fredag den 2. juli 2010

Jazzy header

Yesterday Yin told me I needed a new header, since my old one was from winter and therefore not fitting for the current season. I'd thought about making new one some time back but just never got it done, haha. So, my new header is up and running!

What do you guys think? I'm not too sure if it's summery enough, but oh well.

Todays outfit. I got to wear some b-day presents (bow at hand and glasses) and my new skirt from H&M. It only costed 30 DKK so I kind of had to have it.

I hung out with some friends ind the Kings Garden today. It was very relaxing ! The weather was not too hot but not too cold either, therefore it was really comfortable, and on top of that the Copenhagen Jazz Festival has begun, so there was jazzy music all around. Jazz really creates a social atmosphere.

The days are running by. No, more like sprinting by. I'm going to Japan this Thursday. It feels like yesterday that it was half a year...


7 kommentarer:

  1. I think it screams "summer! :D You look like a summer fairy.

    Your outfit is super cute! The glasses look way too big for your tiny head, but it's still cute in a silly way :D Like it!

  2. CUTE!! i think it's a bit of a shame your arm is showing.. but then again.. it creates a nice effect. nice

  3. Oh my gosh! your new header is so pretty. love your lashes and the flowy hair. ^_^

  4. Omg.. Where did you get your glasses from? Ö

  5. I love your look on this pictures !