lørdag den 10. juli 2010

Japan Tripping - Tokyo days 1-3

Soo, we're here. In f*****g Tokyo. I'm sitting here in my hotel yukata on their wireless. Such. A. Wierd. Feeling. Picture time?? ;)

This was in the Metro on our way to the airport. I was calling some friends whom I hadn't talked to for some days to tell them goodbye. And the other picture issss TAKEOFF, hahaha. My dad and I was all excited about that. The beginning of the journey is that moment! I don't get why people clap at the end of the flight, do it at the beginning, man.

Embassy of Denmarrrrk! Yes, I was there. I saw it. Not really a big deal, haha. I liked that the sign said "Royal Embassy of Denmark" though.
First restaurant-meal in Tokyo. We got to the city at midday, but just bought some junk at AM-PM around the corner. I couldn't eat very well in the plane or yesterday, because I went to the dentists some days ago - and yes, the space between my front teeth is now gone. It disappeared in the crazy time span of 3 hours, so my gums were soooo sore and hurting.

My dad and I headed for Shibuya station and went into 109 where I had to escape - I couldn't take all the impression from all around. Usually I'm a very fast shopper, scanning for whatever I like in a shop. But over here I need to scan for what I don't like, which was a bit too much the first day haha.

It was raining like CRAZY. There was so much water in the streets and we got sooo wet ! I can't say we appreciated the air condition at that point - it was so cold after the rain.

Today my mom and I went to 109 and this time my brain was ready to shop serious. After that we sat down at Starbucks and looked down at Shibuya crossing. It's funny, I always thought I'd be so much bigger.

All three of us then went to Harajuku, to the Meiji Shrine. There was a wedding there - of course. I mean, isn't there always, haha?
After the rain yesterday the heath was surprising and kind of unpleasant. There were no clouds to shield us from it either - damn ;)

My dad was all "Liiiiiv, come take a picture with the big headddd!" but I was like "no !". It was pretty cute though.
We went into the SoftBank shop where they had a whole lot of the new iPhones on display - like 30 or so - and we tried it out. My dad gave it a thumbs-down, haha.

Seriously, this isn't even color edited. My eyes hurt when I looked at these for more than 3 seconds. Anyway, I think they're pretty fun.

Foooooood, mmmmhmhmhmhm. Japanese food would make me 10 kg heavier if I didn't walk so much, haha. But I guess all the walking makes up for the extra food I take in.

Tomorrow we'll go to Izu Island, and I don't really know if there's internet there... We'll see!


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    Aw rainy Tokyo<3 looks SO nice!
    Ha en rigtig dejlig ferie derovre, Liv (>W<)v

    Glæder mig til at se flere billeder!

  2. Så misundelig, såååååå misundelig! :O omg Liv du er bare så heldig! x3

  3. It looks like you are having so much fun and your dad is adorable :D haha! dads are fun

  4. Looooooooove all those pictures! Keep them coming :D Looks like so much fun! And your dad..I'd love to meet him some day, ohmygoshawesome :D

    Btw Kenny thinks you look like your father XD

  5. Ååååh, GODT DU TAGER EN MASSE BILLEDER :D :D Makes me happy <3
    Det er ret vildt hvor meget du har nået på bare 2 dage, woo XD

  6. Wooooow sooo jealous!! xD 109 ftw <3 det er godt at du har det sjovt :3 lucky you

  7. Fedt at se billeder og høre om din tur <3 elsker det sidste billede! CUTE <3

  8. FUUU YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PICTURE WITH THE BIG HEAD!! whats the rain hair thing? *_*