tirsdag den 30. november 2010

Farming in the UK

Guess what? The sickness that I've had in my body for the past two months has finally broken all out - until now I'd been able to suppress it. The funny thing is that I've been so busy/stressed out and it's probably only because I willed myself not to be sick that I've been able to keep it down.

Friday's outfit. When I left home in the morning I was wearing my fur tail though. I was stolen from me while I was walking on the street, going home from my braces dentist appointment. I know it was stolen because at one point I knew I had it because a fashion-dude looked at it and then smiled. I then took it in my hand and smiled back. 10 seconds later I noticed it was gone and it was not lying at the ground. Sad much.

For the first time I attended a party at my school. Also Friday.
It was themed so that the 3rd graders went as kings and queens, the 2nd graders as peasants and the 1st graders as slaves or animals. But no one really went as traditional "peasants". We just went in a more farmer-like way. So there was a whole lot of checkered shirts, haha.
I have no idea why I'm wearing a crown in this pic... It was fun enough with dancing, talking and watching drunk people!

Months ago I was photographed with Yin and Stine when we went to the Fashion Week's catwalk-thing. And we searched but didn't find the photo. Until now - and it's probably been online for ages. So funny.


søndag den 28. november 2010

Pact of icicles

There has never ever been so much snow so early. At least not in my life - and I heard a Falck-rescuer say that he hadn't either in his 26 years at the job.
Those icicles are about 1 meter in length and is right outside our windows. I was so afraid they were going to fall down when I was taking pictures, haha.

Today I took a long walk with my parents and my semi-uncle and aunt. I thought it would be sooo cold, but it was actually just refreshing. I ended up having traces of snow on my thighs, that's how tall the snow was out in our local "forest".

We weren't the only ones out in the white. A lot of people were taking a walk with their dog or went slegding. The sign says "Biking not permitted". I looked at the sign close up and it actually looked like it was the cold that made it brake.

I can't remember the last time I've seen a blue sky when it's snowing. Usually whereever you look is just plain white.

Cute little boy, all covered in clothing. I really liked the fact that he was on a old-style slegde and not one of those plastic creatures.

Today is the first Advent Sunday. My parents gave me last year's christmas tv-series calender called Pagten. It's amazing and I can't wait to watch one episode every day!

Did you guys get some stuff for the first Advent??


torsdag den 25. november 2010

Dazzling guru

Generally I hate winter. I hate the cold winter brings forth. But when it snows it's like everything changes. What was so dark before lights up and it all seems so refreshing and magical. When I was small I really did believe snow to be magic, but by now I've learned how it is created in school - which is actually kind of sad. Less magical now.

The thing I love the most about snow is the fact that it makes me fall into a Christmas-y mood. And if there's something I love it's x-mas. The way snow glitters also have a dazzling effect on me.

I wore some of my new stuff today. That's the best about shopping - you get to wear the items you get the next day! My boots are kind of not meant for snow, haha, but somehow I always use them when it's snowing. I almost fell one time. My heart always skips several beats at such times.

I went to watch "Eat pray love" with my mother today. Julia Roberts is kind of "our thing". I think the first not-for-kids movie I saw was Notting Hill. I was probably like 4 years old the first time. And ever since then my mother and I have seen all the movies, she's been in, together. So of course we had to see this one as well. And with my dad in London for some days we had the perfect opportunity.

The movie's about this woman, Liz, who gets a hand-reading while she's in Bali. The man tells her that she will soon loose all of her money and maybe her marriage. 6 months later she is divorced and gave all her belongings to him in order of him signing the papers. She is very depressed and ends up taking a year off to go to Rome to eat, to India to pray to her guru and to Bali to study at the man whom read her hand/love.

It's not a very complicated movie. But it was better than I had thought. I liked to see Julia in a more grown-up role. She's not trying to be younger than she is in this movie, and I really like that.

Oh gawd guys. 13 people commented my last post in 1 day. You are sick. Much love from here.


onsdag den 24. november 2010

Wintery readings

Today my classes ended early - at 12. So I went home, zoned out in front of my computer screen watching yet another brainless chick flick that I will probably watch about 200 times throughout my life time and missed two of my trains when I had to go meet up with Line therefore getting about half an hour late. Damn. There was so much trouble with the trains today because of "all" the snow. Really, if they call this a lot I'm seriously dreading the hardcore winter.

We went shopping. I've been wanting one of those awesome tails for a while now. I had looked around on eBay but they were sort of expensive on there. And then I saw some hanging in a shop window about a month ago! I went there today with Line. Why it took me so long to go there is a mystery for me. But I bought two tails that match my hats from last winter.

Also - in the photo above the one above... The jacket. Do you guys like it? I thought it was cool and they only had one left in my size so I just went and bought it. But since I already have 2 winter coats/jackets I thought that maybe it's a little crazy to have 3... Do you think I should keep it??

Line and I thought that the tails looked like Santa beards and we had fun taking some random cell phone pictures. And this lady in the train had about just as much fun watching us. It looked much more like real beard irl but oh well.

On another note I'm reading Artemis Fowl at the moment. I haven't read it before but Abena and Sørine told me I had to. And since I'm craving stuff to read now that I've finished Harry Potter, I thought it'd be a decent follow-up. Have some of you read the series??


mandag den 22. november 2010

Yee-ha! Cowgirl Jessie saves the day!

This Saturday and Sunday Collectormania Copenhagen 2 was held! It's organized mainly by some nice british people who have their own Collectormania in the UK. Last year the first one here in CPH was held and I liked that very much. So of course I had to participate this year as well.
And yes, that is me with David Prowse (Darth Wader), Kenny Baker (R2D2) and Jeremy Bullock (Boba Fett).

It was held at the same place at J-popcon last weekend. Really getting tired of that location now, haha. The picture shows the main room, where the dealers had their shops and the movie stars signed pictures etc. but there was also another room, where the talks and workshops were held.

I finished my Jessie for this. I made the final things Friday - the hat, a new buckle for my belt and my pull string. If you click the image it will become larger and you'll be able to see my pull string. I had memorized a lot of the stuff the Talking Jessie doll can say just in case people pulled my string - and some did. And then I had to go yodeling or say my lines, haha.
Rikke was fabulous as Padme!!

A lot of my friends came by. Mainly because a whole lot of us are members of "Filmheltenes Klub" (The movie heroes' club) and we had a booth at the con. It was quite nice because I got to talk to a lot of them and not just the usual 4.

Saturday I was Jessie while some of the girls were Harley, the Joker and that-creepy-thing-from-Saw(?). Kit (Joker)'s brother was from Avatar and his weapons were soo good! Made of wood and absolutely homemade.
The picture shows our booth.

The club taught a workshop about bullwhipping. I was the one Klaus used to show what he could to with a whip. He could make it go around me (second picture) multiple times until it had spinned me really close to him. It was crazy!! I tried to crack it, but failed miserable. Which is really lame since I should be really good at stuff like that as Jessie.

Nadja and Ariellah went as Roxy and Kim from Scott Pilgrim! "It's only closet cosplays" they kept saying with sad faces. But I loved them, haha! So much win.

Sunday we - the club - took a picture. I wore my Toy Story kigu instead of the cosplay. I only went there for some hours Sunday though. I lost an auction where I could have brought Fred's and Georges' autographs with me home. I was really down, but now I'm just happy that my friend Abena won it - that way I can look at it from time to time.

Being nerdy is so much fun, haha.


fredag den 19. november 2010

Passionate snow

It's the first snow of the year! I woke up after getting to bed around 5 PM and got up around 6 AM. Aaah, I needed all that sleep. I was so wasted after going to school and watching HP7 again.
I just had to take some photos. And I'm really happy I did! Because it's not snowing anymore and a lot of the snow has already disappeard. It's still damned cold though.

I finally got to wear my army printed winter coat! It's really warm - hence me not wearing it before today. I bought it in Japan at a flea market for 500 yen. It was three dudes selling a bunch of clothes. And I didn't want to sound too eager when asking for the price - I must have sounded so wierd because I tried my best to seem casual, haha.

And it's kind of my dream coat. Some years back I saw a whole lot of the characters in B.O.D.Y wearing those type of winter coats and I just loved them. Ahhh I love that series, the manga-ka has a really nice fashion sense!

Also I found this via MuggleNet:

Off Moviefone Blog.

I thought it really interesting. I myself was a big Twilight fan two years ago. I watched the first movie 11 times... Jesus. But it died out pretty quickly. Whereas Potter will always remain interesting for me. Potter is just so much more mature. Which also showed at the midnight premiere - people didn't cream because "EDWARD IS SOOOOO HOT" but because the effects were truly mesmerizing and the story well put on screen.


torsdag den 18. november 2010

A night of scars

I got back home from a fabulous night in the wizarding world around half past 3. I went with Emil but a lot of our friends was also in there. Imperial is said to be the biggest cinema in all of Scandinavia and it's always awesome to see a Potter movie on that big screen.
The cinema staff had decorated the place pretty nicely. Imperial always does that stuff ! Emil is holding our tickets btw. He was jumping up and down of eagerness to watch the movie. Well, I was too.

I didn't wanna go all out with costumes and stuff so I just came HP inspired. I did my nails in the train on my way, haha, so excuse the bad state their in.
A lot of people came dressed up and that was very fun to look at. But it became much more fun when the movie started. It's tradition that you're allowed to scream and shout all you want for the midnight showing and boy, we did so scream. Along with everyone else.

My friends Kit and Marie, haha. Being all happy.

The opening was so quiet. I had goosebumps all over and I could hear Emil holding his breath. It was very intense. The movie had begun.
I think it was actually a rather slow start. But I really liked it. Half an hour into the movie you still had the feeling that it'd only just started. And let me say: It is not a long movie. Critics have said that it feels sooo long, but I disagree. There were a long way to the next action scene, yes, but that only made the tension more extreme.
I've heard that the trio would only be on the run for some days instead of the months in the book. And I was raging over it. But I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case.

What I do find extremely annoying is the fact that they have put some scenes in the script, which were not in the books. And then they keep on taking important little details out! Like the shard of the mirror Harry's always carrying around - the one Sirius gave him - that has not been introduced in the other movies! So for people who haven't read the books they won't understand the mirror at all, because they have yet to receive an explanation about it.

The girl's t-shirt says, amongst other things: "I'm a bigger Harry Potter fan than you".

And talking about made-up scenes. There is a dancing scene with Harry and Hermione after Ron has left them. It is the worst piece of **** I have ever watched. Seriously, I don't know what they were thinking when deciding to put that in the movie. It takes up a lot of time and is not something you needed for the story to go on. It's just misplaced and akward.

Take a look at the Draco in the background. Dude, I wasn't taking a pcture of you, you don't need to smile at me, haha!

The effects are AMAZING. At some points we just looked at each other with wide eyes, mouthing "O-M-G". The scene where they destroy the Horcrux locket is especially explosive. Even thought I had looked forward to see the eyes in the pendant and that didn't happen in the movie, I really loved the film version! It's crazy. Also, look forward to see the tale of the three brothers! They've made it damn wicked. Those two scenes are probably my favorites. Yeah, definitely.
Creauture and Dobby are better animated than ever before and it's a pleasure to watch their movements - they really look real.

Malfoy Manor and the Ministry of Magic is so neat, the surroundings they've filmed the trio on the run in are magnificent and Bathilda Bagshot is really just repulsive.

I teared up twice, but Emil still holds the record... so funny.