mandag den 5. juli 2010

Playing in the woods

I went to see the Three Musketeers with my mom yesterday. It was the very last showing and we only bought the tickets on Thursday. But I'd wanted to see it for a while, and so had she. We just hadn't talked about it before Thursday.
Every summer the Royal Danish Theatre stage a play out in Dyrehaven (the Animal Garden - actually a wood). And this year it was the Three Musketeers

The stage was really great. The surroundings really fitted the musketeer spirit and the setting the image of the period. The costumes were magnificent yet pratical. They had these capes that was used as the clothes of the nuns - so that the actors could quickly get into another set of clothing. Also, they had some really big and fancy dresses which I don't even want to know how long it took to make.

It's funny. I hadn't been out there for a long time. I used to come there a lot when I was smaller, either with my parents and friends or on school trips and that sort of thing. That hut made by sticks? I am most certain that I was a part of the boulding group a lot of years ago. There are a whole lot of them spread throughout the forest and they were the BEST place to play when I was a kid, not afraid of getting dirty.

I have been at work both Saturday and Sunday, so after the play I was wasted. My legs just collapsed when I returned home. But this morning my legs doesn't hurt at all - they would have just a month ago. I believe that I've gotten used to being on my feet for many days. And this is great because it'll make all the walking in Tokyo etc. so much easier.

Only 3 days left! I am seriously freaking out !


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  1. Det lyder som en rigtig hyggelig dag <3 Dyrehaven ftw. Håber du får en super god tur til Tokyo! (self. gør du det haha :D)

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! And the forest looks amazing!

    You look super cute as usual :D