fredag den 19. marts 2010

Get a life.

I post too much these days, but if I don't post I'll get behind and will have to do a gigantic post D: and we don't want those.

My outfit from yesterday. I had to wear it the day after I got it, haha. I couldn't wait another day. I found the pants in my basement - so happy I haven't thrown them out yet! :D I had thought about it a year ago but this summer I'll wear them all the time, I just know it!

My father said I looked like a prostitute with the fur jacket and scarf in the hair. Now I want your opinion: Do I look like a prostitute or is my father just silly? Because I really don't wanna give off that slut-wibe ...

Today's outfit. This was fun to wear 8D The shirt cost me 5 DKK = I LOVE RECYCLING.

I finished and presented AT-3 about danish and history today. This time AT was really hard, because all the members in my groupe - including myself - were/are so stubborn and we just discussed every singly detail we had to say. Urg, I am so happy it's over. I don't like being angry at those classmates.

After work today I stopped by H&M and bought the earrings and the denim dress, and when I got home my mon and I had received our postage order from H&M. So I got a lot of things today, haha <3

All in all this ended up costing 320 DKK. I think it's pretty reasonable?


3 kommentarer:

  1. LOOOVVEEE. begge outfits er spot-on men nummer to er bare fab. det er helt underligt at se dig i det. noget jeg kunne finde på at gå i :) og du ligner ikke en prostitueret overhovedet.

  2. Your style is WAY too cute ;_;

    And I don't think that outfit screams prostitute at all. Your dad is just being dad-ish :b