fredag den 2. april 2010

Fun with Astrid and Toothless


My friend Astrid came here 6 days ago and went home yesterday. She lives far away, so we don't see each other that often. I'd missed her and we had so much fun! We chillaxed, ate a lot of unhealthy candy and stuff and took a whole lot of trains!
Astrid spent 10 ticket coupons in 5 days, haha.
We're doing a cosplay together, so we went to buy fabrics and stuff like that. But there was room for some shopping as well :)
We both used a little too much on our cosplays... We had half an hour where we just sat still in a train and a bus, dumbstruck. We couldn't handle all that money being spent just like that, haha.

We went to see How To Train Your Dragon and Desert Flower. The last one my mother was with us. I'll do a movie-post for those two.
There's a girl named Astrid in Hot to Train Your Dragon and the dragon is named Toothless. We thought that really fun because I'm missing two teeth right now and Astrid is named Astrid. So we had a joke about that, haha. "Oh wow, look how I'm flying! Wow, you're a cool viking!" and stuff like that, while watching the movie.

It was so much fun to hang out, sew, stress, dress up and laugh together. I miss her so much right now, because I'm sitting here alone. It's scary how quickly one gets used to certain living circumstances.
I didn't move in my bed at all tonight, because the last week's nights I had to not bump into Astrid.


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  1. Aww good thing you girls enjoyed eachother. I really wanted to see you, but I had a stressfull week. Sorry ):