onsdag den 21. september 2011

Missing a stupid barbarian in car

I have been to the theatre SO many times these past weeks (where I have not really been blogging). I think I've just really felt an urge to watch movies in the short periods of free time I have on my hands. Work and school at once is hard, and it takes a little getting used to.

This Monday I went to the screenings of "I Miss You" and "Tomboy" since the Copenhagen film festival Buster is happening these weeks. Tickets are 15 DKK for every movie instead of the normal prices of around 80 - excellent! I've been to Buster the past 4 years, so it's almost become tradition...

"I Miss You" (originally Jag Sakner Dig) is a swedish movie based on a very popular novel. It's about Tina, one half of a twin pair, who suddenly has to deal with the loss of her beloved sister after she dies. It was really good - yet of course incredibly sad. Ariellah and I cried pretty much through the whole thing.
"Tomboy" is about this girl Laure (it's a french movie), who pretends to be a boy, when they move to a new town. And then everything goes wrong for her, all the lies wells up. It was a surprisingly short movie! A very small story too, but nice.

Sunday I watched Cars 2! FINALLY! It's just that it's only been running in the day-time between 1 and 4 when I've never had the time to go see it. But now I finally did! I've been looking forward to it like crazy ever since the first time I hosted The Disney Store Cup Race - look at that uniform we get to wear!

And then I've watched CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE with Abena on a complete impulse. She just called me and asked if I wanted to go and I figured we would make it juuuust in time if we both ran to the station NOW. Haha, it was really funny to stress about it like that.
The movie was sort of confusing - sometimes it felt as though it was a chick flick, sometimes a macho movie and then at some points it went all "family genre" on us. I mean, what did it want to be? Shouldn't you pick a genre? But it was a very entertaining movie! I liked the dynamics between the two male leads.

I also got to see Conan: The Barbarian the very last day it ran in theaters in Copenhagen! I had expected the plot to be non-existing and was therefore surprised to see an actual plot. The acting was lacking though - but I hadn't really thought it to be good.
I loved you the forest scene reminded me of Robin Hood, haha!

Tamara, the female lead, was supposed to be a super pure monk - and then she slayed a couple of evil dudes and snogged Conan like crazy. That really didn't make any sense. Her character was not outlined at all, haha. On the other hand Marique, the evil witch, was executed very well!

Wow, so many movies. Makes me dizzy just thinking about them...


fredag den 16. september 2011

Partaking in democrazy

The election campaign has been going on for the past 3 weeks. Cardboard adverts, television commercials and political debates all over. And it came to its conclusion yesterday on the UN international democracy day.
Why was this important to me? Because I could vote for the very first time, since I am of legal age (18 in Denmark).

Monday we had a debate on the school with 4 representatives from 4 of the 9 parties. But unfortunately I didn't find it all that interesting - after 2 weeks of nothing but debates you're quite tired of them.

My voting card! Look at that - it says "Miss Liv"! Haha, that is so grown-up... or not. Really old fashioned actually.
My feet while voting!

Yes, my dad was sort of proud. Hence all the photos. Folketing Election 2011!

After work in the evening I went to some friends of mine's election "party".
Every time all the parties' election letters came up on the screen like that, I started reading it like a real word. "vaobføick"... I was confused for some nanoseconds before realizing my own stupidity every time haha.

making a gif
Making a gif

It was real exciting. We all looked like that guy on television. At one point it was pretty much 50/50 between the two wings.
And boy, it was a long election night! All the votes weren't counted until half past midnight... that's an hour later than last time!

But Helle Thorning Schmith and the red wing won. She is Denmarks very first female Prime Minister - that is grand in my opinion. Almost like Obama being the first black President. Just in danish scale.


mandag den 5. september 2011

She used to look at me. this way, like really look. and I just knew I was there... that I existed.

This Saturday I went to watch Super 8 with my family. I had been looking forward to it ever since I saw the headline about this feature in some Empire magazine - they simply stated that J. J. Abrams and Spielberg was making it. But it was enough to evoke my excitement! So I guess I had decided to love the movie even before watching it. I wasn't waiting to see if it would live up to my expectations, since I really didn't have any - I was just waiting to see it.

1979. Joe Lamb just lost his mother and has never had a good relationship with his father. He clings to his group of friends like his life depended on it. One of the boys in the gang, Charles, is making a film for the Super 8 film festival - a zombie movie. But they need a female lead and a midnight shooting by the train station.

But a train passes them while they're filming. And a car drives out in front of it, crashing head-first into the thing. All hell breaks loose and train carriages shoots in all directions. The kids drop their camera and run for life - but it is not turned off during the whole chaos.

Joe recognizes the train as Air Force, since he builds models of them. But what was the Airforce doing driving by their little town? Why would anyone stop it in such a violent manner? When is all the mysterious disappearances of dogs and electronic equipments going to stop?

The children all did a remarkable job - I was really there with them all the way. And I must say that I am a fan of the Abrams flares.

I've been watching all the old sci-fi movies from the 70-80'ies all throughout my childhood and this new movie really served as a compliment to those. The way the suspense and plot was put together, the purposely grainy feeling of every frame instead of the usual 2011-sharpness and the filming style of angles... It was a very good experience to see all of those classic elements being presented once again, yet reborn slightly differently.

Relaxed outfit from one of these days... See what I'm talking about weather-wise? I had to wear a knit that day! A different kind of sky every morning.

And in other news... I GOT INTO POTTERMORE. FINALLY. I had been home half an hour before checking my email. I sort of flipped out. Astrid mentioned something about me calling her 14 times...


søndag den 4. september 2011

Wearing presenty food

Sørine and Abena returned from WCS in Japan and they'd brought me some gifts! I was really surprised, since I reckoned they'd just focus on themselves and the Summit. But I was very happy and wore the sweater the next day.

But I've got to tell you - Danish weather is PMS'ing at the moment. Some days are cold as fuck whereas others have sunshine and raised temperatures. It does make this sweater very weather-appropriate though, since it's holey and yet warm.

Yesterday I wore the TRALALA tee, since it was finally warm enough for short sleeves. And then something odd happened...
A woman came over to me in the metro and said that she loved how I looked and that she designed jewelery that would fit me oh so perfectly. She asked if she could give me one - I though she was talking about an advertising postcard - and I just accepted. Then she took out that little plastic plate and handed it to me. I didn't even get to thank her before she was out of the metro, since we were at her station.

I wasn't going to school at 12, so I had a lot of time on my hands in the morning. So I went to the new market that opened yesterday! It is called Torvehallerne (translated: The Square Halls) and is supposed to resemble the market halls in Barcelona etc.

But it looks like this, haha. To me, market halls are real cosy - but this one is way too designed to fit that description.
I'd thought it would be one big hall, but it was divided into two. One hall had all the sweet products and coffee, while the other had meat and fish etc.

The stalls are very simplistically designed as well.

A whole lot of the stalls offers luxurious products at great (read: high) prices. It seems sort of mall-ish at some points.

But I also went there to visit my friend Seline and her mother in their booth. They sell edible plants - so fun! When I had to eat that plant Seline is holding up, I felt like a was doing something very very wrong. It looks so pretty haha.

But it did taste good, so I bought some. No meat for me though!

A lot of places had tasting samples. So I was a real freeloader and took this cheese without any intention of buying a whole box. It's cheese with pesto! It was really good, surprisingly.

I really don't know if they can keep the business going. But it was very fun being there!