søndag den 27. november 2011

Russian Dawn

Photos off here.

Monday after J-popcon I went to pick Benjamin up since I was going to "babysit" him. We went into town where I showed him the wonderful world of a Danish Burger King and taught him how to pronounce our words (he did an excellent job! (not))
But then we went on to Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park. Christmas in Tivoli started the 11th November, and for the first time in my life time they had a new x-mas theme - Russian Christmas! It was really neat and was SUCH a great surprise!

After some hours Sørine and Abena joined us - after they'd finished work.
In Tivoli you either buy just an admission ticket or a tour pass that allows you free access to all the attractions - I had not bought a tour pass in 3 years before this Monday, haha. And the best thing about having bought it was that there were NO LINES ANYWHERE. So we tried a lot of things more than once.
But it was so cold. 3 degrees or something - I was wearing lots of layers, but by the end of the day I was really freezing.

And there was even a lights show in the evening. Tivoli is amazing at night time. We had so much fun! And it was nice to just relax with Benjamin without all the convention hype around us.

And look at these babies. I bought the sort of cheap and love them to death. But they're quite tall. I'm usually good with high heels, but I'm shaky and wobbly on my legs in these ones.

Wearing the leo wedges and my J-popcon t-shirt that we also received as winning prize. It's a little big on me though.
And I changed the cosplay on my mannequin! It's now my darling Jane! ... She does that up a little space. But I'll manage just fine. I'm really proud of it.

And then I went to watch Breaking Dawn part 1... Alongside my old Twilight buddies. We liked the books before the movies came out and thought it'd be fun to watch this movie together like we did with the first movie. It was really like skipping back in time. Scary how little we've changed in some ways. It was nice to see them again <3

And I got a chance to use my Team Jacob t-shirt, haha! I think Sørine gave it to me as a hate gift two years ago... Wolf pack style! Or something.

I wasn't impressed with the movie. Some things were funny and nicely done, but anything but would be embarrassing with the amount of money they use on this franchise.
The 4th book really does not have enough plot for an entire movie let alone two. So a lot in the movie was a waste of time and I felt myself get bored. And the only dramatic thing in it was Jake and Rosalie fighting.


fredag den 25. november 2011

Jane-ing, Katara-ing, Winning

If you want to be a bender - let go of fear by ~Liv-is-alive on deviantART

J-popcon 20011 is now over and done for! It was held from the 11-13th, but I've been busy with school since the convention... But here it is. My con:

Thursday Astrid came to my place from Jutland. She usually sleeps with me during conventions, but this year she'd decided to sleep with her Homestuck cosplay group. It was really weird for both of us - such a change! But really nice that she somehow started the con with me anyway <3
I did the final touches on my Katara cosplay (did I forget to tell you about this cos? I think I did) too - Astrid was so baffled to see me all calm and relaxed while working on the cosplay the night before j-pop, haha.

First photo by Dario.

Then Friday we went to the con real early to get our admission-bracelets. Then we went home to change into cosplays. Mickey came to get all dolled up with us and then we went to the city together. Mickey = my Tarzan. I was really happy about my Jane and the way it was received by the other con-participants were just dizzy-making. I've never experienced anything like it - I was stopped so many times.

Second photo by Ali Jehad.

I was actually in a small cosplay group alongside Abena, Sørine, Ariellah and Line/Dario as Flynn Rider. We were all very excited to see each other, since we hadn't seen the completed cosplays pre-con.

By Jakob Andreasen and Rasmus.

My girls! I get happy just seeing these photos.
And yes, that is Turk. I won her when I was like 3 years old in a drawing competition. And it seemed so fitting to bring her!

Bàra was cosplaying Jimbo and was therefore a surprise addition to our group! I had a fangirling fit when I saw her... It was really embarrassing. I just love Treasure Planet to death!
And that Kick-ass was amazing. The way he moved was just SPOT ON!

Saturday it was time for the cosplay show. I had been looking so much forward to getting up that stage, since the last time I performed was at SVScon 2010! I walked around with a odd smile on my face all day long just because of the anticipation. Sabine told me I was annoyingly un-nervous, haha. And it felt so good to have done it again when I got down from the stage!
And in the beginning of the video I'm just saying that I'm named Liv, what I'm cosplaying and that I'm in high school - BLEEEURG.

By Laila Lykke Rasmussen and Sarah Huong Krüger.

Water bending like a boss! (?)
The level of the competition was really high. I enjoyed pretty much all of the acts and was blown away by a few. Proud to be a Dane!
Samie and Yoshu (Team Denamrk 2012 blog) won the WCS and gosh, they earned it! Their act was amazing.

The judges were really nice and approachable. Sometimes it feels like such a pressure to have judges around you before the competition, but they were really down-to-earth and nice!

And then... I won! I'm now the solo representative for the ECG! I'm going to Japan Expo again! The best thing is that it's the girlies, the Madoka group, that'll be the ECG Team Denmark 2012. We were all at the Expo last year too and it's going to be so much fun!

Second is by Dario.

After the award ceremony all the winners and international guests went out to dine together. I sat at a table with Sigge from the ECG team, Sørine, Abena and the German girls! So we went a little bit Denmany.

make an animation

Ben and his crazy ability to get impregnated in 1 second.

Second is by Kaj Schulten.

After dinner I headed back to the convention for the Deshima Sounds nightclub! Jody and Kimberley were DJ'ing and dancing until 3, but I left for home around 2.

By Sabrina and Laila Lykke Rasmussen.

Sunday it was time for the J-fashion.dk fashion show! I was co-hosting with Sascha this time around, since gyaru and other japanese styles were now also included in the show (before it was "just" lolita)! We had a lot of fantastic models and even though the show was at 12 (early!) at lot of people showed up to see it.

After saying goodbye to the internationals and seeing people slowly leaving the con, I went to Wagamama with Sascha, Kenny, Louise and Dennis to eat some good food! It was delicious and we rolled home like katamaris <3

Sascha and meeee. Hosting a showwww.
And polaroids from Friday with Astrid and Cecil and from Saturday with Ben after winning (!).

It was a really great con. So many people! So many hours of epicness! But I was seriously wasted the following 4 days, hahah...


lørdag den 19. november 2011

Everybody knows him - that's Tintin!

I went to watch the pre-premiere of Tintin some weeks back with Dennis. I had really been looking forward to this movie, since I'm a fan of Hergé's comics - I've been reading them ever since I was 6. So naturally I wanted to watch this as fast as possible!
We went to Imperial and they had this really spectacular display in the cinema - as always, but this one was actually better than usually.

The doors had these stickers on and it reminded us of some optical trick, since you almost felt like the glass was coming your way. Such a shame about the door handles though.

Look at that display! They were life sized and epic. And the details were quite impressive.

Now, I wouldn't say that I didn't like the movie. But as a long lover of the comics, the movie was a bit too Americanized. For example, suddenly the American dream played a big part in the plot. But I did like it. It was really well made when it came to graphics and Tintin was such a surprise to me - I loved how he had been done! The voice is just perfect. He was the one I had dreaded would fail the most.

Some scenes were too long, some too changed from the original comic storyline. But I did enjoy it! The 3D was also very well put to use. And it was unexpectedly very funny.

Then I also went to a birthday party. Two of my classmates held their 18th celebration together and it was a really good party. The hosts seemed so happy and relaxed and that affected the rest of the party!

And some of last week went with sowing cosplays for last weekend's J-popcon. Can you tell by the fabric lying around that it's the darling Jane that I was working on, haha?
And yes, that is my sowing machine after having been town apart. Something broke inside the machine on Tuesday, so I had to separate it and make some repairs. Gosh, I was so afraid I would ruin it forever. But now it works amazingly! I felt and still feel very hardcore to have kept my composure and have fixed it.


fredag den 4. november 2011

Tricking the treat

Happy belated Halloween! I was feeling really unmotivated this year so I was just going for the easy outfit. I was actually going to be a witch. With spiders in my hair etc. But then I totally forgot to bring the hat up from my basement. Just typical, huh?

I wanted to try and draw a spider web around my eyes. But my eyeliner is running out so I couldn't make the lines as thin as I'd liked. But it looked all right.

I went to Dennis' and his flatmate's Halloween/Housewarming party. A lot of people I knew were there, so it was great fun. All of the participating guests had dressed up somehow (you must remember Halloween is not a danish tradition, so all Danes are not totally keen on dressing up for it).

Rasmus was the scariest scarecrow ever. When he came to pick me up in the car I had a fit,, hahha. I was so chocked!
They'd really done a great deal of work to decorate the flat! Blood, spiderwebs and jack o lanterns all around. And dry ice in the drinks to make them spookier!

Kit's nails were so gross. I couldn't really look at them.

I'm glad I went! Even though I was a wee bit tired the next day at work.