torsdag den 18. marts 2010

Why is money and time so easily spent?

Yesterday Yin and Iwent out to take outfit pictures in our lunch break. It's really a huuuge change, the outfits seems so much cooler.
The weather was surprisingly warm too, so I didn't really have to wear my fur jacket over my blazer. I felt like it was spring ! I really cannot wait for more sun and sun and sun.
Wasn't it just winter yesterday? Time is running by so quickly. I can't believe that 7 months have past since I started in high school...

I wanted to wear my Ironman sweatshirt sooo bad, so I wore this. And I really love the color combination that came from it !

A fab scarf from H&M. I got a nail polish from there, but didn't want it so I echanged it into this instead! I like the color tone for my pale skin ...haha.

I received my Minnie Mouse shirt yesterday. God, I love it. I really need some long-armed shirts with cute prints, so when I saw this it was just INSTANT BUY. It was 20 dollars or something? <3

I've made a promise for myself:
- DO NOT buy anything for over 20 USD/100 DKK. That way I'll have more money for Japan. Because I can't buy nothing... I'd go mad without shopping ;p


3 kommentarer:

  1. love the first outfit!
    I have that skirt too (got it for free because the saleslady made a mistake trying to give me discount on another item lol O_o) but I dont know what to match it with hahah!
    normally I hate yellow clothes, but your blazer is really pretty! :3

  2. haha det gør virkelig en stor positiv forskel når ens billeder bliver taget med et fedt kamera! (+ jeg har på fornemmelsen af at Yin er en dygtig fotograf)

    og virkelig sød trøje!
    glæder mig til at se hvordan den ser ud når du har den på :)

  3. The overalls plus comic shirt was amazing color combination. Love it!