søndag den 26. januar 2014

Winter kitten

It's finally started snowing a tiny little bit. I do like winter, but I just find it tiresome when there is no snow. Snow lights up the entire world !

I am now officially tired of being on break from uni. This week I spent some time crafting and that gave me a bit of purpose throughout the days haha.

The annual Cast Member party was held and it was a themed party - Villains! I've wanted to do Black Cat ever since I started cosplaying, but I wanted to be more of a woman before I made her. I found her fitting to the themed and thought I'd pull her out now.
We ate great Indian food and had a quick dance lesson/competition and just had a great time. People were very imaginative with their costumes - my boss came as the Evil Queen in witch-y get-up, complete with a wart with hair in it!

Frozen cupcakes! And Maria as Sabor in some very pretty light.

When we packed up the private party and the others talked of going clubbing I went to the Genki party at Werket. A lot of my boos were there and it was a very relaxed and nice time!

Tomorrow I'm getting off Danish soil for a few days - just to get some fresh, Brit air!

mandag den 13. januar 2014

Winter's Radio Panorama

During Christmas I went to Aarhus with my parents to visit my gran for the first time in 7 years. I basically begged for us to go to aRos, since I really wanted to see Olafur Eliasson's Your Rainbow Panorama that has been built on the top of the museum since I was last there.

I had forgotten how lovely the architecture is on the inside. Our Queen and Prince have an exhibition there at the moment and it was surprising to see how artistic they both are.

 I didn't spend a long time in their exhibition, because we only had a little over an hour before they closed for the day. I hurried to the rooftop and entered the - GASP - super cold rainbow room. We'd all taken off our coats and it was almost freezing haha. The older generation of our party went downstairs quickly, but I just had to spend some more time in the creation.

It was interesting to see the sun set and the lights come out through the coloured glass.

Because of the cold people hurried away after walking a quick round, resulting in a mostly empty installation for me to explore.


The reflections of people in the glass were gorgeousssss. 

Such fun shapes and lines to play with!

Can you paint with all the colourss...

... of the glass behind Liiiv...

And then Her Royal Higness herself appeared out of nowhere. I went into the room with the model of the panorama because I wanted to see the details of it, and I was so unbelievably focused on it that I failed to notice Her Majesty in the corner of the very same, very tiny room. That was a bit awkward haha !


The first weeks of January have been spent watching telly a whole lot, relaxing with friends and family, going skating for the first time in 2 years and continuing my Sunday night obsession with Dan and Phil's radio show. It's very nice to have a go-to plan to play out the week in a nice manner.