torsdag den 1. juli 2010

Back in business

I believe I forgot to tell you I was featured in this June's issue of Eleanorzine. They had theme about gyaru and there's a whole bunch of western gal interviews. I'm at pages 26-30 and 57.

Today I went to work from 9-7. Yesterday I worked as well and afterwards went for some swim work-out for 2 hours. Yesterday that seemed like the greatest, most bubbly idea ever. But today my body was done for already when I came to work. And then there was so many hours ahead of me... I can be so bogus sometimes.
But! There was a great surprise for me at home.

INTERNET. Proper internet! The company workers came and fixed it while I was at work and now everything is going so smooth and quickly! I can't believe how happy I am about this! It's like being freed from a heavy burden - and it was only internet. It's so wierd how dependant I have come to be of internet connection.

Monday I made my second-in-line sewing project: my floral jumpsuit. I myself LOVE it. It is so comfortable and I think it looks cute as well. And today I wore it for work.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome jumpsuit!
    Looks lovely made♥

    I bet you would look super-fantastic with fishtail-braids! Did you ever try them out?

  2. Hahahahaha, that's what you get - you try to be healthy and your body bites back.

    Loove the jumpsuit you've made! Looks so cute and fresh :D

  3. Omg that jumpsuit is magnificent! Yet again you prove that you are the best seamstress i know!

  4. Iih, du er så nuttet! Og fedt at du kom med på Eleanorzine <3 :D tillykke!

    Btw, jeg taggede dig lige i en blogleg, hvis du har lyst :3 ingen tvang haha XD kom lige i tanke om, at det måske er lidt besværligt for dig, når du jo har en engelsk blog D: d'oh, haha.

  5. This jumpsuit is great! *_*
    How did other people from your work like it? *curious*