onsdag den 30. juni 2010

Dreaming sunny explanations

Sometimes you write about some things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. This is one of those posts.

You didn't really understand why I had to get a space between my front teeth, which I showed you in my last post. So let me explain: I had a very big over bite - that is the reason for my wearing braces now. To make the over bite smaller they had to get two teeth out of my mouth. In the upper pictures the two small teeth without metal on are those teeth. So those teeth were pulled out and I now have holes where they've been.
To close those holes the dentists have put a lot of elastic in my mouth. This has pulled at my teeth and made the holes smaller.
But my middle line, the one between my front teeth, was uneven because of one hole getting smaller than the other. So to get the middle line to its right place they had to give me a space between my front teeth. This will be closed once again in the next months.

Wow, that was a lot of text... I hope you understand now, though.

Near my home there sort of is a hill. When I look in a certain direction standing up there I can really see that the world is round. The sky is like a globe, round and all around. It is really fantastic. Up there the setting sun is prettier than anywhere else in the CITY - still not better than standing by the sea.

I got some tanning done this weekend. Maybe a little too much - I got red - but I am very pleased. I have never ever had tan lines and I have never been as brown as I am now. Summer is so great!

I have started having dreams of Japan every night. I always forget something, someone or whatever. I wake up feeling compleately stressed out. And it's been like this for a week. I have butterflies in my stomach all the time and almost can't stop smiling. It's drawing so close...


mandag den 28. juni 2010

Shrieking witches

This Wednesday was the Saint Hans evening. Danes gather to look at a burning fire in wich there stands a witch. I don't even know the history of the tradition, but it has something to do with how things were back in the Middle Age where witches were burned all over Europe.
Today it's just like a national camp fire. We find it fun and relaxing to watch the flames. There's almost always little fireworks in the fire, the ones that shriek - that way the witch is kind of screaming.
I went with my parents this year. It was a very organized Saint Hans fire and therefore not as relaxing as it could have been. Still very fun though. They let about 60 little air balloons up in the air, which was very pretty.

This was what I wore. I got to wear the shoes Sørine gave to me ! They really make me happy haha. But after some hours I had a couple of blistards.

It's funny. I never wear my nails nude anymore. If I do, they get ruined at work. So the nail polish is kind of a protection cover. Very smart.

I never had a space between my front teeth before. Now I do and it only took 24 hours for it to get like that. You have noooo idea how much it hurt. I almost couldn't talk.


søndag den 27. juni 2010

Diamonds are not a girls best friend...

... make-up is.

My internet still sucks. The guys should have been here a week ago to fix it and we've still seen nothing of them. The company have told us they'll come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I really hope they do.

This is what I used my 3 gift cards on. I bought all the stuff on the left side od the picture and then I received the purse and what it contained for free! I love freebies. It was worth 200 DKK and you got it if you bought 2 Maxfactor products. Which I did - the mascara and the orange lipstick.
I only got it because I asked if there were any left, and I got the last one. Sweet.

I think it was the longest receipt I have ever seen haha. The little one in the bottom is normal-lenghted. And the two other were my buys ahahha.

Also, I wanted to show you my mac lashes.
I know people are obsessed with number 7, which is fabulous, but I really like others too. Number 7 kind of disappears on my eyes and isn't very dramatic in that way. And I love dramatic lashes !
I've got 6, 7 and 35 and I kind of want three other pairs.


onsdag den 23. juni 2010

Summing summer

The weather is really undecided. Really hot and with lots of sunshine one minute and clouds and lower temperatures the next. But yesterday it was rather hot and I could play summer haha :D
I FINALLY received my H&M wedges. I bought them at their online shop like 3-4 months ago, and they'd told me I would have them by the 18th of May - I just got them last week, a month later. But they are real good to walk in and meant for summer, so it's all right.

I went shopping with Sørine and Ariellah yesterday. Sørine couldn't buy anything because she's going to Spain next week and has already spent this month's money. Ariellah was looking for something very accurate and didn't find it, so she didn't really buy that much. It was still fun though. It's always fun to spend time with the girls.
I bought that dress. It's my nude dress. It compleately matches my skin tone. I tried it on some weeks ago but didn't buy it because of the fact that I want to save money for Japan. But then I had to get it yesterday, since I've been thinking about it ever since.

JAPAN IN 16 DAYS!!! My heart is skipping a whole lot of beats these days...


tirsdag den 22. juni 2010

Another year and still gifted?

My real birthday passed. I am now 17.
Not really any WOW in that. You don't get any new rights when you turn 17. When you're 15 you may have sex, when you're 16 you may drink and then you can vote, drive and is looked upon as an adult at 18. 17 is the year that has been skipped - legally.

Almost all of my family turned up. That made my day, really. We were like 20 and sat really tight because we only just barely had room for everyone.
We had cake and fruit. The strawberries were either gigantic or super small. That one is in the gigantic category, if you were wondering.

These 2 weekends I got so many gifts. It was really crazy. Of course I'm happy, but that doesn't make it less crazy.
I got a pair of amazing wapanese shoes, a mascara, skin care stuff, homemade necklaces, some clothes (not in the picture), a cover for my PC, a dining se, a lot of well written cards and some jewelery.

Last Sunday I got a lot of things with dots. And It wasn't even planned, since none of the givers had talked about what to give me.
I still found it really cute.

I got a lot of Jane Austen DVDs, The Reader, X-men 2 and The Avengers DVD box set. There was 3000 yen fastened to the x-men 2 movie and I received 3 gift cards for MATAS (cosmetics store) and 1800 DKK in cash.

Crazy birthdays. I love my friends and family and if I should measure their love in gifts I'd say they loved me back. Just a guess though.


lørdag den 19. juni 2010

Birthday kid x 2

Last Sunday I held my birthday "party" for my friends. No music or dancing involved, hence the "".
It was so much fun! Some came at 12 to go on the water (in a bout) on a sightseeing tour. I couldn't affort to invite everyone for that, so afterwards some more came to the Kings' Garden and there we hung out, ate some cake and I opened my presents. THERE WERE SO MANY OHMYGOD. It was like a mountain of presents haha.

Astrid came all the way from Jutland to celebrate me. In return I gave her some larger breast. You like? Haha. Damn, I so miss her already.

On the bout I had some candy pibes for everyone. We were sailors, rrraarr, Pirates!! Lame joke, but my guests laughed and ate them up.

I brough so much stuff. Cake, candy, chips, bottled water, a whole lot of soda, blankets to sit on in the park etc. I expected it all to disappear in my friends' stomacs, but in the end Astrid and I had to carry so much back home. We were really at our limit - one more bottle of Coke and we wouldn't have been able to get all of it back.

I had such a good time. I might not have been the greatest host, but who is ever?
It was a bit cold, but I had brought a bat and some balls so we played the danish version of baseball, called roundball, to keep warm. We weren't so many so we had to run a LOT and we all ended up sweating ahaha.

Tomorrow is my real b-day and my family will come for my second birthday party.
Last year I didn't get to have a b-day party so I wanted to enjoy the event with both friends and family this year. It was so nice to see everyone last Sunday, and surprisingly many could come. Tomorrow will be good too, I'll see some faces I haven't seen for too long.


fredag den 18. juni 2010

Examinating art

Last Tuesday some of my classmates met up for a study gropu. We didn't really get a lot done, but decided to go to both the National Gallery of Denmark and the Louisiana Museum of Art in one day. We did so Thursday and it was both fun and tiring. My legs were done for afterwards, and I had to go to work..
The National had an exhibition with and about the danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard whom have done a lot of artistic things - sacrificing a horse on a field against the Vietnam war, designing a lot of gobelins portraing the danish history for the Queen etc.

Louisiana exhibited Andy Warhol after Munch - so The Scream etc. in Warhol edition. It wasn't as exciting as I'd thought it'd be, but it was great enough. They also showed a lot of Warhol self portraits and his Marylins, Maos and Flowers.
I just realized that this is probably very confusing for people who doesn't know about art, haha...

This Wednesday was my examination. I read around 250-300 pages twice, because at the end of the first reading I couldn't remember a thing, so I decided to read it again and now take notes. I know A LOT about art now, but I'm also very tired of art ahha..
I got 12!! That is an A. I was very happy, because I didn't feel like it went all that great, but the examinator and censor was like "12 ++++!!!" haha. They thought I was splendid.

Is this art? I don't really know, but it is very nice and I like it a lot!! Woody is great.
Am I the only one who is excited about the Toy Story 3 movie?!?! :D


torsdag den 17. juni 2010

Time passing by, the buys along the way

This week has been eventful. I read a lot for my Art exam, hosted my b-day for friends, worked and went shopping. And to think I haven't blogged about any of it!! All thanks to my crappy internet. I wanna kick it's face in, but sadly that is very hard with electronics :/
I'll start from today and then go back in time, haha.

I went to town with Line to shop. The SALE started almost everywhere today at 10, so we thought we'd go get some good stuff.
I found some pants in H&M for 40 dkk,
a marine necklace and ring in Bik Bok for 20 dkk each,
some blue star flats for 100 dkk - finally! I've been searching for flats for months now, haha - and...
my Sex and the City heels, haha. I fell drop dead in love with them the minut I saw them. I was like "nooo, it's 300 dkk and right before Japannnn" but I just couldn't not buy them.

The weather was good so I decided to wear my maxi out for the first time. People really looked at me, many with smiles on their faces, haha. Yes, summer is here guys!!
It felt so good to be walking again, because when I did all of that reading for my Art exam I sat down all day. My body adored the "excercise" even though I've been to aerobics twice this week.

Line, while trying on a bra: Oh... my... god... LIV!!
Me: Yes??
Line: This is a miracle... I might have to get a B instead of an A cup...!!
Me: Hahahahahhahah!!


onsdag den 9. juni 2010

From nothing to everything

I thought I'd do a before/after picture of me with make-up. On my face at the same time. To see the difference.
I must say that I am very surprised myself. I knew that there was a difference between with with or without make-up, but it is bigger than I thought.
Though, I must say I'm just happy that my skin doesn't change compleately with make-up - because I only use a concealer and not a foundation.

Haha my dad just now about the pictures:

Dad: WOAH! LIV! What happened to your face?!
Me: Uhm, it's just make-up,..?
Dad: Oh yea, I can see that now... You did half the face, all right... I get it...
Me: What did you think happened? That I was beat up or something??
Dad: -walks away mumbling randomly-

My everyday routine takes 5-7 minutes if I take it easy and 7-10 minutes if I rush - rushing makes the eyeliner's line crappy and I have to do it again.
I even out my redness at spots around my face with my concealer and even out the color under my eye. After that is eyebrows.
Then I use liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid and koln on the lower. Then I put on mascara and then my lashes. Jada jada jada. Blush + lipgloss/lipstick.
Jada jada. SO not interesting hah.


tirsdag den 8. juni 2010

Dressed Maxi

I finally found time to sow my maxi dress yesterday and I finished it kind of in a hurry. I had come to the conclusion that I didn't LOVE the print, so I wasn't really doing my best at sowing. I think the flowers are to much lined up in a fixed pattern and that wasn't my actual plan. So the dress isn't like how I pictured it in my head. Oh well, not every project goes well.

Damn, my internet is so slow. My parents and neighbors accidentally drilled through my family's net cable while gardening. So now we're using the neighbors' net. And because we're not ON their houseground it is so slow. Damn. That's the reason why I have been slacking off in aspects of posting.

I love looking at old mags. So much stuff you didn't really pay attention to. Like Yumachi from last summer's Egg. Not many was crazy about maxies at that time and we all are now ;)

I'm doing a make-up post tomorrow. Talking about my routines etc., haha.


lørdag den 5. juni 2010

Feels like Hollywood

As promised: Pictures of my newly renovated room.
I have so much space for clothes now!! No worries about bringing to much with me from Japan now, since they'll all be able to be in either my dresser or my closets :D
I love the big flower of pictures - it is me in my 3 years of kindergarden, 10 years in primary school and some pictures of my family and I. It's funny - almost every time I bring someone new to my room they have to find me in every picture. They tell me I haven't changed a bit in all of those years. I find that kind of depressing, haha.

Those lamps are so... celebrity-like. Or something. Hollywood-like? I don't know, but they are really great at lighting up my face. So great that my brace seriously SPARKLES every time I move. And no, you're not getting any pictures of that. I feel like a total braceface when it glitters like that haha.
I am wearing a bikini because the weather is SO great! Sunshine all the way and high temperatures. So I have been laying in my garden for some hours these past two days. Tanning. I feel pale, haha.

These past months I haven't worn earrings because they were just thrown into a small bowl and I didn't want to search for that one pair I wanted to wear every morning. I love this solution. I can finally see which earrings I own.

So I don't really hate this change after all. It is actually very practical and I even like how it looks.

Now I'm going to Line's B-day party. I've spent some time on her gift, so I really hope she'll like it!!


fredag den 4. juni 2010


I hate changes. It is probably the only thing in the whole world that I really hate.I hate changing school, job, layout and most of all I hate changing how my room looks.
It - my room - has been the way it is now for about 3 years.
But my parents wanted it to change so they dragged me to the wonderful world of IKEA to buy myself a chest of drawers. I've got two closets already, but all of my clothes can't really be in there at the same time, so I kind of needed one. Yesterday we got it together and changed half of my room. SO TIRING. I'll show you the results tomorrow.

At the flea market this Saturday a woman from the danish fashion magazine Alt for Damerne wanted to take a snapshot of me. I was wearing really random stuff, so I didn't agree eagerly. But I got this out of it, to be seen above. Also, I was featured at their site:

My first day in H&M was this Wednesday. I think it went all right and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be even though all the others told me that it had been a very busy day. I have a shift today as well. Exciting stuff.