the trip from Nordhavn too home in 40 minutes countless times. This time I had to dress from my sport clothes into normal clothes, so of course I was a bit delayed there. But it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. 1 HOUR and 15 minutes?! I hate winter, DSB - in a mix that means deleted trains and more slow trains.
I had to wait for my train for 10 minutes and in those minutes this really creepy dude came up to me and started saying stuff like: "I like your eyes, can I have a closer look? Can I see them more often? Can I get your number? What is your name?" DAAARGH. And I was a bit greasy, also my hair, my lashes were coming a little loose - all due to aerobic - and I wasn't even wearing anything sexy. This is was I wore today...

Not at all sexy... Oh yea! I made those pants and that bow yesterday 1 hour and this morning 1 hour and 15 minutes 8D <3>3

I will also use this post to whine. Whine hard. I own a iMac, the ones where all of the stuff is in the screen - so the computer iiis the screen - and this is what it looks like now (the corner):

I can't even tell you how much my insides bleeds because of this. LOOK AT THAT CRACK. IN MY SCREEN. No, I won't think about it. And I won't think about the fact that it is the lamp, still standing on my table, that did it...


søndag den 7. februar 2010

I chose to shift from LJ to Blogspot now... I grew tired of the layout on LJ, but I'll still be there to watch the communities and my friends' blogs.

Yin told me that she thought it was sad that I never had good light in my outfit pictures, so I went outside and took some photos yesterday. I made a header out of some of them and underneath is another one. I think my header isn't in balance but I don't want to work on it anymore. What do you guys think?

I went to see Mary and Max yesterday with my parents. It was really good, like all the reviews have told. I think it's really a shame that it only shows in two cinemas, and both in Copenhagen. But I was also very surprised that it wasn't a children's movie. It was very harsh towards the end.

I've been sick for a whole week. Some sort of influenza. I'm getting better, but I still feel pretty much like crap. URG. I've been way to sick this winter...