mandag den 12. juli 2010

Japan tripping - On our way and Izu, days 4-5

What a compleately brain-missing day we had yesterday. I still cannot believe how it happened.

The day started in Tokyo, early. We got up and packed away and then went to Tokyo st. to get on our Shinkansen. We made it in fine time and got on the right train. We knew that the trip would be 3 hours long and that we should shift to afterwards. We were looking forward to be in Shimoda soon.

Funky blind-scripting.

We rode out of the Tokyo rain and I fell asleep. And woke up just before the trip was over. Then we had some problems finding the right train and we missed it - with 90 minutes wait before the bext one. Gosh, we were so frustrated.
We went to talk to some taxi guys and I thought I heard something about "wrong side of the island" - they only talked in japanese - and they would not drive us to our hotel. They sent us on laughting.
We sat down to wait for the next trai whilemydad tried to ask around if there was a quicker way. He came back looking dumbfounded.We had taken the wrong shinkansen.
Yes, that is correct. We had planned a wrong route because apparently there are TWO SHIMODAs?! But the train station we were supposed to get off at was named Izusuki-shimoda or something like that.
SO we had to take the train ALL THE WAY BACK to Tokyo. We were just glad we had missed the second train on that wrong route.

It was crazy. 2 times 3 hours made up our one wrong step and then there were further 2 hours of travel to the RIGHT Shimoda. We travelled 1500 kilometers in one day.
I was shocked and angry and let it out on my edamame.
We arrived at our onsen hotel at 21:00, 7 hours later than expected.
So that is where we are now; enjoying Izu at our spa resort. It really is a resort, which I am not that happy about. They were having Hawaii evening when we arrived yesterday. But the onsens are great.

We went into Shimoda town. It is kind of dead at the moment, because we are in the off-season and many shops have not opened up just yet. Still, it was quite fun.

Astroboy candy. Hah.

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  1. aw, man that sucks!! i hate when tripping goes out of hand. the place you ended up in looks pretty luxurious though. happy to know you arrived savely hun <3

  2. Uuurgh, sikke an lang dag det må have været! D: D: D: Men godt at I kom frem til sidst!

  3. OMG sikke noet rod (*A*) og så endda i et land hvor det er svært at snakke med nogle som helst hvis ikk man kan deres sprog (*AAA*) nedern! Men I fandt da frem ^^/

  4. Nothing as Japanese as a Hawaii evening and thats not ironic. They love that stuff. I know a Japanese woman who has been teaching hula dancing for years. In some weird way Hawaii evening at the onsen resort is a pretty authentic Japanese way of enjoying oneself.

  5. HOLY CRAP. I can't believe how unfortunate you were!! Such a stupid mistake DX I feel sorry for you!
    But you got to see a lot, and it looks so nice in Izu :D

  6. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA DEN DER JAPANSKE DAME FIGUR. Flækker så meget af grin, hvor er den dejlig!!

    Man, it sucks so hard at i tog det forkerte tog. Japanere er så dårlige til at forklare veje er du gal..

    Lyder som om i har det fedt alligevel!!! AARGH GID DET VAR MIG. Det ser så fedt ud er du gal!!

    Der hvor i bor ligner rigtig meget hawaii :]

    Fuck du må have ondt i benene af at sidde ned i et tog så lang tid XD Det ser dejligt ud dog! *3*