mandag den 28. februar 2011

And the oscar goes to...

Yesterday the 83rd annual Oscar show was - as you all probably know - held in LA. I went to Imperial Cinema to watch it being broadcasted live for the 2nd time. Aaaaall night long. You know, because of the time difference.

The cinema has this Oscar figurine they take up from their basement for this event once a year. And then of course the red carpet is rolled out. Both Danish celebrities and "commoners" attend. I met up with my friends - Rikke and her tag-alongs - who were also in there... It seems Rikke and I both thought "the longer, the better!"

We've got this TV channel called TV2 Film and this is the channel that shows the annual Oscars these years. We don't have commercial breaks like in the US on this channel, so whenever the breaks come up their "expert panel" would discuss what had happened since the last break... And the experts was in the cinema.

The place was almost full - so that adds up to about 1000 people pulling an all-nighter for the sake of the academy, haha!
Of course we got some treats - champagne for a welcome drink, goody bags with candy and an energy drink and a pre-premiere showcase of a danish movie called "Super Clasico".

I went in there with 3 lovely girls from my class. Only two of them had watched a whole Oscar show before and only at home. Two months ago I told them about this event though and they figured it would be very fun to go!

Oscar pictures off

I really thought Natalie Portman deserved her Oscar. And Colin Firth's speech was very good! Not really touching, but he just has a way with words. I loved it when he said that "I fear my career has just peaked" and when he thanked his wife "...fore bearing with my fleeting delusions of royalty."

Susanne Bier (and therefore Denmark) was nominated in the Foreign Language Feature for her movie "In A Better World". And she won! The crowd here in Imperial went absolutely CRAZY! They screamed and stood up to give a round of applause. It was pretty wild, haha!

I loved Anne Hathaway's suit outfit! It was gorgeousssss. And I loved how simple Reese Witherspoon's dress was.

I thought Anne Hathaway made up a fine hostess. She was a bit nervous at times but generally pulled it through nicely. As for James Franco... not so good a host. He was distant, goofy and strictly speaking it seemed as though he was stoned.

Watch the intro and the last five seconds of the video above to see the whole package! But watch the rest in the video below for better quality...

I loved this! Except for the Eclipse part it was hilarious... I must say that those 5 last seconds will forever have ruined that scene in Toy Story.

Speaking of Toy Story... It got 2 awards! For best animated feature and for best original song. This really shows that the Academy has embraced those toys. But I think it's kind of surprising. It's a 3rd movie! A 3rd! And then it brings home Oscars... I'm happy! But I really think HTTYD should have won for best original score!

My make-up kept in place really well! These pictures are taken at 7 this morning. The curls went straight-ish really quick though.

I went home to take a refreshing bath before going directly to school. And in school we all - the other 3 girls and myself - was seriously done for. So WASTED. I slept during all the breaks haha. And when I got home I just collapsed on my bed... and missed my dentist appointment because I slept 4 hours more than I should have...


søndag den 27. februar 2011

Party Gilmores

This weekend is so busy and yet not at all... Confused? Let me explain. Friday the school had their yearly band party - wiild... or not, haha. Saturday I just relaxed all day until evening where I went to my classmate's 18th birthday party. And now I'm doing absolutely nothing once again until tonight where we're going to the Oscars.

Or actually not doing nothing. More like watching Gilmore Girls. It's "my series". I'm not really hyped at all about Desperate Housewifes or Grey's Anatomy. I own all Gilmore seasons, haha... I've watched it ever since it came to Denmark and it makes me really down to earth. What can I say? I love it!


torsdag den 24. februar 2011

Tasty oscar

Don't this just look tasty? This was last night's fabulous dessert! My mom and I was left all by ourselves since my dad went to the cinema. So we decided to eat chocolate strawberries, so he would envy us when he returned, haha.

Seriously, they were delicious. Not at all sour! At this season they ought to had been sour, but instead they were so sweet.

Welcome back snow. I have not missed you AT ALL.

Well, the Oscars are coming up! And let me tell you - I am very excited. It's gonna be so much fun. So of course I try to watch all the movies nominated and this Monday I went to watch 127 hours...

AUCH! Aaron is out on a private one-person x-treme adventure and falls down a crack and gets his arm stuck under a verrrry heavy stone. He's low on supplies and has no communication with the outside world. Days go by - will he survive?
It was all right. Neither good nor bad. But I didn't know it was a true story! It kind of puts the whole movie into perspective...


onsdag den 23. februar 2011

Glassy braces

Hey guys! When I took some photos today I noticed these two being very alike and yet not so very much alike.
I find it pretty damn crazy how much the glasses makes my head look sooo small and how not wearing them really opens up my face! I didn't think it made such a big difference...

As you've probably guessed by now (because I'm wearing another pair of glasses than in my last post) I bought several. In fact I bought three pairs off eBay - they were so cheap! 4 dollars!
I just could not help myself...
I bought them off here. <-- link link!

When my EGG arrived today I was quite surprised... One of their models have braces!! It made me ridiculously happy, haha! I know, lame, but it really did.
Even though I think it's a shame she's wearing the white type - they are made of a material that breaks very easily, so she probably has a lot of troubles with her braces! But since they are white you don't really see them as much as the silver ones... But be happy that you're getting your teeth fixed, honey!

Haha, my braces' colours totally match my earrings! Yellow and turquoise...


søndag den 20. februar 2011

Hanging with friends from ears

Aaaaah, the winter break is coming to an end... last day! Tomorrow = back to school.

AAAAH IT'S JUSTIN BIEBERRRRR. How' you doing? *insert derp face*
I hung out with Louise-darling and we went shopping. And found Bieber in H&M. I swear I will laugh my ass off the first time I see someone wearing this...

We went t0 MONKi. And I went into their dressing rooms for the first time! I could not help but think of Yayoi Kusama's "The Gleaming Lights of the Souls", mirror-room that felt like being in space - it was up at Louisiana Museum of Art last year.

See the resemblance?
I bought a 4-colours striped maxi dress for 30 DKK. So cheap! If you look behind me in the upper pictures you may see it, haha.

It was good to see Louise. She's going to her final exams these days so she's been covered in studious reading and haven't been able to get together. Best of luck honey!

Haha, I used to have nothing in the same colour as my earrings. Now I have these gorgeous pumps !