lørdag den 29. september 2012

Blasting off into the Genki

Next stop on the summer's event schedule was Genki-con, again held in Roskilde. I had been sick up until the con, and had to finish one of my cosplays on Friday before heading to the convention. SO I arrived really late and most of the ElfQuest group we had put together had gone home or changed out of their elves. But my precious lifemate was still present!

 Friday consisted of joking around, seeing the opening ceremony and just catching up on all the news with the people you hadn't seen in a while. 
And then I went to Sille's place to sleep alongside Aybike and Sasha. So naturally we didn't sleep until very late (girl talk and scrubbing of my brown skin takes a while!)

Photo by Hopy.
We had to get up terribly early the next day to ensure our ride would pick up us. It was a very slow start to the day, but we did make it and got our lazy arses to the con.

For the first time in YEARS I had a cosplay planned for every day of the convention. It felt so weird to not have a "chillax day", but the experience was fun as well. I made these Lum cosplays with the doll, Line, and we rocked our tiger stripes in an unholy high summer temperature. Everyone was feeling wayyy too hot - look at them samurai sweating - and we felt refreshed.

After the grand cosplay show we sat about and had something to eat while the rest of the convention folk went on a cosplay walk around Roskilde, lead by those marines with a Nyan cat. But we needed the rest, haha!

 That cake was the perfect sofa in the shade. And Sørine was the manliest Mako you will ever see.

In the evening I participated in a Pokemon event, where you had to create a custom Pokémon in just 5 minutes. I created Spidermon on Rasmus (notice the lovely multiple eyes) and others went nuts with the alternative craft supplies. It was such a blast!

And before we knew it, Rasmus and I had become the Pokémon commentators under the code names "Jens/Sten" and "Ulla". We had our fun.
The following ours were spent with talking and yawning and half sleeping, haha.

The very last day came. I was sick and tired of bodypaint, but I had to put it on for yet another Sunday, since I would have to match my Aladdin's skin tone. The other new costume I made for Genki-con was Jasmineeeee.
And yes, that is us, crammed in possibly the smallest car on earth on our way to Genki.

Photos by Line and Silas.

My Aladdin is a co-worker of mine from Disney who came to me and asked if he could cosplay with me. It was real fun introducing him to the mental world of conventions, haha.

But that was that. A warm, fantastic weekend had passed and to end this post I leave you a great shot of Tenna's Lady Loki, looking incredibly classy. As ever.

fredag den 21. september 2012

Offering I Do's

Oh my god, I think I literary hate this new Blogger interface/blogging system, whatever. It is sooo complicated, I simply can't do the same setup as I'm used to. This short post took me like two hours, it's absolutely mental - what a way to make me want to stop blogging, well done Blogger!

I went home from Crete in order to attend my second ever wedding. Exciting stuff. So I put on nail polish for the first time in what felt like a year, rolled up me hair and made the finishing touches on the bride's jewellery.

The romantic day started off with a boat ride to the location where my Semiaunt and -uncle where to be wed.  After the vows had been said, the papers signed and the violinist had stopped his msuic we gathered for the reception dinner.

It was a very entertaining wedding, since Tim is British and therefore half the wedding party was speaking in English and had to be taught all the silly Danish wedding traditions (we have a LOT). The food was absolutely brilliant. After some hours of eating we headed back to the newly-weds garden for high tea. It was such a busy day and it way over before any of us had comprehended the passing of hours.

Kirsten's hair is always coloured nicely orange, so I thought it would fit right in if I wore this orange wonder. I love how assymetric it really is!

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søndag den 16. september 2012

Taking a breather in Greece

When I returned from Paris I had just 24 hours to unpack and then re-pack. This time I was en route to Crete with Maria and her Greek family! We stayed in their home and used their on-site vehicles (meaning scooterrrs) to get around. It was so refreshing and super relaxing after the months of stress.

The first day we just briefly cruised around the city of Hersonissos and then sat down at Maria's favourite spot in the city - Dolce Vita. Where she ate a pancake and I devoured this fantastic dessert.

And then we slept in and didn't do anything before 2 o'clock, haha. (Side note: I don't think Ive ever slept as much as I did on this vacation!) But then we went to Malia, a nearby city. It was pretty deserted - everyone was either sleeping with their hangovers from last night or on the beach. So we sat there, all alone. With the extreamly British menu, since all the people in Malia are British tourtists coming to party.

Maria's brother had been dumbfounded when he realized how many celebrity names we knew by heart, and we set out to see how many we actually knew! Actors, musicians, fictional characters... And we wrote them down in that book throughout the week. We reached a quite pathetic and surprisingly high number. I blame Tumblr!

After that we casually broke into Maria's family's ground - so we did nothing illegal. We did jump a little when the police passed us while we crawled through that fence.

It was such a large piece of land!

And we ate dinner at this place. And almost spat our drinks out at the sight of that charming menu layout - a picture of the living, breathing animals at "Mario's farm" and then the cooked bacon...

Since it was Friday the 13th we grabbed a movie to match that dinner - Final Destination! We watched the first two (the last 3 followed in the coming days) and then went to the beach for a stroll. It wasn't until afterwards we noticed how much our evening would have been the perfect date, if one of us had been of the opposite sex.

But of course we couldn't resist a midnight dip!

Maria worked her water magic. My hair is a bit too long.

When Saturday dawned on us we decided that this was the day we would go to Spinalonga! The small island on which the main land's lepers where shipped onto back in the day. So we boarded a bus, waited at a bus transfer for an hours while eating ice cream and doing puzzles (yes, I'm 5 years old so I took the Winx one).

But when we finally reached the island it was quite a place! The church were closed though ;(

Before we went exploring we just had to dip our toes in the water to cool down - it had been a long trip.

And on we went! Trough the stormy wind.

The scenery was b-e-autiful!

Wind, why are you making my hair stand up and stripping off Maria's clothes?!

After an hour we'd walked around the island and decided we would climb all the way to the top. We hadn't really thought of the actual challenge it would prove to be. BUT! We made it!

And guess what? It was even windier up there.

Going down!

We found this massive cactus plant where a lot of people had scratched their names - so of course we wanted to contribute with our own as well. I can't wait to see if they are still there, if I ever return.

Chilling in ruins, that included a remarkable large number of mirrors.

After all of that we rushed to the boats and asked when the next one to our destination would arrive. We received the answer "You'll have to wait about 30 minutes." So when a boat docked out 5 minutes later, we assumed it was for one of the other destinations. But nooo, so suddenly we had an hour to kill. Thankfully one of the other boats' captain let us use his boat to get in the water, since Maria was Greek.

I don't think an hour has ever passed that quickly!

We had loads of fun and dried off when the boat sailed the sea once again.

Goodbye, Spinalonga! It was nice knowing you and standing by those black flags of yours.

Heraklion! And that last picture shows the mountains forming "Zeus". Can you tell it looks like a face?

We went to Heraklion to pick up Laura, who came to join our Greek school reunion.

Back in Hersonissos we played a game of cards and ate some more completely unhealthy food as two became three.

The next day our last Dane arrived and we had our fun showing her around. And of course we sat down at Dolce once again to enjoy the fabulous televised fashion shows, haha. It was silly and we took pleasure in doing it.

And of course we just had to party a bit.

We went to the beach a lot, read a lot, swam a lot. And yes, those tan lines are horrible - I had actual straight lines from my shorts after Spinalonga.

And guess what we did? We went to Dolce - of course. Hangout number one!

And as the sun went down we readied ourselves for Malia! We just had to see how the Brits partied.

We started off by ourselves in a nice, relaxed lounge with a water pipe. And then we went pub crawling. That Indie place had a nice vibe going, but it was much too small.

Reflex was my favourite of the night! It really went all the way with Dirty Dancing paintings on the walls and all the oldies but goldies songs playing.

Amusingly enough we didn't speak with a whole lot of Brits, since we had so much fun just being us 4.

Heraklion called on us, so we went shopping.

... And we ate souvlaki. Then we sat down in a park to rest - since, y'know, it's hard spending money.

Yummy stuff.

Urg, my teeth starts watering up at the sight of these pancakes. I tell you! - they tasted immensely delicious.

But all god things come to an end and it was time for my departure from Crete. Since it was my last night we went to a proper restaurant and dined there. It was such a cosy spot! We watched as the sun went down over Hersonissos.

Their glasses were bigger than my hand!
After eating we had two choices: 1) Go home immediately and sleep until 3, where you shall wake up and go to the airport, or 2) stay up partying! There really wasn't much choice, haha.

We took the scooter straight to the club, haha.

Havanaaa! Since Maria's family owns a bit of the place we came round quite often. I even worked there one night, haha!
A lot of people tell Laura she looks like Julia Stiles, so we just had to see exactly how much...

We are some hardcore boxers!

Time was up, we went to the airport. And I watched the sun as it rose from the east from the plane window.