onsdag den 30. juni 2010

Dreaming sunny explanations

Sometimes you write about some things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. This is one of those posts.

You didn't really understand why I had to get a space between my front teeth, which I showed you in my last post. So let me explain: I had a very big over bite - that is the reason for my wearing braces now. To make the over bite smaller they had to get two teeth out of my mouth. In the upper pictures the two small teeth without metal on are those teeth. So those teeth were pulled out and I now have holes where they've been.
To close those holes the dentists have put a lot of elastic in my mouth. This has pulled at my teeth and made the holes smaller.
But my middle line, the one between my front teeth, was uneven because of one hole getting smaller than the other. So to get the middle line to its right place they had to give me a space between my front teeth. This will be closed once again in the next months.

Wow, that was a lot of text... I hope you understand now, though.

Near my home there sort of is a hill. When I look in a certain direction standing up there I can really see that the world is round. The sky is like a globe, round and all around. It is really fantastic. Up there the setting sun is prettier than anywhere else in the CITY - still not better than standing by the sea.

I got some tanning done this weekend. Maybe a little too much - I got red - but I am very pleased. I have never ever had tan lines and I have never been as brown as I am now. Summer is so great!

I have started having dreams of Japan every night. I always forget something, someone or whatever. I wake up feeling compleately stressed out. And it's been like this for a week. I have butterflies in my stomach all the time and almost can't stop smiling. It's drawing so close...


3 kommentarer:

  1. *Line finally gets the whole space-between-front-teeth-thing now* Ooooh...

    And yiiiirh, tanning ♥ You did it, haha!
    And I'm also having those stress dreams everytime I'm about to go somewhere that I'm excited about... for example a convention - I always dream that I forget something, that something prevents me from showing up or that my cosplay gets ruined or something... >>; It's so stupid. ;-;

    Still, I'm so envious ♥ Promise me to have a super awesome time in Japan! You'll be missed while you're gone.

  2. Eek jeg vil også blive brunere <3 heldigvis bliver jeg nemt brun.. skal bare lige orke at sætte mig ud i solen hahaaa. Det klæder dig! Men Fyfy Liv, solcreme er din ven.. Du må ikke forbrænde din flotte hud <3 Sød bikini btw! Hvor er den fra?

  3. Be careful, sweetheart! Getting red while sunbathing is NOT the right way to do it D; You'll just ruin your skin and get wrinkles 10 years too early!

    Before you know it you'll be in Japan <3