søndag den 14. marts 2010

Okay WHATEVER doing it now. OSCARRSS

I said I would wait for my friend's pictures, but I really can't wait anymore so whatever. Maybe I'll post them when she uploads. So here goes my own:
I went to see the Oscars last week, in Imperial - the largest cinema in Denmark and maybe also Scandinavia? I didn't get to take any proper images in there so I had to rush some out when I got home, urg. I was soo tired, and afterwards I was going to school and work. No sleep made me wobbly. I got home around 3 O'clock and then I went to sleep and I only woke for about 15 minutes to eat dinner before waking up at 6 in the morning. So I slept about 18 hours or so. Crazy stuff, that's a 1st for me.

It took me about an hour to get this painted on. I made myself blue and then two of my friends helped me a bit with the patterns. When I took it off in the bath in the morning I was kinda sad - when the make-up had sunk into the skin, it had become so fricking soft. I think I'll never be that soft with my own skin. And I had fun being a Na'vi - everyone knew what I was, so even the tough guys trying to be cool at a train station approved.
Yea, being a Na'vi is fun...


5 kommentarer:

  1. O.O fabulous!. I was very successful ^^!!

  2. WHat kind of painting did you use? OWO
    THat's awesome!!!!!!!!!

  3. I used regular face paint 8D (ansigtsmaling)

    And thanks y'all :D

  4. Ahahaha, this is way too cool :D Can't believe it was done in just one hour!