tirsdag den 27. august 2013

The End of Summer

A few weeks ago I went to a relative's 15th birthday party and they served such super delicious food! That's something you can mostly count on for family gatherings - so great!

Swiss Nicolas from my season of ECG visited Denmark some days after and I volunteered to be a companion while he was here. We went out on the town with some of my co-workers and sweet Nikoline! It was fantastic to see a known face like his again, haha.

Before closing the curtains on Aladdin in the Danish Opera, Disney took all its' employees to see the musical. We had prime seats and they had arranged a super grand boat tour with food servings prior to the show. It was such a superb event and we had a great time - look at my lovelies in those suits.

I finally found my way into the Danish sea as well - I've made a promise to myself about swimming every summer in the Danish waves since I forgot to about 4 years in a row. It was chilly but nice! 

And look what's opening up in a real store! We've seriously needed a proper m.a.c store forever in Denmark.

Otherwise I've been up to Genki preparations. I've made updates on my Elastigirl and then I've been working on a secret project that I've been dying to do for 2 years now. Looking forward to finally perform in it!! And yes, BMO is my helpful little cosplay minion :D

Dressing up as lady Tarzan while we waited for Mickey, haha. And I swear, that PNK dolls just fell into my arms (and my bag and onto my shelf...)!! 
If you're wondering what could possibly be in that ice cream I can tell you that there is 2 scoops of liquorice and caramel taste + one chocolate covered marshmallow (flødebolle)!

I've been crafting 24-7 these past weeks and will not have time to play Disney Infinity until after Genki. Therefore I haven't bought the game yet... But that isn't stopping me from violently drooling all over the figurines while I'm wokring. Would you just please notice how Syndrome's mouth is actually going inwards and not just painted on. ÆDBVAHJKLÆDMNBHAJK

lørdag den 3. august 2013

I'm gonna scare circles around you this year!

The heat has been nearing death-ray temperatures and so I have been fleeing to the colder climate of that inside cinemas. After breathing through the mouth for a whole day Nikoline and I went to see The Internship on an impulse. It was so flipping amazing! I had zero expectation for it beside seeing Dylan O'Brian in a small role - which turned out to be quite big - and therefore it was ever so much better! Laughed so much.

And then the day finally arrived. The day of Monsters University.

We had made preparations - MU jackets! Weeee.

They turned out pretty neat!!

We met up to eat dinner And then went to watch the marathon - first Monsters Inc. and then University!

Sully is very potentially scary for children, I think. So big and staring down on you. We snagged up a Randall PEZ as well! And those M.I. 3-D glasses are so cute!