tirsdag den 31. juli 2012

Thirdly, we went on the party wagon

Finally the big ending of the graduation celebrations held by the school happened. We had a big graduation ceremony followed by the traditional trip around town in a wagon. That red one was ours for the day!

The ceremony was held at the city hall.

When we had gone inside the hall our wagons had just arrived, in nude. But when we had received our diplomas and returned outside our juniors had dolled the wagons up with all kinds of things: banners, plants, balloons and whatnot.

All our teachers and members of family were there. The man in a dark grey blazer was our English teacher and he looked quite forlorn upon telling us goodbye.

Boarding our super beautiful retro wagon inside which everything turned pink!

We had to make 25 stops on our trip, since we're 25 in the class. So we went to each and everyone's house where food and beverages had been prepared for us and the proud parents were ready to take us in. En route we had our on drinks on board plus music pumping loudly (a bit too loudly it would seem, judging by that little boy).
One of the stops was really far away - 1,25 hourssss - and while going there it started raining terribly. It was quite cold but fortunately when we got there it cleared up just in time for us to enjoy our hot dogs.

Then we arrived at mi casa!

And after just 10 minutes we hit the road again leaving a lot of empty plates behind. And we also only stayed there for 10 minutes before leaving yet again.

Apparently when one needs to, everyone does... And you got quite tired of the toilet line at every stop.
We got more and more lazy as the day went on and in the end we just relaxed at every stop, wanting to just remain there for the rest of the evening haha. I'd have liked to have fun in that garden all night long.

But alas, the show must go on. Wind in the sails and move forward!

By then night time had fallen and the real party vibe started spreading.

Around 2 in the morning we reached our final destination where we were to stay for the rest of the night!

It was a great day with lots of fun memories!


onsdag den 25. juli 2012


I had my last exam Tuesday the 26th of June. It was a 24 hour long oral history exam, and I received a very nice final grade. After the last examination it is tradition in Denmark to receive a student hat, so if you are wondering - that is what's on my head.
Rikke came to congratulate me and some of my fellow seniors as well - the instant photo shows Maja, who is actually also a childhood friend of mine.

Me and one of the girls from French. And dear Papa Liv and Momma Liv.

When I came back from school Rikke and I quickly watched the finale of the Legend of Korra before my guest started coming in for my graduation party. Family and a few friends enjoying a dinner and congratulating me on my lovely hat. My parents gave me a wonderful painting by this Danish artist named Julie Nord. Her work is really freaky and amazing!

I just turned 19 as well, so I got some gifts at the party.
Two days later the school's senior graduation dinner party was held. Again, the weather was amazing so it was sort of split in a outdoor and indoor party.

There's really a lot of traditions tied to graduation in Denmark. Everyone writes inside the hat; best wishes, memories - that sort of thing. My class wrote 100 words novels inside ours, haha. Usually you just write a couple of sentences.

Writing 1000 words a minute and having loads of laughs.

I changed school after the first year of high school and I have to admit it was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel so at easy with my "new" (now former/sobsob) classmates.

Sailor style! And the incredibly tall blokes in my class... Most of the girls are 1.70 cm or so in height but we still feel like dwarfs in comparison.

I wore my H&M Versace dress. It is soooo nice.

Look at me, signing a student hat like a boss. And we tried to make a tower of hats. After the dinner party we went to McDonald's like we always do after a party at school. Ice cream or smoothie. And it was the last time we could ever do it after a high school party.