mandag den 24. december 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is... taking a trip to the wintery wonderland of Tivoli with my friend Maria. Walking around, singing Christmas carols. Taking part in little games.

Christmas is... Watching as the snow falls from the starry skies and wishing people a merry Christmas.

Christmas is... dolling the Chosen One up with all kinds of ornaments - both new additions and old traditions. 

Christmas is... getting (one too many) presents for yourself.

Christmas is... eating 1 piece of Spiderman chocolate a day.

torsdag den 20. december 2012

"Play"ful Disney

A while back Rikke and I went on a small trip to Fredericia Theatre since they were showing the European debut of the Aladdin musical (and my tickets were discounted since it's a Disney production)! Naturally I wore my Disneyland sweater...

We had really been looking forward to it and it was a nice little day-trip with the train, play and dinner.

We were quiet possible the only adults there without the company of smaller children, haha. I was very surprised that it was such a small theatre, but the play on the stage was great. There were some cute things in the songs, some pretty brilliant ideas for the narration and the guy playing Genie really took the play to a whole new world (pun intended).

My favourite thing was  ultimately the scenography,! The objects and backdrops they used were simple but really worked - most clever was the ideas for Jasmine's bedroom and balcony (the latter could separate into two and make room for the carpet ride into the sky).

After the play we roamed the town, looking for a place to have some dinner, ahha. And we found Pacman!

This Friday I went with my mum to see the Royal Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty, choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon. The music written by Pjotr Tjajkovskij was of course fantastic and it really surprised me that all the music in Disney's film was taken from the ballet.

It was a gorgeous experience and I got to see Alban Lendorf and J'aime Crandall as the leads ! I couldn't help being amazed when she at one point danced for a full 5 minutes (at least) only on the tip of her toes - her feet must have been aching! But that is why they have 5 women portraying Aurora - the dance is too tough to perform too often.

The costumes and backdrops were breathtaking, so I had to take the program home - that's not something I do a lot, haha.
I also went to see Skammerens Datter (The Shamer's Daughter) with Lea and Cecil. It was such a fun trip down memory lane for us, since we've read the novels again and again when we were kids (and of course we had to re-read them for this theatre experience!). It was a very cute musical and I'm thrilled that it sold enough tickets to make it possible to perform the second book on the stage as well. If we're lucky, we might be granted all 4 !

torsdag den 6. december 2012

Indian X-mas?

On the first day of Christmas (aka 1st of December) all of Denmark woke up to find a winter wonderland outside - magically the snow arrived just as December started! I - being a huge fan of snow - was delighted and even more so when it didn't go away - we're now on the 6th continuous day of xmas snow!

This Saturday Jill hosted an event at KraftWerket (sort of an available space meant for youths in the city) and I attended alongside some known faces. We dolled the house up for Christmas and baked, baked, baked all the different holiday cakes and cookies!
I tried baking and deep-frying a sort of crullers (klejner) for the first time - it was really fun!

Cookiesssss in all the shapes!

And when I say ALL shapes... Dinosaurs too. In another room some worked on moulding the telly into a fake fireplace and wrapping empty boxes .

Marie at work with the fireeee sporting a cardboard cap and Dennis working his (cough cough) magic with the gift ribbons.

Presents everywhere!! And cookies on the floor :(

Tina and I began decorating - it was surprisingly hard to do! But one of the other youths made us some home-made hot coco, so we were quiet content anyway, haha.

Tina was so much better than me - she made that heart!! Mental. We got to take some of the cakes with us home c:

Yesterday I went to watch Life of Pi with Marie at a pre-premiere. As always they'd made an effort to make it an exciting experience - they had a Richard Parker dummy in a boat as decoration, incense in the air and cakes and drinks for grabs. Plus some girls came to bust some Bollywood moves!

I wore one of our Indian get-ups. We don't have a lot left since the flooding of our cellar last year, but we do still have a few items from our long stays in India. It was very fun to see that Pi was supposed to live in Pondicherry, since I've spent about 2 moths there...

It was such a gorgeous movie with the most amazing stills compositions. Colourful, vibrant! It was a pleasure to watch even though the action was slow-paced. Usually I don't enjoy the sort of "flashback-narration" in films but it worked great in "Pi"!