mandag den 5. juli 2010

A blogging game

Stella tagged me in this blogging game about summer. You have to post a picture of a sun, answer some questions and then pass it on to 4 others.

3 things you especially like about summer:
- having bare legs
- getting great buys from the summer sales and summer flea markets
- eating at least 1 ice cream each and every day

3 thing that can suck about summer:
- getting burned by the sun
- having sticky sweat all over - the hands are the worst
- getting greasy hair faster because of above mentioned fact

What do you enjoy doing in fabulous weather?
- eating ice cream
- chilling with friends, dazed by the sun
- beach tripssss

Fave flower?
Eranthis. It's a flower that makes me smile.

Fave color?
I've got none. I pretty much love all colours.

Fave summer dish?
Mmm, koldskål with kammerjunker. It's like yoghurt, just sweeter and more fluid.

3 fave ice cream flavors:
- liquorice
- vanilla
- caramel

Mmm, I wan't to eat an ice cream now, with those three flavors. Arg.

Destination for the travel of your dreams:
Japan (wich I'm taking now, haha), Saint Petersburg and Iceland.

Best travel you've had:
My trip to India with my parents when I was 7. It taught me so much about what was poverty and what was wealth.

Bathing clothes:
Bikini alll the way ! I've got some to change between.

Plans for summer 2010:
- Travel to Japan
- Shop till I drop
- See friends and have fun
- Read a whole lot of books (I've already done 4)
- Go to Genki 2010

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