torsdag den 25. august 2016

Costume Drive

Monday night I moved back to Natasha's. We spent that first night playing the rest of the Around the world in 80 days game (that we had started purely to see if we could get to Copenhagen - which we did).

Tuesday I met up with Laura, Princess from gesture class, and her friend Valerie. We went to the FIDM Scholarship store and tried on their 50 dollar wedding dresses. The clothing in the store was donated to the school by the designers and then sold to fund scholarships for students. Pretty great! I found a cute dress (not wedding) and some earrings for cheap!

But the store was not the reason we'd gone Downtown. The museum had a costume design in television exhibition with a LOT of really cool costumes on display - and we were going to draw them. I had watched most of the shows, so it was fun to see the real apparel. I loved seeing the stain from the blood on the Abominable Bride (Sherlock) dress - and I was pretty obsessed with the Outlander costumes. We all really liked the ones from Defiance too, even though none of us has seen it. It was some super cool hours where we had the place mostly to ourselves.

From DTLA we went up to Burbank for our class. Porto's was more crowded than I've ever seen it, but we eventually got our food.

The next morning I met up with Max to talk about the upcoming Stop Motion shoot that I was going to work on. He made me feel less nervous about the whole situation, and I was left with nothing but excitement.

I posted a costume drawing from FIDM to Instagram and clicked on the outlander tag. I was surprised to find out through that that there was another Outlander exhibit going on in LA. It was closing the very same weekend though, so the next day I hurried over there, as I was going to be on set the rest of the week. 
It was a small affair, but I managed to spend a great amount of time there anyways - the details had me swooning, and I was drawing again. I really liked that they had a set design section too, and I was stunned to realize that most indoor scenes were not shot in actual baroque locations in Europe, but in intricate sets build for the shoot.

My favourite was this violet number. Gorgeous! I ended up chatting to an employee for a very long time, and exited Paley Center more than half an hour after they closed, haha.

As I didn't have plans the rest of the day, I decided to walk around Beverly Hills and visit Rodeo Drive for the first time. It wasn't anything amazing, but I got the pleasant surprise of seeing quiet a few Dali sculptures !

I visited at the right time of day too. Everything looked sparkling due to the setting sun. The Beverly Hotel's details really popped.
I sat down on a bench and started drawing people. It was cool.

I only left that bench when my blood sugar levels were getting low. So I swung by Sprinkles for that Beverly Hills ice cream.  And then I walked to the Witch' house.

Which is an actual house that someone lives in. It's famous for its' quirky fairy tale style and it was super cute. The owner apparently signs something to promise not to change the property in any way. It was a real gem !

mandag den 22. august 2016

Labyrinth of Jareth 2016

 Friday the 5th arrived and I met up with Ana and her mum at the Grove. We drove downtown and walked around for a while, gathering the last few things for the Jareth of Labyrinth Masquerade Ball that night. We went by Santee Alley in the fashion district and I was a bit stunned to have not read about it anywhere beforehand. It was pretty cool!

We took a long ass time getting ready at the hotel. I am quick at make-up, so I managed to make my face ready in 10 minutes - but I had spent over an hour making my Alphonse Mucha inspired halo. The others were taking their time too though, so it all worked out. 
Once we went across the street to the Biltmore Hotel, we stepped into a fairy tale. It was wild how quickly you felt transported - because absolutely everyone were wearing costumes.

My art nouveau outfit and Ana meeting a fellow GoT fan.

 We were actually celebrating Ana's birthday, and she had a great night (as did we). 
The venue was amazing! Massive, decorated rooms and so many beautiful people walking the halls everywhere. And every corner you turned, a performer was doing something great.

But the night drew to a close before we knew it.

We did however know our hunger. In al the glitz we had forgotten to think of it, so we rushed to L.A. Cafe to get some late-night food. And the night officially became my latest out while I've been in LA. 
We slept for a few hours back at the hotel and then went to breakfast at the Biltmore - I had talked to a guy while waiting to ask about lost items and he had given us his breakfast tickets. And then I went back to Zia's to sleep the whole day.

 We had only planned to go Friday, but managed to get admission for Saturday too. Biggest problem was of course what to wear. I put some more red into my dress to spice things up.

Second night was a bit of a blur. I quickly lost Ana and couldn't find her anywhere. Happily I ran into Naraku from ECG and Daniela from UCLA! So I had people to hang out with anyway and me and Daniela had a lot of fun dancing in the downstairs ballroom.

I filmed a lot during the two days because everything was so mesmerizing. It was a truly great experience.