lørdag den 17. juli 2010

Japan Tripping - Osaka days 6-7

We arrived in Osaka by twilight and went out to eat neat Omotesando. We found this funny bar/restaurant that served a special soup. It was an odd experience, but one I wouldn't have been without.
Afterwards we just went straight home, after snapping a couple of nightly pictures.

Angry cat is angry.

We got up and headed for the Tempozan area. By the time we got there it had been pouring down for a while and we were soaked. We went through the indoor markerplace and ran into the Kaiyukan Aquarium.

Their collection of jellyfish was small but nice.

Those damned otters were so quick. I took about 30 pictures and only 3 came out all right, haha.

Funny penguin, being protective. It's kind of shouting "AND DON'T COME BACK!"

The aquarium was so great. I loved every moment of it. They went from small to bigger to biggest sea animals and in the end I could only stare at the 12 meter long animals. They were so humengous.

Always wanted to see a hammer shark. Now I have, haha! They are so funny-looking.

That whale-shark was 12 meter long. They had some larger. I was like WOW.

Riding delfins is fun while being eating by super large sharks isn't.

My dad and I got up in the worlds' probably biggest ferris wheel. We were a little scared but still wanted to go.
After that ride we all went to the Tempozan arcade and we got our first puricura done, hah.

I tried winning the Ponyo cards but failed :(

The view was kind of dizzy-making. It was great though.


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    And ooooh the Lolis are just as cute as the manga lolis<33

  2. Everything looks so awesome :D ESPECIALLY THE SHARKS!

  3. It really looks like you're enjoying yourself! :)