onsdag den 24. marts 2010

Is this called school?

This week has been ridiculous. Because of midterms, study trips and teacher's vacation we haven't been attending school as normal. Monday we had 4 lectures, Tuesday and today we had 3 and tomorrow will be 2. I mean, it takes the same time to get to and from school as the "school day" takes.
But I don't really want to wake up at 10 in the week days, so I've been getting out of bed around 8 o'clock these days. Get something out of the day!
Also, we're going on Easter holiday this Friday, so why couldn't they just have given us a week more off?

Yesterday I read some manga by Ao Mimori - one of my fave manga-kas, she's got a great fashion taste - and one of the girls had that braid-on-both-sides-of-the-face 'do. I wanted to try it and I really like it ! No hair in my face and it looks pretty cute, doesn't it?

This is so SWEET. I really want to wear bows in that style now, haha.

Oh yeah! I've made another rule:
- I will not manipulate my pictures in Photoshop or anything like that!
I really think it's a problem that even bloggers, who start to make loads of followers, start removing their flaws. It creates a wrong picture of how one should look! I think it's wrong to look picture-perfect like the photoshopped models and therefore I won't hide my flaws like that - if make-up doesn't cover it, it'll be in my pictures.
And if i shop my pictures, for example for photoshoots, I'll note that I have done so below the picture.

These nails are so fun, haha.(Not mine)


3 kommentarer:

  1. Love those nails!

    I agree I don't like photoshopping pictures. Everyone's beautiful, no need for people to create fake beauty. I'll adjust lighting, but that's it ^_^

  2. sweet outfit!!
    the nails are absolutely stunning!

  3. DAMN YOU, stop complaining about have all that spare-time :P
    Awwh, that hair is really adorable!

    And you shouldn't shop your pictures, you have such a natural beauty, it's not necessary!
    But adjusting light can make a huge difference in the outcome :D