torsdag den 22. juli 2010

Japan Tripping - Osaka days 7-9

We had 3 nights in Osaka, so after the aquarium etc. we still had a lot of time on our hands.

I spend a lot of it shopping in Ebisubashi, Shinsaibashi and Ame-mura.
It's funny. I have two kind of legs. The ones I use when I go shopping and the ones I use doing everything else. It's like power and determination makes me able to walk, walk, walk forever when I shop, haha.

There were so many funny bouldings and sky scrabers. Osaka is a very colorfull city! I was very surprised.
Another thing I enjoy was listening to Osaka-ben. I could actually hear that they talked differently, which made me kind of proud haha.

I tasted okonomiyaki for the first time. I bought it off an old lady selling on the street, which made the experience more fun. There's so much good food, arrrrg.

Except for these. Urg, I really can't eat octopuses anymore. Twice is enough for a whole lifetime in my case.

Everything wasn't fun and games though. I had a sort of attack. My stomach started aching in a no-period kind of way and it got worse and worse. We tried finding a doctor who could talk a little bit english, but on the first hospital we found none. My parents talked to our insurance and they had a contact to a hospital all the way in Shin-osaka. But we went there and they thankfully had a interpreter. At that point I couldn't really walk and the pain was unbearable.
I received drip for the first time in my life and 30 minutes later I was so much better.
I had this 18 months ago too. It's pain caused by too much stomach acid that goes up in the "tubes" to the stomach.
Now I'm all back to normal.

The whole system is so professional. Trains arrive on time, stations run as airports and hospitals far more efficient than back home.

Wooow, glitter Stitch!


4 kommentarer:

  1. STIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH! OMG STITCH! Must admid.. lol english..

    Må indrømme at STITCH er en af grundende til at jeg glæder mig til at komme til Japan (OwO)

    OMG.. mavesyre problemer er IKK GODT >_< det er SÅ smertefuldt. Så vil man næsten hellere dø O_O
    Har ikk prøvet det, men har en tæt på der lider meget af det og så min søster! Så det er gpdt at høre at det gik over :D

  2. lyder som madforgiftning. fik jeg også i hongkong, det er forfærdeligt. godt at du har det bedre <3

  3. jeg vidste ikke engang du var I japans land søde Liv. Men det lyder fedt - selvfølgelig ikke det med maven ): Godt du har det godt igen. Ikke det fedeste at pukle med når man er på ferie.

    Vi må ses når du kommer hjem!!!

  4. Your brain just forgets about your feet when you go shopping. That's how it works!

    Nooo, I feel so sorry for you now :( Good thing you could go to the hospital and get some help! I hope your stomach doesn't act up any more while you're on vacation!!