torsdag den 8. juli 2010

Planning packing

So... We just finished packing and will leave for the airport in 10 minutes or so. I thought I had time to one last entry here from Denmark. It's been a stressfull morning but now we are finally ready and set to go !

We're getting on the plane at 15:45 and will be in Japan around their midday. I really hope my jet lag won't be so bad! We start off in Tokyo for only 2 days, so I don't want to sleep them away.

SO we begin in Tokyo for 2 days, then head to Izu Island to relax in some onsen baths for 2 days also. After that we go to Osaka for 3 days and then Kyoto awaits! We'll be there for 4 days and then move on to Hiroshima, where we will stay for 3 days. After Hiroshima we'll get back to Tokyo and there we will stay for the rest of the trip.


It's wierd that this is really happening. When you look so much forward to something and it's suddenly... there! .. it's just a wierd feeling. Very overwhelming.
And I don't wanna think about just how overwhelmed I'll be when I first see the night lights in Tokyo and I'll finally believe that I'm there.


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  1. GOD TUR ;A; Husk at update blog så os stakler
    herhjemme i Danmark kan sidde og misunde dig, haha ♥