fredag den 28. maj 2010

Singing for hair care

Some time ago I fell in love with these girls' hair. I think it is THE best. I think there's too much going on in their outfits, but the hairrrrr. It is pure awesome. With hair like that nothing else matters.

So yea, I wanted to try making something similar. It ended up more curly in one side, but whatever. It was so wierd having so big hair, haha. People I know kept touching it too.
And I'd kept saying that it'd be no problem combing it out. But it wasn't. A LOT of hair had to be pulled out and I was so annoyed with myself. It was only one day of having that hair, and now I just want to get my precious hair back.

I don't know if you can see the boy on my shirt. But it is Peter. Yes, THE Peter. I really love Peter Pan! I kind of don't like the Disney movie anynore because I've read the book so much. It's my favourite book of all time and everytime I read it I am heartbroken for a week or more.

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest's Semi finale with my parents yesterday and alone on Tuesday. I don't love it but I like relaxing while I watch it. We do watch it every year, so it's also kind of tradition.
I said I didn't care if Denmark didn't get to the Finale, but I ended up being really nervous when 9 names had been called out and no DK. And then we were the last to come out of a envelope, haha. So I was like YESSS DENMARKKK... haha.


tirsdag den 25. maj 2010

Put 'em braces on

This Saturday and Sunday Komiks was held!!
Friday evening I spent sewing the cosplay. I took about 6 hours or so, so nothing to complain about there. I was thrilled when I found out that my Sonia Rykiel shoes could be used for Sharon Spitz aka Braceface some weeks ago. But these boot covers were my first so that was kind of challenging - still fun though.

I had a lot of fun at the con. A lot of my friends were there and they made it all so much greater. We were the only one in costumes so we were very popular, haha. People wanting to have pictures taken etc. A lot more of those than at an anime conventions, because at those there are cosplayers all around.

I really love because it is really hardcore. I listened to about 12 different lectures with comic experts/artists. When I'm at Komiks I always feel like I'm becoming so much smarter. I love how the atmosphere is so serious.

I did three small photoshoots with Ida and Mona, Sørine and Rikke as Phenix, Rouge, Tinkerbell and Harley Quinn. That - photoshooting - I haven't really done before, so that was really exciting. Sørine thinks I rock at taking pictures, but I disagree haha.

Ariellah and I.
I love turning up at the cons "early" in the morning all dressed up in a costume and then watching as the make-up fades away and the wig starts to toussle. People always end up taking off their wigs, myself included.


mandag den 24. maj 2010

Bare-legged feelings

The weather in Copenhagen this past week has been amazingly good. It was warm enough to not wear any leggins etc.! I cannot describe how good it felt to finally have bare legs. It was like freedom.

Yea, as you can see I kinda went crazy with the florals. These outfits are from the weekdays, so in 5 days I wore floral 3 times. And I want more.

I've been thinking about buying one of those see-through floral tops. H&M have had some, but I decided not to buy one because they were only in black and white. But then I saw some in Føtex - haha- in color for only 25 DKK and I bought those.
I also bought that Star Wars shirt. It's in XXL because I wanted it to be a long top/dress.

Right now I am going through the pictures from - the comic convention I went to this weekend. I'll probably make an entry about that later.


torsdag den 20. maj 2010

School - school = still school

Seline from my class and I. Yea, we have nothing better to do. That's what 4 hours between classes does to you.
I love how everyone can become animu (anime-like) now. Not.

Kaijiiii - an anime where the characters have giant noses.

Yesterday I went to my job place and said I'll have to leave. I actually ended up crying, because I love it so much there. But of course they were so sweet and loving and just gave me lots of hugs and told me they loved me as their co-worker.
It'll feel a little wierd to continue working there until the 31st, because I know I'm not going to stay there.


tirsdag den 18. maj 2010

I haven't bought anything in 10 days = Joy?

Yesterday I got a phonecall from my new boss. Yes, that's right - I have been hired in H&M! I'll start the 2nd of June. I'm looking forward to a work place with more differency, but I'm really going to miss the loveable atmosphere in my bookstore. It'll be hard to go resign tomorrow.

Today I hung out with Sørine. I've missed her so bad and we haven't had time for each other but now we finally had. We ate ice cream on my terrace and watched The Prince of Egypt and laughed at flaming bushes and pantyshots. Nice times.

Yesterday I had four full hours between my classes. And I stayed in school the whole time because it takes to long for me to go home and back - it's a waste of time. And what did I spend the time on? Blogging and fangirling over Avatar, haha <3


mandag den 17. maj 2010

Loving the lovely stuff

I feel very inspired by this. I'm thinking of sewing something like this if I find the perfect fabric. But for now I've found some nice floral fabric for a lovely maxi dress, so that'll be my next sewing project. I'll probably make it some time next week.

I've decided to cosplay Haku for my first crossplay. I've loved him since I saw Spririted Away for the first time ! I really can't wait. It'll probably be done for Genki Con this year in August.

Also, I am looking forward to the Avatar movie! Or as the name has now been edited into, The Last Airbender. I really hope it'll be awesome, because I've been waiting for it ever since I heard of it. Here's a trailer:

Urg, just from that I'm fangirling.


lørdag den 15. maj 2010

Dressing up in movies

Yesterday I dressed up as Ponyo again and went into town to hand out flyers for the biggest danish Comic Convention, Komiks. I had a lot of fun ! And I even got two free-tickets to the con, sweeet! I would have done it for free, haha.

My mom and I went to see The Joneses. I hadn't really heard anything about it, just that they were a selling family or something.
The Joneses move to a new town and start promoting all sorts of things for a company they work for as individuals - they are not actually a family. And people in the town start buying it all etc. But what consequences does this consuming have for the other citizens??..
That's kind of the plot. I thought it would be bad og at max average. But I actually quite liked it. It was above average for me :D And my mom liked it as well, so that was good.


torsdag den 13. maj 2010

Slight disappointment and sickness

Today I went all out with my outfit. I put on false under eyelashes and curled my OWN hair with heat - a once every two months-thing - and all because I was going to a meet-up with the danish gyaru circle, Galaxy. But then suddenly 4 people couldn't come and we had to cancel it.
Yin and Stine suggested that we did something together anyway, but after some thought I decided to stay home. I've been feeling a little sick these past weeks and tomorrow I'll be handing out flyers outside for 3 hours, so I thought I'd should get better before getting more sick.

I was like DAM-NN, because I was inside all day and nobody got to see how hard I tried on my outfit, haha. Hate you Galazy!! No, not at all. haha <3

Also, my mom is taking me to see a movie tonight. We don't know which yet, but I hope it'll be fun.


tirsdag den 11. maj 2010

In the company of SVScon

This weekend SVScon was held in Herning. It's a 3-day convention and this was it's 3rd year.
It usually takes 3.5 hours by train to get there, but because of some wierd maintenance work on the trails it took us 4.5 hours - we had to take a bus at some point.

I cosplayed Ponyo with Astrid. She lives in Aalborg, 8 hours or something away from Copenhagen. So we didn't sow together and practice our act together. WHich made us kind of nervous. But I loved cosplaying with her and we ended up winning the Best Act award in the Cosplay Competition. I AM SO HAPPY <3

SVS was held in a big place, and it was kind of confusing at first. Also, the con was really low on events so it was the people that made the con great.
It was sooo hot all the time, so we ate ice cream to cool down.

I was beat when I returned home. But in my absence my cherry tree had bloomed and the sunset was so beautiful.
This year's SVS was so sweet.


mandag den 10. maj 2010

SVS 2010 done for

Morten, the buddy, and I.

This year's SVScon was really great! I had a lot of fun etc. I am just SO done for. I don't think I have ever been this wasted after a con. I really don't know why I am so tired, because I did sleep around 5 hours every night...

Right now I'm sorting out my 900 images from the con and uploading and such...

It already feels like it's been weeks since the con, aren't that crazy? I got back YESTERDAY.

I'll probably make a proper entry about the con tomorrow!


tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

SVS '10 is almost here

SVScon 2010 is this weekend! It's all the way in Herning, 3.5 hours away. I'm going with a lot of my very good friends and I'm cosplaying Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea with ASTRID. She'll be Fujimoto.
I spent a good 5 hours on this wig. DAMN. I was so frustrated with it at some point that I was about to cry, but I snapped out of it! I am so wasted right now after standing up for so long.
I went for a mix between the movie version and the sketch version, because I'm kind of loving the crazy spikes in the sketch version.

The shoes... were killing me. They're my size but I slip out of them, so I walk really shitty in them. I hope some pads in them will help, because they are really nice.


mandag den 3. maj 2010

A freckle here and there

Wow, it's already spring. It came to my mind yesterday that my b-day isn't that far away, which means - more importantly - that my trio to Japan is drawing closer. I had this little discussion with my dad about the choice of our onsen at Izu yesterday.

Me: But look at it! Nature all around, steaming water, really traditional... It's just SO japanese.
Dad: Hm.
Me: The other one is much more polished, almost like a tourist attraction..!
Dad: It's japanese enough for me.

Well, I guess we're going to the onsen my dad wants to go to...

Here in Copenhagen we celebrate the 1st of May because this was the day that the workers started demanding better working conditions under the slogan "8 hours of work, 8 hours of free-time and 8 hours of sleep". It's a very important day but today people just go to Fælledparken and drink beer.
I went with 3 friends of mine. It was kind of cold and I didn't get to see half of the friends I wanted to meet up with.. But it was sunny enough for me to have 3000000 freckles in my face now - spring has landed when those arrive.

Oh yea, did I mention that I don't drink alcohol? Like ever. it's a rule of mine - I won't drink before I turn 21.

Also I want to express my thanks to all of my followers! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting !
It's crazy that I have 56 followers ;) and before this I had 56 blog entries, haha.