søndag den 31. oktober 2010

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys! I had the greatest Halloween last night. I went to Ariellah's 18th birthday and she insisted that her guests wore costumes. I had gone for devil once again but changed my mind in the morning. And when I went to Louise's place to dress up with Stella, I ended up looking like this:

If you're all toally blank and can't see who I am, I'm a Roy Lichtenstein girl. It took me fricking 90 minutes to do the makeup. It's all lipstick and eyeliner, haha. I went for this look because I gave Ariellah a Lichtenstein-inspired Star Trek painting.
People could actually regognize me. Though only one mentioned Roy Lichtenstein's name, a lot of people were like: "You're... that girl... The one you always see in pop art..." That really came as a surprise for me and made me so happy.

It was really nice having someone to dress up with. And great not having to go to the party alone all wierd-looking.

Left is the darling, the b-day girl, and right is the sweet, dead Stella. Yeah, sorry honny, no blood in that drink.

We started off at Ariellah's sister's appartment and then went to the club NASA afterwards. I had thought that a lot of people would come in ordinary clothing, but actually everyone had dressed up! So great, yet surprising.

Ariellah's in love with sci-fi and NASA is much like a space ship so the location was perfect for her party. It was raining outside so the first thing we all did was visit the cool bathroom at the club.

Can you believe that Sty actually made that mask from scratch?! Crazy man. Me looking compleatly wasted on the right, haha.

I really had a fabulous night. It was a blast and my make-up didn't go all red on me - which was fantastic until I had to spend almost an hour getting it off my face back home.
We talked a lot, laughed a lot and DANCED a lot:

Seriously... So proud of this picture, the colorssssss...

It was really hot and my wig kept slipping off and I didn't wanna go to the bathroom to put it on again all the time, so it got pretty messed up from dancing. And when I saw this photo I just took it right off, haha. When the real hair shows itself, it's time to loose the wig hair.

Stine, Nina and a representative of me.


onsdag den 27. oktober 2010

Hand me that bleeping drink

I love free things. And I love going to school right in front of a station - that way I always get free stuff because it's a place many people cross every day. Today some guys were handing out the new yoggi and I actually asked for two, haha. I love pineapple and mango, so I wanted more than one if they tasted good.

Only bad thing was that there was a whole bunch of fruit fragments in it. And I really hate that in yoghourts. Damn, now I'm almost making a free commercial for Arla :/

It was raining like crazy today and of course I hadn't heard that it would. So I wore open shoes. My luck that they are tall, so a whole lot of water didn't reach my toes.
It's getting so dark in the mornings. This morning I left with the sunrise and had to take these pictures when it was still almost black outside. Raaaage.

I'm cosplaying Kim Possible with Mie at this year's J-popcon. And while looking at scenes from the series I stumbled upon this:


mandag den 25. oktober 2010

40 evil exes

I went to watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World yesterday with a bunch of friends! I'd heard good things about it from some girls and when one of my friends called me up an invited me to the cinema to watch it I said yes right away. Also partly because Michael Cera is fricking adorable.

I hadn't seen a trailer or anything like that for the movie. Really, it's been so long since I went to the cinema. But about 20 minutes in the movie I suddenly remembered I'd read about it in an issue of Empire I bought before my trip to Japan. Empire was totally bubbly because of this movie and I excited about it as well because of their enthusiasm. But then Japan was so much fun and I forgot all about it.

Scott is 22, plays bass in the Sex Bob-Omb, has a 17-year old chinese girlfriend and then Ramona Flowers comes into the picture and ruins everything. He falls head over heels in love with her, but before they can become a couple he has to defeat her seven evil exes.

The funny thing is that it seems like a perfectly normal comedy in those 20 first minutes. And then it nerds up and starts kicking some ex'ing ass. It's filled to the brim with action and the way the movie is edited is SO awesome! One second your in Scott's appartment seeing him wake up from a dream, the next he's in a library. And it happens so fast and is edited so cleverly that you just stay put, dumbfounded.
It's FUN, it's NERDY, it's HARDCORE and it's still on my mind.
I had my mouth open almost throughout the movie, with a stupid smile on my face.
The movie contains some effing cool concert/music scenes and I just wished they had put the volume up in those scenes - it would really have made the movie even greater.

When I say a bunch of friends I really mean it. I think we were about 40 people. It was really a great way to end the holiday which btw ended wayyy to fast.


fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Magical cuteness

I should really work on my cosplay. I just can't seem to get started. It may have something to do with the fact that I only just returned from having bought my fabrics in Roskilde. The shops in the city didn't have the colors I needed, so I couldn't buy them there. And I didn't want to pay a lot of money to get there and back so I had to wait for my dad to drive me out there. Thank you, dad!

I've bought my first real pyjama!! I've never had one and have always wanted one. When I saw this cute Disney pyjama I just had to have it. Look at the buttonsss! Haha, just too cute not to buy, imo. It's also very soft, almost like a teddy bear.

I'm reading the 5th Harry Potter now. Damn, Harry is a pain in the ass. And I keep getting sad when I laugh of Fred and George and their funny lines. Why Fred, J. K. Rowling?!?!


onsdag den 20. oktober 2010


Sunday evening Sascha came by and she'll be leaving in some hours. Monday evening Stella joined us and we watched Coraline, because they hadn't seen it. I was horrified that they hadn't - it's a GREAT movie in my opinion. Really a materpiece! Watch it if you havn't!

In Denmark there's this comedy series called "Crime riders". Uncool guys doing silly crimes like bicycling without hands and being two people on one bike. And we've done a lot of crimes these past days. Talking on the phone in the part of the train where you have to be quiet and stuff like that. Crazyyyy.
Being in the McDonald's play ground where you have to be under 9 years old and take off your shoes! DOUBLE CRIMMEE.
Picture from Sascha.

Monday morning Sørine came and we dressed up in our InuYasha cosplays. Sascha wanted to take a shoot for the danish cosplay magazine Cosmag. It's really an old cosplay - 2 years or something - and it was really wierd wearing it again.
Guess what we did in the leavessssss (if you know, please don't tell)

I went to the dentist today. They said that I was almost ready to get the lower brace off! Happinesssss. But then I have to wear my elastics in triangles that hurts so much. Bittersweet much.


mandag den 18. oktober 2010

Housing a gamer

Some of my friends have just bought a house and this Saturday they hosted a house warming party under the name HOUSOWEEN. Clever, huh? We were 13 people or something like that and it was really nice.

You had to be in some kind of costume, but no one had really gone all out. I just wore devil horns, haha (as you can see if you're not blind...) Some hadn't gotten hold of a costume so they just wore fake beards. And we got some too. I'm wearing an orange beard and Line got the Hitler-beard.

I knew most of the girls so it was all very relaxed. Good stuff. I hope Mie won't be mad because I posted this. She's just way too hot to not be posted. I mean, LOOK AT HER <3

We started off dancing and then we settled down to talk and ended up in Nadia's bed, gaming. Story of my life, haha.
Sascha is making wierd faces beside me, so I'll just end it here.

Just one last thing. I forgot this neat picture from the civil war reentactment at the Cultural Night. Fancy horse.


lørdag den 16. oktober 2010

Nightly battle with culture

Yesterday the Cultutal Night in Copenhagen was held. It's a tradition and it's always held on the day that the kids go on autumn break. Some years back the Harry Potter books always came out at midnight on the Cultural Night and it was very magical. I've been to almost all the Nights that's been held in my life time, except two or three, so it's also a tradition for me to go.

When you participate in the Night you have to buy a Culture Pass. It's a badge and it allows you to enter almost all museums, all the galleries, a lot of locations that only opens this one time a year and a whole lot of events have been arranged in book stores, on libraries etc.
We wnt to about 4 museums. I saw the world's largest mussel! It was soo big, haha.

To give you an idea of the size. Yes, very grande mussel indeed.

I tried morsing at the Post and Tele museum! It was actually harder to remember all the codes than I had thought. I got very good at it and acomplished writing a whole sentence! And then Rikke accidentally deleted the whole thing, haha.

There were these fantastic ice scultures! Rikke as superman. There were love seats, motorcycles and monsters. It was very impressive!
The red coat is my Cultural Night coat. I never use it outside of the Night and I keep on adding a new badge every year. It's always very cold so you really need to dress properly! I've gotten sick so many times because of the Night.

gif animator
Gif animator
The Clothes Museum showed a reenactment of the american civil war. It was quite odd since we're DANES not Americans, but oh well - it was fun enough, with loads of explosions. Load the canons!!

Outfit of the day and Night. Though I had to wash my hair before going into the city - it was so messy and I knew I'd never get it untangled if I'd been outside 7 hours more.


Questions needing answers

I have these wonderful followers. But the problem is that they sometimes ask me something in the comments that I don't really know how to answer. Should I comment them back? Answer in my next blog post?
SO I've come to the conclusion that I'd be a good idea to get a Formspring account.

Ask away guys! Interesting questions may get on the blog, haha.


fredag den 15. oktober 2010


It's getting so damn cold these days. But today I went on AUTUMN BREAK. I'm really looking forward to this holiday, I'm going to do so many enjoyable things!
I already did today, where I visited my old class. It was fun to see them but also a little awkward. I kind of feel like I let them down by changing high schools. But they didn't seem to mind that much, just thought it was funny to see me again.
One of my former classmates just got a LV bag! Damn, I'm so envious...

I'm the kind of person that collects sun sets and downs. And when I saw this sky I just had to run out to the bathroom, hang out the window and snap away. Problem was that it was even more gorgeous 5 minutes later, so I had to run to the bathroom again.

And it became more gloomy. I love it when I see the sky in colors I haven't seen before! That pinkish orange is new for me.

I just thought it was fun to see the development. Nature sure is a fantastic piece of art.