tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

A Quickie! AND MY BABY.

Before ANYTHING else.
I got my camera. I got my fricking camera. I. Got. It.
I am in a dinial-stage where I cannot really accept it yet. Can't wait for the hyperness to come.

I went to see THE LOVELY BONES with my dad this evening. It was a pre-premier and he got us in 8D I love that my dad is a graphic designer.

Another thing that I will have to think more about. I really liked it and it kinda scared me once - and I'm not one to scare, I really never get affected by horror movies. BUT DAMN. This movie was fantastic. Not like AMAZING but it was so outer-worldly that it was fantastic. I wish I could've seen it with a symbol dictionary beside me, I think a lot of things would make crazy sense.
I can't say so much other than GO AND WATCH SUSIE DIE. Oh yea, if you don't know: It's about Susie, a girl of the age of 14, whom get killed and then goes to the in-between, the world in the middle of heaven and earth. There she watches as her killer doesn't get caught and starts looking for a new victim...

Okay, tomorrow will be seious blogging for me. I won't tell all in one post, so I might make 3 posts or so. Life is crazy atm.


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  1. I SO WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIEEE!!!! When I was younger my sister used to read the same book over and over, it's called 'Her fra min himmel', and I recently found out the movie is based on that book *___*