fredag den 26. juni 2015

Lucky (?) Summer


Then came prep for my last exam before SUMMER - the oral on our Harry Potter thesis. Julie and I buried our noses in books for two days straight and then went and got great results! It was such a fun project and she was so the right person to write it with - we had 2-hoour long procrastination breaks where we watched HP flicks.

 It was crazy hot and we sat outside for at least 5 hours each day. Hurray for balconies!

I looked preppy for my exam but underneath I had Hermione with me. Plus an added portion of good luck - shhh, don't tell anyone that I cheated with Felix Felicis.

In the evening my parents took me out to crêpes to celebrate!

Yum yummm. And Friday I went with Pernille to see some free ballet at the Royal Theatre.

It was lovely but also different to see some less perfect ballet.

The sun shone harder than ever...

...And left it's mark. Ouch.

Saturday I went with Gabi to a theatre flea market and FN92 (vintage shop) sale. I found a really old Disney Dragons jumper at the theatre market + an old safari hat but it was really a rather small and uninteresting collection.

 I picked up my Ofelia dress from FN92! They had a Mucha themed photoshoot a year back and I absolutely fell in love with this dress and the photo with it in - and now they'd heavily discounted the price tag so I snagged it up. Destiny spoke haha!

onsdag den 24. juni 2015

Blond Comics

Copenhagen Comics came around and in the last minutes before the con I decided to put together a Fionna cosplay since her creator, Natazilla, was a guest. I found all the materials in my cellar and didn't spend even one kr on this costume haha. Last time I used the light blue fabric was for Braceface - which I coincidentally made the night before Copenhagen Comics too (although many years ago)!

I had a shift at work before I could go to the con on Saturday. To make the transition easier I put on my princess face before the shift. 
The entire weekend was very blonde...

They had a cosplay walk-on masquerade and I went all hypnotized up there. 

Stine and her lil' girl was there as Ponyo characters! I brought my bucket from my own Ponyo just to complete her look. How adorable is she...

This year at Copenhagen Comics was very much a children's festival. They had a ton of events specially for that target group and the turnout was great! This made for a lot of Disney moments. The girls were in awe when I walked around as Aurora and a lot of them nervously struck up conversation with me. Too cute.

After the day was over Rasmus took some shots of me and Olivia got confused as to why on earth I was lying on the ground.

Sunday I wore both Fionna and the spies!
I changed in hyper speed after seeing the Adventure Time mascots and styled my wig on the wrong side in my hurry hahah! But they were so cool - love the look of Jake!

It was a really sunny weekend too - super nice to get a little fresh air and sun shine on the face!
I have been to Copenhagen Games for nearly a decade and this year was the first time so many of my friends was there too - that made the experience very different from the previous years! Not better or worse - just increasily social instead of an approach geared more towards learning and participating in events!

I also shot a lil' video during the weekend!

søndag den 21. juni 2015

Celebrational Cabaret

I finished my second written exam about Makeover TV and my Mum took me to see Cabaret at the Royal Theatre to salute my work  haha. It's set in the 30s in Berlin and I dolled up.

The show was much more about Nazi-Germany than about glitz and glam which was a bit annoying, since it was supposed to be a celebration of the almost-completion of the semester.

A few days later AmaNille and I met up to eat some cheesecake at Bertels and relish in my new-found liberty.

It was fantastic with some great company.

Moment frozen in Polaroid.

Now I am completely free after my oral exam about the Harry Potter thesis and it feels super weird to have no strings all of a sudden. Buuut I still have to prepare for my California trip so I have loads of deadlines still.
To procrastinate those I did a full clean-up of my hidden gems. I found some really old shit and this poster we did in the first Disney Store team four years ago! Such a fun momento.