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Japan Tripping - Izu and train to Osaka, day 5-6

My hotel in Osaka didn't really have internet, so that's why I haven't been updating. And sorry for bad spelling in my lasy post, the japanese keyboard was driving me nuts.

At Izu we got a very nice dinner. With loads and loads of fish. And the same goes for the 2 times we had breakfast there. I was so happy to eat something else when we moved on - I didn't want to eat even one more creature from the sea.
This fish was really hard to eat. Firstly, it looked kind of alive. Secondly, it was kind of yucky (not in taste&texture, just the peeling part). Blaurhg, I still get the chills just seeing this picture.

The onsens were divided by gender, so the three of us hadn't gotten to bathe together. So we made reservations for one of the private rooms and went there some hours before we left Izu. It was very nice and relaxing - especially because it was raining while we were sitting in the hot water.

My dad and I went for a stroll down the beach. It was very windy and the waves were powerfull. I wanted to go in, but the stream was too strong, and I was scared of being pulled to sea. Just by standing with water to my calves I could feel the water pulling at my feet.

We packed up and went to take the local train. This time it was The Black Ship Train that took us for a ride. I thought the name was kind of hardcore, haha. And the train was black! Haven't seen that one before...

Inside you could sit facing the windows, which were bigger than usual. Very cool. That way the view became much clearer.

Mmmhm, green tea ice cream. It is the best.

The coast was very beautiful. And the mountains are awesome. I can't really describe how much I like those. They seem so... other-worldly. Every time I see them (and the japanese countryside) I always think of Inuyasha. It - the anime - has been a part of my childhood and I'll never get tired of it. It introduced me to the beauty of japanese nature and that's why I think "Oh! There was a mountain just like that in episode ***" and stuff like that. I think it quite nice.

We had to change at Ito for our shinkansen.

Smokey mountains. Pretty neat, in my opinion.


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  1. MACHA!!! Ommenommenommenommenom!

    Det hele ser rigtig dejligt ud.... undtagen den
    der alt for klamme fisk på første billede >>;
    Please tell me you didn't eat that.... thing ;_;
    Ahahaha! Og woah, det der hardcore Black Ship Train ser ret neat ud, fedt at I kan sidde vendt
    mod vinduet og kigge ud på den måde.. :3
    NYD JAPAN, jeg er stadig ikke den mindste smule
    misundelig overhovedet............. ♥

    You are SO right! It's like taken out of Inuyasha! Are there tree's like the one he was stuck to?