lørdag den 27. marts 2010

It's holiday time !

Yesterday we went on holiday! Easter is a nice holiday because it lasts that long - we've got 10 days off. What will I do with all that time? Sew, sew, sew... With Astrid ; D I'll pick her up at the station, but before that I'll goto my paternal aunt's place and pick up her sewing machine. We gotta work faster, haha!
I really like this shirt. And how much did it cost me? 5 DKK. I love spending my money with care..

Talking of spending money with care... I bought this stuff yesterday, when I went shopping with Ariellah and Yin. They called me Botox-face beacuse I couldn't smile properly - everytime I tried my eyes just got smaller and my mouth twisted into an odd shape. They said that I looked like an annoyed bitch smiling... haha.
I have a huge thing for White x Red x Blue. I can't get enough of it!


Will the tooth fairy come, I wonder...?

Soo, I got them out yesterday. I was given about 4 different kinds of sedative and when I met up with Yin and Ariellah afterwards I couldn't even smile.
It didn't really hurt at all, but I was crying throughout the whole process. I was shaking like crazy as well - I don't really like blodd and needles, so that must be the reason.

Remember the teeth you used to drop when you were little? That was the size of them. The little one. I got the big ones out.. And the roots starts where there is that little bump - very large roots.

It feel so wierd now... I feel like a little kid (because last time I felt like this I was 8) and I can't eat anything because the bleeding will start again if I do. SO I can only drink stuff. Fluids, yum yum.


torsdag den 25. marts 2010

These skin and bones...x-ray version

These are pictures of my teeth before I had braces on. All my teeth still in my mouth and all... I have protruding front teeth, that's why I'm wearing braces now. I had an overbite of 6.5 mm before and last time I went to the dentist they told me I had gone down by 2 mm. In half a year. Crazy stuff.

You can actually really see the overbite here... It may just be my imagination, but I think that I can feel that the overbite is smaller now..
You may think: Random, a hand. But this was really important, because they had to see if I was fully grown to determine how my process should be planned. The bones would have space between each other in my hand, if I still had some more growing to do. So I had to have the harder process, because I won't grow anymore.

Tomorrow I'll be parted with two of my teeth. -4 and +4 they call them. It's the teeth that is number 4 on each side of the front teeth, counting the front teeth. I'm not looking forward to it...


onsdag den 24. marts 2010

Is this called school?

This week has been ridiculous. Because of midterms, study trips and teacher's vacation we haven't been attending school as normal. Monday we had 4 lectures, Tuesday and today we had 3 and tomorrow will be 2. I mean, it takes the same time to get to and from school as the "school day" takes.
But I don't really want to wake up at 10 in the week days, so I've been getting out of bed around 8 o'clock these days. Get something out of the day!
Also, we're going on Easter holiday this Friday, so why couldn't they just have given us a week more off?

Yesterday I read some manga by Ao Mimori - one of my fave manga-kas, she's got a great fashion taste - and one of the girls had that braid-on-both-sides-of-the-face 'do. I wanted to try it and I really like it ! No hair in my face and it looks pretty cute, doesn't it?

This is so SWEET. I really want to wear bows in that style now, haha.

Oh yeah! I've made another rule:
- I will not manipulate my pictures in Photoshop or anything like that!
I really think it's a problem that even bloggers, who start to make loads of followers, start removing their flaws. It creates a wrong picture of how one should look! I think it's wrong to look picture-perfect like the photoshopped models and therefore I won't hide my flaws like that - if make-up doesn't cover it, it'll be in my pictures.
And if i shop my pictures, for example for photoshoots, I'll note that I have done so below the picture.

These nails are so fun, haha.(Not mine)


Donald Ducklings

Line came up with a funny thing yesterday. She was eating those chips, haha now I can't remember what they are called, and when she put them in her mouth she formed a beak just like Donald Duck's.

SO of course we had to try making it look funnier and these pictures came from it. You have no idea about how much we laughed over this stupid thing.

We played my new TP Disney vers. and guess who won? ME. But actually just barely.

When playing TP:
Line: Wooo, it's Mulan! (the category)
Me: Wooyea, Mulann!
Line: Question: Which movie is the picture taken from? (Mulan)....
You know, the Q-cards have pictures on their back to tell which movie the questions are about...


tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

Working in a book store...

So, I went to work yesterday and took home some of these babies:
Haha, you know you work with books when they have candy with book titles on, haha. But they are actually really good, so I took about 10 or so. Mmm, liquorice! It's the 2nd best candy taste, chocolate is my fave ;)

Right now Bog&Ide are turning, I dunno 25 years old or something? So they have a sale of some kind. And they sell Trivial Pursuit for only 150 DKK, but because I work there I got it for 100! YES! That means I am not breaking my not-above-100-DKK/20-USD-rule.

My friends is coming over later and then we're going to play it! And bake pancakes, yum yum. <3>
I feel kinda lazy with my style these days. The last 5 days or so I just threw something on.. I didn't even care to wear lashes today.. Oh well, I think I'll be inspired when it gets warmer!


lørdag den 20. marts 2010

A party is a cupcake?

I went to a friend's birthday yesterday. She's spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking for us all. SO sweet! I mean, imagine all of those plates being FULL of cake. But there had to be anough for 30 people soo..

Really, this is not a cupcake. This is art.

I felt so gross before going to the party, so I took an evening shower and did soemthing else with my hair. Everytime I see some people I haven't seen for some time, they think that my hair has just grown insanely quick. Haha, I think my extensions look really obvious? But perhaps that's just me... haha.

A had a lot of fun. Great to see the guys again and I got to take some fun pictures :)


fredag den 19. marts 2010

Get a life.

I post too much these days, but if I don't post I'll get behind and will have to do a gigantic post D: and we don't want those.

My outfit from yesterday. I had to wear it the day after I got it, haha. I couldn't wait another day. I found the pants in my basement - so happy I haven't thrown them out yet! :D I had thought about it a year ago but this summer I'll wear them all the time, I just know it!

My father said I looked like a prostitute with the fur jacket and scarf in the hair. Now I want your opinion: Do I look like a prostitute or is my father just silly? Because I really don't wanna give off that slut-wibe ...

Today's outfit. This was fun to wear 8D The shirt cost me 5 DKK = I LOVE RECYCLING.

I finished and presented AT-3 about danish and history today. This time AT was really hard, because all the members in my groupe - including myself - were/are so stubborn and we just discussed every singly detail we had to say. Urg, I am so happy it's over. I don't like being angry at those classmates.

After work today I stopped by H&M and bought the earrings and the denim dress, and when I got home my mon and I had received our postage order from H&M. So I got a lot of things today, haha <3

All in all this ended up costing 320 DKK. I think it's pretty reasonable?


Beauty isn't everything...

... But I still wanna look good!
I got my eyebrows fixed! FInally! So they went from upper to lower picture. I kinda like that they're not too thin, because I keep thinking that if I get too tiny brows I won't be able to look good when I get older - I hate seeing older women with tiny lines over their eyes. So I'm pretty satisfied with them!

Also, I went to my braces dentist the other day and got new colors. Two kind of green, white and yellow! If I smile more, will spring come quicker?

This is a good picture of my make-up. My blush really shows in picture - my new cam does that. I love it <3


torsdag den 18. marts 2010

Why is money and time so easily spent?

Yesterday Yin and Iwent out to take outfit pictures in our lunch break. It's really a huuuge change, the outfits seems so much cooler.
The weather was surprisingly warm too, so I didn't really have to wear my fur jacket over my blazer. I felt like it was spring ! I really cannot wait for more sun and sun and sun.
Wasn't it just winter yesterday? Time is running by so quickly. I can't believe that 7 months have past since I started in high school...

I wanted to wear my Ironman sweatshirt sooo bad, so I wore this. And I really love the color combination that came from it !

A fab scarf from H&M. I got a nail polish from there, but didn't want it so I echanged it into this instead! I like the color tone for my pale skin ...haha.

I received my Minnie Mouse shirt yesterday. God, I love it. I really need some long-armed shirts with cute prints, so when I saw this it was just INSTANT BUY. It was 20 dollars or something? <3

I've made a promise for myself:
- DO NOT buy anything for over 20 USD/100 DKK. That way I'll have more money for Japan. Because I can't buy nothing... I'd go mad without shopping ;p


onsdag den 17. marts 2010

A chat in a chair.

I met up with Anna and Majse today. I've known Anna for some time now and I used to go to a theatre class with Majse about 3 years ago. We went to a cafee called Klaptræet and drank coffee and hot chocolate.

I had a lot of fun. It was good to see some girls and just talk about everything from toilet visits to politics. I laughed harder than I have for about a week now, so that felt great.

We sat there, in those chairs, talking for 3 hours. It was quite fun to see the other guests changing - we were the only ones to remain for that long.

Anna smoked, what was it, 8 cigarettes? In a row. She didn't even pause in between, haha. I didn't really care that much, but when I got home I really started noticing how badly I smelled. I had to wash my extensions because they reeked - and I even washed them 3 days ago ! :s oh well, it takes no time :D

Thanks for a good afternoon and evening girls <3